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 Phyto and the others looked at the word "godson" with a strange expression.

 It is said that the Phyto-chan were chased by the Migga Kingdom into this forest, but they must not have been in close proximity to the Migga Kingdom. Phyto-chan and the others lived in a unique culture, which is probably why they had never heard the name "Kamiko" properly.
 But it's true that what they call a god's daughter and a godson are really similar.

"The being we call a divine child is one who is loved by God. They are loved by God, blessed by the world, and have special powers. That's what we call a godson. I believe that the daughter of God that your clan is talking about is the same being we call a divine child. If that's the case, then it makes sense that your clan has continued to exist.

 Ran's eyes were sparkling.
 I guess she was happy to have found something new. She continued with a look of excitement on her face.

It is said that the land and people that a child loves will be blessed even after the child is gone. It is said that although the power of the divine child is not all-powerful, the blessings will still remain. That daughter of the True God who was with you ...... must have really cared about you. I think that's why it was able to survive even after you were forced to leave the land.

 Mr. Ran continued to speak.

I'm curious to know how long ago this so-called daughter of the True God existed. I wonder how long ago this true daughter of God existed. Even after you were forced to leave your land and lost your place, your family was able to live on, nurturing its culture. When you think about it, the power of the Divine Child is truly amazing. It is really interesting. I'd really like to know.
Mr. Lan, you're going off topic.
Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, it's very interesting, but let's leave it at that for now. ...... Yes, I believe that the existence of the Divine Child is the same as the existence of the True God's daughter as you call her. The Divine Child and the Divine Daughter. They may be called by different names, but they are probably the same being. In the kingdoms of Failytrov, Migga, and the surrounding areas, they are popularly known as divine children, but if you think about it, it is not surprising that they are called by different names. However, if you think about it, it would not be surprising if they were called by different names. The name "divine child" is a name that we humans have given them. Because they are loved by God and have special powers, they have come to be called divine children. There are only a few divine children that we are aware of, but there may be some, like the daughter of the true God in your family, who were called by a different name and left behind a living proof of their existence in the world. It is also interesting to note that the beings who are called the daughters of God have been passed on. The existence of a divine child does not always exist. So it's only natural that even if you inherited the name of a being, you wouldn't have the power to do so.

 Mr. Ran kept talking.
 She was excited, but seemed to be trying to remain calm.
 Phyto and the others were frozen in place, their faces scrunched up under the force of Ran's words.

It's because of the existence of God's Daughter that we've managed to survive. You have survived this long because you were loved and cared for by the existence of God's daughter. You have been able to exist up to this point without collapsing as a clan. ...... And whether by the blessing or guidance of that divine daughter, ...... you have been led here. Where Lerunda is. There is a meaning to this, I think.

 I think it does.

 The beings called the Daughters of God loved and cared for their people, and that's why they were able to escape. They could have collapsed, but they survived, nurturing their own culture even though they were forced to leave their homes.

 --And now they've come to me, their godson.

 I wonder if there is any meaning to this. Coincidence? Or is it the guidance of a being called the true daughter of God? I don't know, but Mr. Lan assured me that it was guidance and that it meant something.
 After she said that, she looked at me.
 Phyto is also looking at me after listening to Mr. Lan.

"...... God's son, God's daughter. Indeed, we look alike. The daughter of our god ...... the true God and the being called the Divine Son may be the same. ...... Lerunda.

 It calls my name and stares at me.

"Is ...... Lerunda, well, a godson? The same as our ...... God?

 He asked me. He said it with a sense of certainty. Mr. Lan looked a little embarrassed. I guess I was too excited to explain more about the Divine Child, and as a result, I gave Fito-chan the assurance that I was the Divine Child.

 I nodded quietly in response to Fito-chan's question.

 ---The Girl, the Tribe, and the Hostage 4
 (The girl who is a godson nodded quietly to the hostage girl's question)