81 Girl and Spirit Tree 2

 I touch the trunk of the spirit tree. It's a little warm. I look up. I wonder if the light I feel here and there is all spirit. Fresne says that I can save these children by putting my magic into them. I'm not sure if I can really do that. But I want to save them.

 That's why I put my magic into them.

 After the battle with the demon, I can't say that my magic has recovered, but it's the only thing I can do.
 The magic power drained out of my body.

 The moment it left, the spirit tree lit up. At the same time that it emitted a large light, the part of the tree that I was touching with my hand lost its sensation. I'm not sure if it's because I've lost most of my magic power, but at the same time, I almost fell down.


 The one who supported me was Gaius.

 While being supported by Gaius, I looked in front of me. There is no spirit tree in front of me. But there were some sparkling things falling down. I reach for it. It was a small tree sapling. With a few leaves on it. It's really shiny when you look closely. The other two things I couldn't get were retrieved by Raymer and Lilja. A giant spirit tree turned into a small sapling? I honestly don't know. With no strength, I look towards Fresne.

 I was about to say to Fresne.
"No way, really. ......
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.

 I wonder if this sapling in your hand is what is called a spirit tree's dwelling tree. There are now three things that he said he could handle with this. My knowledge of spirits and spirit trees is so limited that I honestly don't know what's going on.

Frené, what do you mean?
In order to pass itself on to the next generation, the tree becomes what is known as a nursery tree and is passed on. The tree hasn't always been here. The tree was here because the ancestors of these elves planted it here. And over time it has grown to such a size. If this tree had more power, if there were no demons, all the elves would have had to do was create the tree and move on.

 The spirit tree will be passed on. Even if the tree fails, the elves can still move on if they have a spirit tree. This is probably the case, since he says he planted the tree of the spirit tree in this place.

If the tree had power, it would have been able to create the natal tree by itself. If it hadn't been for that demon, this tree would have had the power to create the nectar. ---And it's only because the elf village lost the natal tree that things got so complicated. With that natal tree, the spirits in the tree will never disappear. Thank you, Lerunda. Thank you, Lerunda, for saving the spirits.
...... Yeah. What are you going to do with the tree?
We'll plant it somewhere. This is not the place. The demon's already messed up the magic here. It doesn't go well with the spirit tree, and I think it would be better if the environment is more conducive to spirit trees.

 While Fresne and I were having this conversation, I noticed that the spirits that I could sense near the elves were walking right into the tree.

"Well, the spirits are ......
"They are resting in here. The spirits that have just gone into the tree should be resting for a while and not coming out. The other spirits that have been growing in the tree are not fully grown yet, so they won't be coming out for a while. But they're good with Lelunda, so if you give them a little bit of magic, it might speed up the process.

 Fresne explained to me. She said that the spirits that are currently dwelling in the tree will not be able to come out for a while. She also said that it was time for the spirits to take a break. Does that mean that all the spirits are resting now? Freneh said that the spirits contracted by this elven village were all born at the same time. That's why they were on vacation at the same time.

"...... I see. So we won't be able to see Sireva and the other ...... contracted spirits for a while.

 That thought made me sad. I'm not sure what to do. I thought I wouldn't be able to see my contracted genie for a while. But when Sireva saw my face, she said.

"Don't look at me like that. It's enough that we were able to save the ...... genie and the genie tree. On the contrary, we are ...... grateful to Lelunda. We also thank the other beastmen, the dong, for all their help here.

 Sireva said and bowed her head. She bowed deeply. Then, after a while, she looked up and said.

"We were going to sacrifice Lelunda and the others to that monster. And we were going to survive. In the name of protecting the spirits. But that demon was stealing the magic of the Spirit Tree. Either way, even if we had sacrificed Lelanda and the others, all we would have had would have been destruction. But we were able to escape the path of destruction, thanks to Lerunda without a doubt. It was Lerunda's words that made me think. And this place was set up. And thanks to Lerunda, I was able to save the Spirit Tree.

 I was happy to hear such words from you. It made me feel that I had been useful, and that I had done my best.
 I was glad that I had been able to help, and that made me feel good about my efforts.

"It's just, Lern Da. You are not ...... normal. Making a contract with a wind spirit and using so much sacred magic ....... What are you?

 Sireva said.
 Everyone else's eyes turned to me as well.

 Gaius, Lan, and Dong. They're the only ones who know that I might be a godson. I thought more and more that I might be a child of the gods as I slayed demons.
 That may or may not be true.

"I am...

 I opened my mouth.

 ----- girl and the spirit tree 2
 The girl, who is probably a child of the gods, puts magic power into the spirit tree. Then she took the tree.