124 Girl and Makeover 2

 Gaius' body glowed.
 He put magic into it and it glowed.
 I opened my eyes to see the change in Gaius after the glow.

 What was there was a huge beast. It was not as big as an adult, just bigger than me and Gaius. A beautiful beast with silvery fur. It's a beautiful beast with silver fur.

 ---- I knew it was Gaius.

 Gaius turned into a wolf. He was a wolf beastman whose only ears and tail were wolves, and then he became a being who was all wolf.

"What happened?

 The wolf, which was probably Gaius, shouted as if it did not know what had happened. The wolf, which is probably Gaius, sounds like it doesn't know what's going on, just like when Raymer first changed.

"Gaius... wolf.

 I tell him.

 Gaius suddenly glows and changes into a wolf, and the elves and Sifo who are with me look surprised and don't raise their voices. I looked straight at Gaius. Because I knew that the beautiful beast in front of me was Gaius, I felt no fear at all.

"Gah? Gauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? (Wolf? Gaius, you're turning into a wolf.
"Gaius, you're a wolf. That's cool.
"Gah? Yeah.

 Gaius moves his gaze. Then he'll see his body.

"Gah, gah, gah, gah! I'm turning into a wolf!
"Yes, beautiful wolf.

 I stare at Gaius' body and think what a beautiful and noble wolf he is. I've never seen such a beautiful wolf before. I have a strong urge to enjoy its fur right now, but I'll resist.

"Gaius, there's more I can do. Good.
Why, thank you?

 I think it was a result of my wish and change, but it didn't feel like something I should be thanked for.

"Re, relllllllllnda. That wolf, is it Gaius?
"Yes, it is. Gaius, transformed by magic.
"That's amazing. ......

 The elven man is stunned and shouts like that. I feel my body trembling a little. He seemed to be a little frightened when he saw Gaius as a wolf.

"Oh my god, the magic Gaius has on him is amazing.

 I don't feel that way, but according to Sifo, the magic that Gaius is wearing as a wolf is amazing. I don't feel that way, but according to Sifo, the magic that Gaius wears as a wolf is so powerful that even the creatures around him are afraid to come near him.
 Hmm... I wonder.

 Gaius' magic is very comforting and reassuring to me.

"Gaius, can you take human form again?

 I ask, wondering if Gaius, who can now take the form of a beast, can return to human form.

Gaius said, "I'll try.

 Gaius said, "I'll try." After a while, he returned to his original form.
 Gaius sits down.


 I approached Gaius, surprised to see that he had suddenly collapsed into a sitting position. Gaius' complexion was not good.

What's wrong?
What's wrong?" "Becoming a wolf uses a lot of magic. ....... I was really tired when I got back.
"Oh, yeah. ......

 I nodded and thought again how amazing it was to be a wolf. It's impossible for a person to change into a beast. Gaius made that impossible thing happen. It's only natural that he would use a lot of magic power to make such a thing happen.

 But I didn't expect him to take the form of a wolf. I was expecting Gaius to be able to use some kind of attribute magic.

"Sifo, Gaius, I'm on board. Ready?
"Yes, sir.

 Seeing that Gaius was about to run out of magic, I thought we should go back to the village, so I put Gaius on Sifo. I got in behind him. I'm riding behind Gaius, supporting him. The elves can't ride with me, so they walk beside me.

 We walked back to the village at a slow pace.

 Mr. Dong and Mr. Lan saw how tired Gaius was, and wondered what had happened to him. I told Dong and Lan that nothing was as they imagined. Then I told them about Gaius' transformation, his turning into a wolf.

Gaius turns into a wolf: ......

"Well, such changes .......

 Dong and Lan each reacted.

It was said that the ancestors of the beastmen could change ...... into the form of a beast at will, but ...... well, Gaius.

 Mr. Dong said something like that. The ancestors of the beastmen are said to have been able to change into the form of a beast at will. He said that no one could take the form of a beast today. But now Gaius can change into a wolf.
 But Gaius is now able to change into a wolf, and we don't know how much that will affect the village, Dong said.

 ---- Girl and Transformation 2
 (Maybe the girl who is a goddess witnessed the transformation of a beast boy into a beautiful wolf. It's not clear yet how the transformation will affect her.