173 Girl, Siefo and the Magic of Fire

Sifo, would you like to try some fire magic with me?
"Yes, yes.

 I decided to work hard.
 So I decided I wanted to get stronger.

 Frené had told me that I had a strong aptitude for wind magic, and so I had been studying wind magic with all my heart, but I wasn't satisfied with just that. She taught me that I could use other magic as well, but not as well as wind magic.

 Sifo is a mutant of the Skyhorse race, but she can use fire magic. I've heard that's why Sifo was abandoned by the Skyhorse pack. I was sad when my family abandoned me, but I think it's important to remember that it was because of that abandonment that we met each other.

 Sifo makes a fire as an example. A small flame. But he said it's in the woods, so a big fire would be a disaster. There's a lot of things that can burn, so you have to be careful when using this magic.
 I like this place. I honestly don't like the idea of this natural place burning down.
 That's why Sifo doesn't seem to use fire magic much. She's using it this time because she wants to teach me, but I have to be careful.

Fire is scary.
"Fire scares me." (Not just fire, but magic in general.)
...... Yeah.
So it's good that Lelanda can use more and more magic, but she has to understand that it's scary.
"Yes, you're right.

 I think it's a feeling that we need to keep in mind that magic is scary. If you don't recognize that magic is scary and use it, you will be in trouble.
 That's why I have to be so determined.
 But I don't think I would have tried to do something like this on my own if I had been a child before my family abandoned me. And I don't think I would have been willing to acquire a terrible power. I'm glad to see that change.

 I'm practicing fire magic with Sifo.

 I could handle magic better than before because I had learned wind magic. And because of that, I was able to use fire magic more easily than I thought. However, it was somehow more difficult to use than wind magic.
 There were times when the wind blew and the fire spell on my palm almost caught fire on a tree, and I panicked.

"...... Fire and wind go well together.
Fire and wind go hand in hand. Fire gets stronger when it's blown by the wind.
When you can use both, you'll be powerful.
But isn't that the kind of magic you use in battle?
Yes. So I'd be happier if I couldn't use it. ....... I want to be able to use fire magic more and more, but ...... I think it's best to use it in everyday life, not in battle. I'd rather use it in everyday life, like cooking.
I'm sure you're right.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to. Because that would mean fighting. If such a thing happens, I would like to fight as I declared to Gaius, but it is definitely better if it doesn't happen.

 However, even though I hope it won't happen, it's true that people like me are enslaving non-humans, and it's also true that I'm a godson, so I know that nothing will ever happen to me.

 So I'm going to do my best for now.
 I'm going to do what I can to protect our lives together.

"Sifo is good with fire magic.
"You're good with fire magic.
I'm going to try to be as good as Sifo.
"Good luck.

 If I fail, Sifo will help me with fire magic to prevent it from spreading to others.

 I think fire magic is a very aggressive magic. However, after practicing fire magic, I thought it would be fun to think about how I could incorporate this aggressive magic into my life. I'd like to talk to Ran and Sireva and see how we can use fire magic together.

 The first priority is to avoid pointing it at people. It's a terrible spell to use on people. Of course, other spells should also be kept away from people. --If I have to, I'll do it.

 I realized the horror of magic because I am a magic user, and I made this decision.
 Because I want to be able to use more magic. That's why I really want to remember the horror of this magic.

Sifo, please scold me if I lose the feeling of fear.
"Of course.

 I told Sifo that I was aware of the horror now, but that she should scold me if I forgot the horror as I became more and more able to use magic. Sifo nodded, and I was relieved.
 I felt so lucky to have someone who could bring me back when I was about to go astray. I am a lucky man, I thought as I returned to the village with Sifo after the fire magic practice.

 ---The Girl, the Sifo, and Fire Magic
 (The girl practices fire magic with Skyhorse)