139 with the girl, to be bothered.

"Fito-chan......, what kind of girl is she after all?

 Fito-chan is staying in this village as a hostage. I've been to see her from time to time, but she doesn't talk much. Also, everyone is wary of Fito-chan because he is a hostage from that tribe. They only allow her to see me occasionally. This is partly because Fito is said to be a girl who can hear the voice of God.

 I am called a godchild. ...... I've accepted that I'm a god child, but I still feel uncomfortable calling myself a god child.

 It's not that I can hear the voice of God. I wonder if I can if I try. I'll try it next time.
 I wonder why Phyto-chan is said to be able to hear the voice of God. Can I really hear it? I don't know about that. She doesn't talk much about herself. I get the same vibe as I did in the past. I could tell that she was not very good at talking, even though I was only in contact with her occasionally.

 Since she came here as a hostage, Fito-chan has not met any of those people. She has never said anything about it.

 I haven't been to the people since then either. The beastmen and elves are taking care of them. I've been told not to meet them because it's dangerous. I wish I could have a relationship with them that would allow me to visit their village freely.

 --Gryphon, Sipho, and Fresne have been keeping an eye on them, and they said they're not going to do anything to us.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this topic in the coming weeks.

About that hostage girl?
Yes. Ms. Shillelagh has been bringing her food and stuff. Did you find out anything?

 I asked Sireva what she knew about Phyto.
 I asked her what she knew about Phyto, and she replied that she had heard that Phyto could communicate with the gods and was interested and willing to get involved.

So far, I don't see any such element. It's not as if she can see spirits like Lerunda can.
Is that so?
Yeah. I had Fresne walk by, but he didn't notice anything. But, as our god is a spirit and Dong's god is a gryphon, the hostage girls may have a different god.
...... Yes.

 God is different from person to person .
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the future.

 ...... When I think about what God is for me, I guess it's the God who seems to have an influence on me. I have no idea what kind of God he is, but I pray to the God who is influencing me.

"Does he have something we can't imagine? Or are they like Lerunda? ---Or does it have no power?
...... How can it communicate with nothing?
It's a possibility. I don't even know what you're thinking.
I'm sure the people at ...... said they were holding a special girl hostage who could communicate with God. Are you kidding me?

 I heard that they themselves said that when they gave us Phyto-chan as a hostage. They said they were sending us their most special person.

But they didn't say that, did they?

 When Ms. Sireva said that, I let out a gasp. That's right. Phyto-chan herself didn't say that. I just heard her say that.

"It seems to me that the hostage girl was assuming that kind of existence, even. She doesn't seem to have anything special about her as far as I can tell.
"...... I see.
Yeah. She is still a young girl, but she never talks about wanting to see her family or her friends. She just lives naturally and calmly in a closed room. --Maybe that means she's more comfortable in her current environment than living with them.

 Phyto doesn't say she wants to see him. Phyto-chan doesn't say that she misses them. She doesn't cry or lament being held hostage.
 She just goes about her life in a relaxed manner. She doesn't grieve over the fact that she is being watched.

I've come to the conclusion that she's not going to do anything to us. So I don't blame Lelanda for going to see her. Of course, I can't allow her to go see her alone.

 I couldn't help but exclaim. Until now, I've only been able to count the number of times Fito and I have been allowed to see each other. But I heard that I can meet Fito from now on. There's a lot of things I'm curious about, so I hope I can get to know her better and ask her a few questions.

 ---A girl and her curiosities.
 The girl is concerned about the hostage girl.