223 Girl, on top of the mountain 1

 The first thing we did was to go to the village of the Winged Ones - the Villers.
 After arriving at the village, we will go to the gods that Biller and the others are talking about. The gryphons who would be traveling with me to the village this time were Rilha and Kamiha, a married couple.
  They are all worried about me.
 I smiled at them and said, "Don't worry.

 I am on my way to Mr. Biller's God, but they are not my enemies. They are not enemies, although there are parts of them that I don't understand what they are thinking, but they are not people that I have to defeat as clearly as the plant demons I defeated before.

 ...... If the winged ones become the ones that must be defeated, will I be able to act? I don't have such a premonition, so I'm sure I'll be fine, but I sometimes have these thoughts.

 Aside from Rilha and Kamiha, some beastmen including Aussio, Gaius, and some young elves will be going with us. As for the ethnic people, they are not coming because there is a possibility that the ethnic people will not be able to control the situation if Phyto-chan goes, and Phyto-chan has expressed his reluctance to take people from other ethnic groups with him.
 Including me, there are seven of us plus two griffons. And the winged ones who came to pick us up as guides.

 Ran and the others wanted to take more people with them, but the people who had gone out to explore hadn't come back yet, so this was barely enough.

 It seemed that it would be difficult to fly to the village with this many people, so we had to walk most of the way to the top of the mountain. It is said that only winged people can shorten the way to the village by repeated flights. It is easy to descend, but difficult to ascend. Even though they can go back and forth, the fact that they came all the way to the village because they care about me, shows that they care about me more than I thought.

 Why does their God want to see me?
 And does that explain why they feel like they can't leave me alone?
 With these thoughts in mind, I continued on my way.

 I'm moving more than I used to, and I'm using spells to strengthen my physical abilities, so I'm feeling tired, but I'm able to keep going.
 This is the first time I've ever climbed a mountain, so I feel fresh. The mountain path is easy to follow, but it is well prepared. We are walking on the path.

It's a mountain with a good flow of magic.
Is that so?
Yeah. I like this mountain. But I don't think it's all natural.
What do you mean?

 I'm secretly talking to Fresne.

 Villers don't seem to have as good hearing as the beastmen, so they don't seem to hear me whispering in the background.

I think the magic of this mountain has a very clean flow to it. ....... It's too clean for that. You see, that plant demon was disturbing the magic in that area. Maybe something is doing the opposite of that.

 Fresne said and looked at the other spirits on the elf's shoulders. The spirits are listening to us and nodding.
 I wonder if the spirits can sense that. This is a little difficult for me to understand. I think spirits are very good at sensing the flow of magic in nature.
 Nevertheless, that plant demon had disturbed the magic power to the extent that the spirit tree could not grow there.
 On the contrary, something is cleaning up the magic in this place.

I hope that something is not the enemy. "I hope that thing isn't the enemy, because it's harder to control magic than to disturb it. Disrupting the magic of the land can be done if you have enough magic power and time to disrupt the magic of the land. I think I can do it too if I take the time. But I can't make it look like this.

 Fresne continued.

It's hard to interfere with nature's magic like this for a moment, but it's hard to do it all the time. And if you mess with it too much, you might end up disturbing the magic. ....... This is the reason why I don't want to make an enemy of something that is regulating this magic.

 Interference with the magic of nature. It's something that spirits say they can't do. It's easy to disrupt, but difficult to control. Frenette assured him that she didn't want to make an enemy of someone who could do that.

 Is that the God that Biller is talking about? Or is it ......, or something else?
 I don't know exactly at this point, but I hope it's not something bad for us. That's what I thought.

 --Girl to the top of the mountain 1
 The girl is on her way to visit the God of the Winged Ones. In the process, she has a conversation with a contracted spirit.