142 Girl and hostage girl 1

"Hello, Fito.
...... Hello, Lelunda.

 There's Fito in front of me.

 Fito-chan is a girl who has come here as a hostage. She has light green hair down to her waist, tied in a knot. Her face is covered with tattoos, which look different from those of other ethnic groups. I don't know much about Fito.

 I do know that she is considered special among those people. --And that she's said to hear the voice of God. But that's just what I've heard from people. I don't know Phyto herself.
 They scarred her body and carved patterns on her. That's the norm for those people. I understand that it is part of their culture, but when I see it, I wonder if it didn't hurt them.

I'm sure she can't see me or hear me at all.

 Fresne said this as she wandered unnaturally around Fito-chan.
 I'm sure you're not the only one who can't see or hear spirits like Fresne.

"Fito-chan, ......, how are you?

 I asked her, not knowing what to ask.

"I'm fine. I'm fine.
"What's wrong with you that you can't go out?

 I'm not sure what to ask. Mr. Dong was standing behind us, listening to the conversation in silence.

Because the village is more inconvenient.
...... I was in that position in the village.

 I was afraid she wouldn't answer my question, but she said something about the village as if it were nothing.

"You can communicate with God? What's wrong with that?
......, because it is said that a person in such a position will be injured if he comes into contact with others.
Can you communicate with God?
...... can't.
How can you communicate with God if you can't?
Yeah. That's what my predecessor said to me. I can't do it, but I act like I can, and I work for the village. That's my position. That's my position. That's what it means to be a daughter of God.
Phyto, why are you telling me this?
Because you're not everyone in the village. And I'm tired of ...... acting like it.

 In short, Phyto-chan is in the position of being called the daughter of God. She is a daughter of a god, and it is said that such a being is injured if she comes in contact with anyone, which means that she doesn't interact with people much. And she pretends to be able to do things that she can't, and works for the village. I didn't know there was such a village, so I feel strange.

 Maybe the reason why Phyto-chan keeps answering questions like this is because she is stuck in such a position.

 What if it were me? Acting as if I can do what I can't. And having to live without much interaction with others. ---It's very, very exhausting. Phyto-chan is only a little older than me, but at her age, she has been behaving like this for a long time. At least since the moment she became the god's daughter. From that moment on, she behaves not as Phyto-chan, but as the daughter of a god, a special position in that village.

 ...... I may be a goddaughter, but there are people who see me as Lelanda. After I left the village where I grew up, I was happy to find many people who called me by my name. It warmed my heart to know that there were people who cared about me.

Do the people in the village know that you don't have that kind of power, ......?
"No, I don't think so. I don't think so. I've never heard it face to face. Maybe they believe that I, or my predecessor, can hear the voice of God.
Why did you take Fito hostage?
It's probably because he doesn't want to antagonize this village. And also because I wanted to. We've been forced to leave our home, and you're not the kind of people we want to antagonize.
"Did they go out of their way to tell you that you're special, Fito, to be sincere?
Maybe so. They're offering me as a hostage to appease their anger. That's why they're so cautious, but they're not going to do anything.

 I wonder if she's telling the truth. I wonder if she's telling me so much about herself. I feel a little uneasy about it, but I feel like she's not lying.

...... Why doesn't Phyto-chan say that she wants to meet the people of the village?
"...... I don't even know what kind of attitude they're going to have when they find out that I really don't have any power. I accepted the position and acted accordingly, but I was still cheating them by acting that way. Besides, I've been living a life where I only see ...... certain people, so I don't feel uncomfortable not seeing them.

 Phyto replied without hesitation.

 ---- girl and the hostage girl 1
 (The girl who is a godson exchanges words with the hostage girl and gets to know her.