17 Episode 17

 About a week later.

 Just before dusk, when the sky is about to turn red.
 We were in a corner of the village, in a clearing with plenty of room to run.

 Three girls are standing behind a line drawn on the ground with wooden sticks, ready to start.

 I stood by another line drawn a hundred meters away and shouted to the girls.

"Get into position... and let's go!

 At the same time I pressed the switch on my magic watch, the girls started running at once.

 The three of them are gaining speed rapidly.
 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time and money.

 Among them, Rio is by far the fastest.
 Iris and Maifa are also fast enough, but Rio pulls away from even them with his tremendous acceleration.

 And in no time at all, Rio was at the finish line.
 A little later, Iris and Maifa crossed the finish line.

 The girls put their hands on their knees and gasped for air.

 In addition to this, there are many other things that you can do to make your life easier.

"Phew... how did it go, bro?

"Oh, great, Rio. Ten seconds and five. That's 0.3 seconds faster than when I measured it a week ago. You're 0.3 seconds faster than you were a week ago. You've been training hard.

"Heh, yeah.

 When I patted Rio's head, he smiled with a happy, shy look on his face.

 Oh, he's so cute.
 I want to hug him.
 I want to hug him, but if I hug him, I'll get that bad disease again, so I'll have to be patient.

 On the other hand, Iris and Maifa see this and come towards me.

"Sir, how did I do on ......? I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. I'm not afraid to be praised and patted on the head like ...... Rio.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one. They're both at 11.6 seconds. That's 0.2 seconds faster than a week ago. That's 0.2 seconds faster than a week ago. You're doing great, aren't you?

You're doing great too." "Yes, ......! I'm not quite there yet, but I'm happy with ....... I'm so happy.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. ...... If you're not careful, you can be tamed.

 He also pats Iris and Maifa on the head, switching places with Rio.
 The two also looked happy and smiling.

 I feel that this "head-bobbing" has somehow become a regular thing in the past week.

 At first, I was just doing it casually, but soon, Iris and others began to demand it implicitly with their eyes, and now I feel that I have to do it every time I feel inadequate.

 In fact, I think I'm the one who's being tamed.
 I've recently given up resisting the horrible charms of girls, thinking that it's okay for me to be a pedophile.

 So, it's been a week since I started teaching them.

 In just this one week, the three girls have grown remarkably.

 Not only have they all improved their basic abilities such as strength, agility, and magic power.

 In terms of technical mastery, Rio had already completely mastered the basic techniques of [Nidan-kiri] and [Smash], which can be called the basics for beginning swordsmen, and as of yesterday, he was able to use [Ignite] in magic.

 In addition to the two basic spells of ignite and wind, Maifa was able to use the elementary attack spell of fire bolt in no time.

 Iris is similar to Maifa, and in addition to the two basic spells of [Create Water] and [Light], she has already mastered the healing spell of [Heal Water], and as for her bow skills, she is almost ready to master [Quick Shot].

 Of course, this is not an ordinary pace of growth.
 If all heroes could grow at such a pace, we would have no trouble at all.

 I was satisfied to see how they were doing, and muttered to myself.

"Maybe it's time to try this out.

 What I'm going to try is the actual training I've been thinking about as a Demon Lord Hunter.
 Of course, I'll be right behind you to help you watch.

 Yeah, I guess so.
 Tomorrow I'll take the three of you to the heroes guild in town.

 With that in mind, I clap my hands.

"Okay. Rio, Iris and Maifa, let's call it a day. Let's go home and get ready for dinner.

"Yes, sir.

 So I took the three girls and walked home along the road between the wheat fields under the sky where the sunset was beginning to spread.

 This evening's dinner was a stew.
 I bought the ingredients in town and left them at home, so all I have to do is cook them.

 Since the students have mastered [Ignite] and [Create Water], I have been actively having them use them when cooking meals.

 As for the proficiency of those magic, except for Rio, it is already enough, but the daily use of magic is also a training to improve the magic power.

 When I was thinking about it...
 When I was thinking about it, the phone in my pocket rang with a ringing sound.

"Hmm ......? Who is this?

 While my students were looking at me, I took out a call spell from my pocket.
 Alma" was displayed on the other end of the spell.

 Maifa stands in front of me, stretches and tries to peek in.

"...... Brother, from whom? ...... Well, an old woman.

"Why are you acting like my current wife - oh, Dr. Alma, what's wrong?

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Hi, Dr. Britt, how are you? I was just calling to see if you were missing me.

 A voice I haven't heard in a long time comes over the phone.
 I smile and answer as I walk with the girls along the path between the wheat fields.

What are you talking about, idiot? My new students are so cute, I'm already in high spirits.

Oh, that's good. But no matter how cute they are, you can't mess with them.

You're an idiot. What do you think I am, Alma-sensei?

Well, you're an educational idiot and sometimes a runaway.

"You're too accurate to argue with, so please stop.

"I can't argue with that, so please stop." "Hahahaha!

 Incidentally, during the call, Maifa was leaning in close to me, trying to listen to what I was saying.

 I shooed her away with my hand.
 Maifa looked annoyed.

 I didn't care and continued the conversation.

"So, Dr. Alma. How's it going over there? Have you noticed anything unusual?

 That's when...
 It was then that Maifa put her mouth close to the transmitter of the call spell and mouthed these words.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

 Maifa switched off the calling spell.

 Two, two, two.
 Communication is cut off.

"...... Hey, Maifa.

"...... Hmm. ...... If you're going to talk to your old lady, you'd better ask our permission first.

What you do is not a joke sometimes!

 I clawed at Maifa's temples with both fists.

 I'm sure Alma would understand if I explained it to her. ...... Ugh.

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