25 Episode 25

 The three girls fight off the Orc guards at the entrance, Rio defeats the stray Orcs in the middle of the cave, and the three heroes continue their march.

 The three girls continued their march further into the cave.
 And finally...

"...... There it is, the boss. ...... That's the Orc Lord.

 Maifa said in a more serious voice than ever.
 Rio and Iris were also looking ahead with their weapons at the ready, as was Maifa.

 This was the end of the cave, and it was a large hall, larger than any other hall in the cave.

 Rio, Iris, and Maifa stood at the entrance of the hall, with me behind them.

 On the other hand, there were four Orcs at the back of the room.

 The Orcs were as huge as ever, but compared to the girls, they were about the size of an adult and a child...

 One of those four Orcs.
 That orc smiling fearlessly at the far end of the hall was the Demon Lord Oaklord.

 In terms of body size and shape, there was nothing that differed greatly from an ordinary Orc.

 However, he was covered with a black miasma that covered his entire body.
 Wavering waves of dark power were scattered around him as if to show off his power.

 The size of the body is the same as other monsters of the same kind, but the presence and intimidation of the Demon Lord is much different.

 The three genius apprentice heroes, seeing the appearance of the Demon Lord Oaklord, all had grim expressions on their faces and sweat pouring from their foreheads.

I'm not sure what to say. He's ...... strong.

"Yeah, I know. I mean, .......

...... It smells like an impossible game. I'm not sure if it's just that one, but there are three other orcs and .......

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 One of the talents of a brave man is the ability to sense the strength of his enemies.
 A good hero can sniff out a strong enemy just by confronting them.

 It is the right sensibility that the three of them received the Demon Lord Oaklord as an existence that is superior to each of us now.

 And I, too, thought that this balance was a bit unreasonable.

 The way Maifa put it is almost exactly right.
 An orc lord by himself is not so bad, but when he has three orcs around him, it's too dangerous for the three of them to fight alone.

 This can't be helped, can it?
 I guess it's up to the teacher to lead them.

 I walked up to the side of the three and told my students.

"There's a bit of a power imbalance, so I'll fight. I'll take on the three Orcs, and Rio, Iris and Maifa will be the Orc Lords.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.

 I'm sure you'll agree.

 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 I'm a little shocked.

 Well, it's because I've been hiding my power to make it so.

 I put my hand on Rio's head next to me and patted it.

I put my hand on Rio's head and patted him. ...... What the hell, bro! You've got to be kidding me!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who is worried about you. But I'm your teacher. All you have to do is think about your own fight.

"But, but ......!

 Rio still looks at me with a worried look on his face.

 Hmm, I don't want Rio and the others to be so worried about me that they can't concentrate on their own fight.
 You can't help it, so let's do this.

"Okay. Okay, you guys stay there for a while.

What's ......?

I'm gonna go finish my work first.

Hey, ......! Wait a minute, what are you saying... brother!

 I nodded Rio's head once more and stepped in front of them, drawing my sword from its sheath on my hip.

 I then walked leisurely towards the orcs.

 Seeing me, the Orcs may have thought I was a fool.


 It seems that the Demon Lord Orclord pointed at me and gave orders to his Orcs.

I'm not sure what to do.

 Three Orcs under my command raised their clubs and attacked me.

 The Orcs came right in front of me and swung their clubs down in unison.
 I stood there motionless...


 I can hear the screams of my students behind my back.


 Three huge clubs stopped above my head.
 With one swing of my sword in my hand, I was able to catch all of the club blows from the Orcs.

Don't underestimate the schoolteacher too much.

 The sword I'm holding is a magic item of moderate rank that I acquired when I was an active Demon Lord Hunter, and it won't be broken by an Orc attack.

 And of course, I'm not going to be overpowered by three orcs.

 By the way, of course, I could have just avoided them, but this was my father's parental love to show me how strong he was.


 I put a little strength into my arms and pushed back the Orcs' clubs with all my might.

 The three Orcs staggered and stumbled, their huge bodies staggering.


"...[Gale Sword]

 I took a step toward the Orcs and struck them with a series of indiscriminate slashes.

 After striking a total of twelve slashes instantly, I sheathed my sword.

 After a moment, the three orcs that had been chopped into pieces crumbled away.

"...... Phew.

 Okay, job done.
 I haven't done any real fighting lately, so I guess I got some light exercise.

 And when my students saw this...

"Wow, ...... is awesome, bro!

"Teacher ...... is so cool .......

"I'm ...... surprised. ...... wasn't just a pedophile brother.

 And so on.

 Okay, okay, you can respect me more.
 Especially Meifa.

 But on the other hand...


 Finally, the big boss, the Demon Lord Orclord, raised his club in anger and attacked me.

 Its movements are much faster than those of normal Orcs.
 It rushed at me with a speed that didn't match its huge body.

 Individuals who become Demon Lords have the ability to control their subordinates, and their attack power, defense power, agility, and magic power are all greatly increased compared to normal species...

"Don't be so hasty. I'm not the one you're dealing with...

 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'm not sure what to do.

 The orc lord's huge body was blown away to the back of the hall and rolled around on the ground.

 I've kicked it so that it only blows up flamboyantly and does as little damage as possible, so it shouldn't have a major impact on the rest of the battle.

 I walked back to my students, had the three stunned ones hold out their hands, and clasped them one by one.

"Pass the baton. Rio, Iris, Maifa... go.

"Yes, sir!

 Okay, that's a good answer.
 I took a position behind the three of them, crossed my arms, and went into the mode of watching the battle.

 Now, this is where it all begins.
 Hang in there, my students.

 You can do it.
 I'll always be here for you.

 No, you shouldn't just cheer in your hearts. You should cheer out loud.

"Hooray, hooray, Rio! Go, go, go, Iris! Don't lose, don't lose, Maifa! Aaaaah!

"...... would be really cool if it wasn't for that part. ...... Your brother is always so tight.

 Mayfa looked at me and sighed.

 What's that ......?