137 The cat is in the dark.

Why are you flirting with a human?
Why are you...?

 --The eyes of the beastmen watching me are harsh. I'm better off than most of the slaves. The reason is that the Count's daughter, the one who bought me, likes me. I keep behaving in such a way that the Master, who seems to like my face, likes me.
 I'm working to be obedient to the lady. I dare to touch her ears and tail because she wants me to, so that she won't notice my true intentions, and I make it seem like I'm giving her special treatment, all for the sake of my captors.

 I think the outcome should be good. The fact that I'm being scrutinized like this right now is a hard fact for me. But even if it hurts, I'm going to achieve my goal.

 I don't see my mom and sister. I believe they're still alive. I can't do this if I don't believe. But sometimes I get worried. I feel like I'm rushing to live in case my mom and sister die while I'm doing this. But if I act in haste and fail, everything I've done will be for nothing.

 I'm trying to seduce the lady into letting me gather the beastmen. She's spoiled in this house. And selfish. I keep her interested so she won't be interested in the beastmen I've collected.

 --She's starting to be called a beastman fanatic because she collects beastmen.

 It seems that for a young lady, or rather a noblewoman, it is important whether she is a virgin or not. Because of this, I was not deprived of my body as a matter of course. I've been touched by ears and tails, though.
 I'm trying to talk the lady out of treating the beastmen badly. I'm sure she's living a better life as a slave here than she would elsewhere.

 Around this time, it was officially discovered that the godson found in a neighboring country was a fake. Because of this, the country was in turmoil. Within the country, slaves have been causing trouble. There are rumors that some of the slaves of the same beasts have taken action and have been suppressed. Whether or not they were killed or captured, that much has not been reported.

 At the moment, the Migga Kingdom is indeed in turmoil, but it still retains its power. If only there was a bigger turn of events--that's what I was hoping for as I fell in love with the lady.

 While I was being favored by the lady, there were of course many who were suspicious of me. I was in a position where it was impossible for me to be a beastman and like this country.
 The lady said that she believed me. She said I would never be an enemy. She appealed desperately, desperately, and never doubted me. I have mixed feelings about that. But I'm working for the beastmen, for us.
 The lady gave me orders to make people believe in me. She urged me to do terrible things to the beastmen.

 And I did it. I hit him. With real force. They were scared. It hurt my heart. But I had to do it for a reason. I made a small apology so he could hear me, but I'm a horrible person to everyone.

 --I'm not on the side of the beast, I'm on the side of the lady. I'm not on the side of the beastmen, I'm on the side of the lady. I'm crazy about the lady, and I'll do anything for her. To show her that.

 I'm glad you did. I wasn't ordering you to kill them or anything. I'm just glad the person who made the accusation is around your age and didn't order you to do anything dangerous.

 I'm relieved about that. At the same time, I realize that I may not be ready for this.
 Nothing can be achieved without sacrificing something in order to achieve the goal. ---I don't think I can achieve my goal without losing anyone. But I don't want to lose anyone. As many people as possible will live and get out of this position of slavery. That's my ultimate goal.

 Now that I've won the Master's trust, I'll be more and more ready to stand by her side at all times. At the same time, I've been gathering all the information I can get as a nobleman around the lady. By doing so, I'm gathering clues and information that will help me and the beastmen escape from slavery.

 --Little by little, I will integrate into human society in order to realize my goal. And I'm gradually expanding my range of activities within the kingdom of Migga.
 In the process, I learned of the existence of a prince who was acting strangely.

 ---The cat is doing something dark.
 (The cat, with the goal of freeing the lady from slavery, stays by the side of the lady. He's hiding his true intentions and working in the dark.