6 6. There is a cute girl in the city.

 Rosangrila Magic Academy is located in the royal capital.
 So I took a carriage and set foot in the capital the day before the entrance exam.

So this is the royal capital. ......

 It is indeed the most prosperous capital in the country.
 It's so different from the village I grew up in.

 It's overflowing with people.
 The buildings are all over the place.

 But I still didn't see any magic tools.

"Does this mean that magic technology is declining even in King's Landing?

 For example, after the magic revolution in my previous life, I used to use a quick move just to run.
 For example, after the magic revolution in the previous life, people used quick moves just to run.

 But they didn't seem to be using it here.
 Apparently, the decline of magical technology was not limited to that village.

 Well, that's what I've been expecting from my reading.

 As I was walking around the capital looking for an inn to stay at today.

"No, stop!

 I heard a high-pitched woman's voice.

 Apparently, it was coming from an alleyway a little further on.

What is it?

 I used my detection spell to get a better idea of the situation in the alley.

 There's a woman ...... and three men surrounding her.
 Perhaps she is scared, but she only screams.

 I can feel the magic from the woman.
 I think she could use magic to get out of her predicament. .......

 But there's no point in doing this here.
 I could have left her alone, but I don't like the idea of hearing later that a woman has been killed.


 I walk into the alley and call out to them.

"What the f*ck? Who are you?
Are you trying to f*ck with us or something?
We're the Alan Three, for crying out loud!

 That's what the detection spell said.
 There's a girl surrounded by demented-looking men.
 As soon as he saw me, he gave me a sharp look.

I don't think they're just picking up girls. You're too pushy even if you are. She doesn't like it.

 As I said this, I observed them.

 ...... That tallest guy. He looks like he's been working out. He's got different muscles than the other guys.
 But it's too inefficient a workout. You can't break rocks that way.

 The one to watch out for is the little guy.
 He looks weak but he's got a little sword in his pocket.
 So the question is, "What? I'm just saying.

"Hmph! ......! My girl picked a fight with him. I was walking and my shoulder hit hers. She didn't even apologize.

 Men smirking at me.

"No, you're lying! I was walking normally and these guys stopped me and brought me to ...... this place!

 A woman leans forward and complains.

 If you look closely, you'll see that ...... she's probably about my age.
 It's a cute little girl with chestnut hair.
 I don't know if these guys were just trying to pick up girls or if they were trying to be violent. From the looks of it, it's the latter.  
 But the dainty looking girl was clearly not happy.

"You ......! Don't you dare talk to me like that!

 The man's right hand moved.
 His fist was clenched. It seems he's about to swing at the woman.

 --You can't hit a woman.

 I activated my quick-move spell and ran to the guy in a flash.

"Hey. I told you to stop him.

 I grabbed his wrist and shouted.

"What? When did you do that?

 Apparently his eyes couldn't follow you.


 I twisted his confused wrist and slammed him into the hard ground.

"What the hell! What the hell are you doing?
You've got a lot of nerve trying to pick a fight with the three Alans!

 Oh, shut up.
 It's deafening.

 They're all coming at me at once.

 The men are moving too fast. Cyril in the village is much better than this.

 It's a waste of time to use attack magic.
 A quick-move spell is all that's needed.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Take that! --Whoa!

 He raises his fist and knocks you off your feet.
 The man's head slammed into the ground and he fell unconscious.

"You! My brother's revenge!

 He raises his right fist and comes at me.
 But his target is his left hand in his pocket.
 He's got a small sword in his pocket and he's going to rip my throat out.

"Too late.

 I mutter to myself.

 It takes him two seconds to swing his right fist down.
 Then 0.5 seconds before he pulls out a small sword with his left hand and thrusts it at my throat.
 I paused for a sneeze, then stepped behind him with plenty of time to spare.

I've got it! ...... Huh?
"Did you see my afterimage?

 I also took his little sword and smacked him on the cheek with the barrel.

"Oh, yeah. ......
You need to work out more. I can teach you if you like. My tuition is expensive, though.
"Oh, my God!

 The man turned around and tried to throw himself at me.
 I shifted my body slightly, and the man who tried to hit me went straight into the wall of the building.

Don't you dare mess with that girl again.
"Whoa! What the hell is this?

 I approached the man in pain from behind and activated my Aerial Remove.
 The power of the wind causes the man's body to rise up into the air.


 He slammed into the ground.
 The man, unable to take a good hit, fainted.

"Is this the level of King City?

 He waved his hand away.

 Well, it looks like these guys weren't wizards.
 Just a bunch of thugs.
 I'm sure we'll see something much better at the Academy.

"Uh, sir!

 I put my hand on my chin and was approached by the woman who was thinking about that.

"Thanks! That was really cool!

 She walked up to me and squeezed my hands, looking up at me.

 I involuntarily thought to myself.
 Cute ...... and.