6 Episode 6

 Well, that was fine until I hugged three little girls and made them cry.
 Once they had calmed down, I had to decide what to do about the situation.

 I pulled away from the girls just as they stopped crying...
 The three girls were sitting on the ground, huddled together, looking unsure of where they were.

 If I hadn't been there, the boyish girl with the wooden stick - or rather, the boyish girl with the black hair who had given up the wooden stick - would have taken the lead in many things.

 But if I'm here, there's no way I can keep up.
 I don't know what to do about this situation.

Oh, by the way, I'm hungry. I forgot I haven't eaten since lunch.

 I say this to pause and smile.
 And then...

 Someone else's stomach growls, not mine.

 I look over and see the girl with the wooden stick looking away, embarrassed, holding her stomach.
 She's hungry too.


"...... I'm going to bed. I can't stay awake, I'm starving. You should go back to your house. ...... It was nice of you to accept us and hold us.

 The girl said, and lay down in the hut.

 The remaining two girls also glanced at me regretfully, then lay down beside the dark-haired girl, and the three of us covered ourselves with a blanket.

 Let's see. .......

"You guys want some food?

 I ask.

"We've already eaten for the day.

 The dark-haired girl replies.

 I don't know what's going on, but if you're living in a place like this with just your kids, and the villagers don't want to get involved because you're a cursed child, it's not hard to imagine that you're not getting enough food either.

 The child must eat properly.
 They'll never grow up.

"Okay, okay. Wait here.

 I said, and left the hut called the school building of the Academy of the Brave.
 Seeing me, a black-haired girl woke up with a start.

I'm not sure what you mean by "wait and see". I told you we're going to bed!

"Just wait. Just wait a minute.

 I said, and this time I went outside the cabin.
 Just before I closed the door of the hut, I heard a girl mumbling, "What the ...... hell is that?

 Then I went back to the teacher's quarters and got a cauldron and a set of dishes and cooking utensils.
 Incidentally, I made water with magic and washed them properly.

 Next, I went back to the chief's house late at night and paid him to give me some salted pork, some vegetables, and some bread.
 The food was plentiful and we put it in a cauldron and carried it to the front of the hut called the schoolhouse.

 I picked up a handful of rocks and combined them with magic to make a simple fireplace in front of the hut.
 He also fetched some firewood and lit it with magic to make a fire.

 Fill a large pot with plenty of water and put it on the fire.
 Throw in vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, turnips, and salted pork, and cook them to make soup.

 This is a rather simple cooking method that does not take into account the ingredients that are easily cooked.
 Cabbage and turnips may be a little delicate if overcooked, but they are not inedible.

 In addition, when the time is right, use the fire to roast sliced pork.
 The bread is also lightly roasted.

 And when the soup is cooked and the pork is fragrant, I go into the hut to call the three kittens.

"Hey, it's ready!

 I opened the door and...

 "Slap, slap, slap.

 Inside the hut, the three girls who were supposed to be leaning against the door, watching secretly, were sitting upright inside the hut as if to mend the situation.

 The wooden stick - the dark-haired girl, looking flustered, comes up with an excuse.

"Oh, oh, you ......! What the hell are you doing out front? It's not that you smell good, it's that you're making so much noise that you can't sleep!

 Well, that's not very honest.
 I've been waiting for you guys for a while now, haven't I?

 I'm going to be a little mean here.

"Oh, you don't want it? Okay, I'll just take the back two. I made plenty of food. Let's eat together.

"Huh? ......?

 I look over the head of the black-haired girl and call out to the two girls behind her, the blonde and the silver-haired girl.

 The two girls stood up, drooling openly at the sound of my seductive voice, and wandered over to me.

 As they walked past the dark-haired girl, they called out to her.

I'm sorry, Rio. I can't ...... stand this kind of thing. ......

I can't ...... stand this." "...... Rio, we'll eat for you. ...... Rio's sacrifice will not be in vain.

Aah! You're betraying us! Wait, wait, wait! I'll eat too! Please let me eat!

 The black-haired girl, having been betrayed by her two sisters, flipped her hand in a second.

 Phew. ...... That's a bit of a joke.

 So, when we're all in front of the fire.

 I poured a large bowl full of pork and vegetable soup and gave it to each of them.
 I also gave them some grilled meat and roasted bread on their plates.

 All three of them are staring at the food, drooling.

"Well then... let's eat.

""Bon appétit!"

 Immediately after the greeting, the girls began to gobble up their food.

"Ha ha ha!

 "Mmmm!" "Mmmm!" "Mmmm!
 Instead of kittens, they were munching on their food like ravenous beasts.

 That's what kids are supposed to be like.

"How's it taste?

It's good!
"...... God.

 The black-haired girl, who had been so naive just a moment ago, was becoming much more so.

 I was looking at the faces of the girls who were absorbed in their meals and thinking how cute they were.
 I couldn't stop smiling.

 I was glad that I had been sent here just to see their faces like this.