171 Princess and visitor

 Alice wanted to go out.

 --To be honest, it would be dangerous for Alice to go out, now that she was certainly on the stage as a divine child in the chaotic kingdom of Fairytlov.

 If nothing else, she has been refining her beauty as she has grown older.
 But she knew that she might be in danger, and that's what she wanted. So I wanted to give her a push.

"Dear Nina, it's my first time in the city, but ...... this city is nice.

 Alice's eyes were shining as she came back from the frontier city of Analolo.

 I've decided to start with Alice by taking her to a less dangerous city with someone I trust. We only had a short time to get down to the city for Alice's safety, but she was still smiling when she came back from the city.

 Seeing Alice's smile, I, Ninaef Faerie, felt relieved.

 If it had been Alice who was still being carried as a divine child, she would not have smiled like this just because she saw the city of Analolo. If it had been the Alice of the time when she had been treated as special and thought that it was natural for her to be great, she would not have even thought of coming to such a remote place. She would not have smiled in such a cute, age-appropriate way.

 --Looking at Alice now, I'm really glad I had the choice to save her life.

 I'm glad I made the choice to keep her alive. Alice, who was treated as special, may not know the outside world any better than I do as a princess. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the future. ...... I'm also royalty, so I live in a more limited world than the commoners, but I may not know as much as I do.
 I thought so when I was in contact with Alice. And I wanted to show Alice many things.

 While I was thinking about Alice like this, a messenger came to me from my fiancé, Lord Hiccup Migga.

 The purpose of the visit was to present me with perfumes and sweets that were recently in vogue in the Kingdom of Migga. From the very beginning, I wondered if Lord Hiccup would send his trusted subordinate to me just for that.

 I currently don't know what Hiccup is thinking or how he is going to act. I just don't know what's going on with Hiccup, who was listening to the king of Migga.
 The worst-case scenario is that Hiccup becomes an enemy. But I can't say for sure since I haven't actually met him.

 That's why I was nervous to be honest. I wondered what this subordinate's visit would bring.
 --But the words of Hiccup's men were completely unexpected.

"I have a message from my Lord. "My Lord has a message for you. If you think you're in trouble, hang up on me."
"Hang up ......?
Yes, that's right. If Mr. Ninaev decides that it's not a good idea, he'll break off the engagement without hesitation.

 When he first told me this, I couldn't get my head around it.

 Why did Master Hiccup tell me such a thing? He didn't give me a paper trail, but gave it to me orally so that there would be no trace of it.
 Is Master Hiccup doing something dangerous at ......?

What does Mr. Hickdo do?
I can't tell you that.

 The man looked me straight in the eye and said, "I can't tell you that. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "I can't tell you that.

"You are rude not to answer the princess's question!
"Even if you dismiss me as rude, I cannot speak.

 He replied to my subordinate's words without hesitation.

 He says he won't talk even if it kills him. That's what he's carrying. --That's what he's risking. No, maybe he's trying to.
 Hiccup was just listening to the king. I said some things to him. As a result, Hiccup is on the move. If I could just figure out what he's trying to do, I might be able to help him.

 And yet, Hiccup is probably trying to keep me out of it. I want him to talk. I'd like to help if I could.
 He probably doesn't want to talk because he knows how I feel. And he's also trying to cut me off so I can cut him off. He doesn't want to get involved.
 I know he's thinking of me.

 But I don't agree.

"I see. I understand.

 That's what I told the man, but secretly I knew I had to know what Master Hiccup was up to.
 I can't listen to Master Hiccup's words about cutting me down.
 Because Hiccup is my fiancée.

 ---The Princess and the Visitor
 The princess is determined by the visitor's words. She decides to find out about her fiancé.