114 Girl and Ethnic 3

 They seem to have found themselves in a place a short distance from my village. They're not going anywhere from there.

 Fresne has been gathering information for me.

 They fled to this forest because they lost their place. And I carelessly told them that they could make a living around here. ...... As a result of my actions, they are trying to contact us. They want to work with us if they can. But some of them seem to think they can take it from us. I think it's difficult.

 As Frené said, maybe those people are not bad people at heart. It's just that they can't afford to be in this situation. They've been forced to leave their home, they've been wandering through a demon-infested forest, and they've finally found someone who won't antagonize them. Maybe they're full of it, too.

I'm sure they're full of it," he said. "Thanks to Lelanda's presence, we didn't get attacked by many demons and we're able to live like this now. But... I think those people have probably been attacked a lot. Maybe some of their friends are dead, and they're trapped because of that.

 Fresne seemed to feel that way when he looked at them.

 Their friends are dwindling, and they are living in a state of uncertainty. That's why they're so desperate. I want to help them in no small way. No, I don't think it's just me, I think it's everyone. But because I don't know what will happen to this village as a result of helping them, I can't take action.
 I'm happy when everyone is happy. I don't want anyone to be sad. I would be happy if we could all laugh together. ---But I realized that it's hard to help everyone, everyone who suffers and grieves in front of you.

 I shared with Gaius the ideal that I had pledged to him, and I just thought it was wonderful and I wanted to achieve it. I know that the goal is wonderful and I want to achieve it, but I realize how difficult it is to achieve it.
 While our village was struggling to figure out how to treat these people, a problem arose.

 One of the village beastmen was captured by those people.

 When I heard the report, I wondered why. Mr. Dong was sure to tell us not to go out of the village alone because those people were roaming around. The beastmen were more physically capable than humans, and if they did not act alone, they would not cause any problems. But why, my mind went blank.

"...... How could that happen?
"......... seems to have been in contact with us without telling us. Roma was curious about a person she'd never seen before.

 The beastman who was captured, Roma, is much older than I am, but he is one of the younger men in the village. He works as a hunter in this village.
 He was curious about a human being he had never seen before and came into contact with him.
 I was surprised because Roma had never disobeyed Dong's orders before.

...... This is our fault, too. Roma has always had a tendency to act unexpectedly. But after Athos died, he was forced to live on the run, met elves, conquered demons, and finally settled down here. I guess I let my guard down because I was able to live a comfortable life here.

 Mr. Dong gave a difficult look. --If we had tried to avoid contact in the past, we would not have come into contact. But this time, Mr. Roma tried to make contact himself and did. As a result, he got caught.

...... What are you going to do?

 Our policy was not to contact them. We thought it would be better for both of us if they just left the area. But now they've got Roma.

......... they'll try to contact us about Roma. For the sake of the village itself, it's best to cut Roma out of the picture.

 After saying this, Dong continued.

But I guess I'm too naive to speak for Lerunda. Abandoning Roma is not an option at the moment. I think that's the consensus of everyone in this village. First of all, our goal is to create a place where everyone can laugh together. But we can't just abandon the Roma who are in our midst.

 Our dream. We are chasing that dream. It may be better to cut off Roma in order to make the dream come true, but I hope not to do so, and above all, to cut off Roma who is in everyone, even if the dream comes true afterwards, I will regret it. I'm sure you feel the same way.

 As we were discussing how to help her, they negotiated for a meeting. One of the conditions was to send the first girl to the meeting, which meant I had to be there.

 ---- girl and the tribe 3
 The beastman in the girl's village falls into the hands of the tribe. And the girl moves to save the beastman.