68 Episode 68

 The vampire spawn were burned by Maifa's [Firebolt], but of course that single shot did not wipe out all three of them.

 Rather, not even one of them was silenced, and after shaking off the flames, they attacked us in a rage.

"Maifa, stay back!

"......, I know.

 Maifa obediently followed my instructions and retreated.
 I stood in front of her to protect her.

 No, I don't think it's the same as following my orders and backing up.

 Meifa is thinking and acting on her own.
 In fact, she agreed with me in terms of tactics.

 Meifa is a typical rear-guard hero.

 She can handle a spear and her body language is not bad, but her strongest point is her high magic attack power as an offensive magic turret.

 I, on the other hand, am a relative all-rounder, but my status is more suited to standing in the vanguard.

 If it's a combination of me and Maifa, it's natural to divide us into the vanguard and the rearguard, depending on where the right people are.


 One of the vampire spawn rushes at me head-on, trying to grab me.

 It's an attack that throws off my defenses.
 Does he think I'm a superior vampire and that he can catch me in a fight?

 And what awaits you after you are caught is a bloodsucking attack with its sharp fangs.

 Meanwhile, from behind me, two other spawns are running left and right.
 They're trying to get past me and attack Maifa behind me.

 That's quite a nasty move.
 It's hard to stop them all.



 Boom, boom, boom!

 I first sliced the spawn that came from the front with the [Gale Sword].

 The spawn that received a total of twelve slashes was blown to the back of the room by it and crashed into the wall and stopped moving.
 That's one for starters.

 But the remaining two spawn pass through on either side of me, ready to attack Maifaa...

"I won't let you go!

 I forcibly shook off the collapse of my stance after the [Gale Sword], reached out with my left hand, grabbed the hand of the spawn that was about to pass on my left side, and forcibly dragged it down to the floor.

 I fall to the floor, but I don't care.

 The spawn struggles in bewilderment and tries to lash out, but I force it back down.

"Meifa! Get the other one!

 I shouted, and at the same time...

"......, brother, you're too good. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. ......[Firebolt]!

 Mayfa once again double-casts the Firebolt.

 All ten flaming bullets struck the remaining spawn, which burst into flames and collapsed to the floor.

 Now all that's left is the one I'm holding.
 It doesn't look like there will be any more refills coming from the back of the house.

 I shout to the spawn I've seized.

"Hey, where's your master, the real vampire! Why are you hiding here, and under what orders!

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Goooooooooooo! The ningen, Yusha. ......! He is the one who will rule this world. ......! You are the ruler of this world. ......!

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 In addition, if I'm not careful, it will try to bite me with its fangs anywhere on my body.
 It's much worse than a bad beast of prey or hexenbiest.

"d*mn it ......, get some sleep!

 I hit the rampaging spawn's head three times with a headbutt strengthened by my fighting spirit.

 This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up in a situation where you're not the only one.

 The last spawn was now unable to fight.
 The battle is over.

 I move away from the spawn, brush the dust off my body and stand up.

"Phew. ....... It's going to be hard to get any information from the spawn.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the information from Spawn. ...... You're very forceful and powerful.

 Maifa came over to me, looking impressed.

I'm not sure. It's not all about fighting politely.

It's not all about being well-behaved. ...... If your brother comes on to me with that kind of forcefulness, I might be in over my head. ...... I'd like you to try giving me a wall slap like that next time, brother.

...... Oh, we'll talk about that another time.

 I chuckled and replied.
 But Meifa's tension-free words were somehow endearing.

 I'm grateful for this kind of thing, because even if I'm serious all the time, the thread that keeps me taut will easily break.

 After that, we walked around the house, but there was no sign of any other vampire spawn lurking around.

 Instead, we found three coffins filled with earth in the back room.

 Vampires and their spawn sleep in "unholy soil".

 If they do not fall asleep at least once a day, they become weaker and weaker, just like humans who stay up all night.

 In short, they are difficult monsters who can only sleep on their own futon.
 Despite their strength, vampires are undead monsters with many weaknesses and limitations.

 Anyway, after checking the inside of the house, I took Maifa with me and left the house where the spawn lived.

 Just then, Iris, who seemed to have finished guiding the villagers to evacuate, came back.
 When Iris saw us, she came running up to us.

"Sir! I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. And Maifa, are you okay?

The vampire spawn - there were four vampires that had sucked our blood and turned us into monsters. But we killed them all. With Maifa's help, I took them all down unharmed.

"...... Boo.

 Maifa made a peace sign with her fingers and showed it to Iris.
 She looked a little proud of herself.

 But aside from that...

"By the way, Iris, what happened to Rio?

 I ask Iris.

 I looked around and couldn't find the eldest of the three sisters.

I'm not sure if she's back yet. I'm sure they split up and evacuated the villagers in the opposite direction.

I'm sure they'll be back in a while. Well, they'll be back in a while.

 So we waited for a while, and eventually Rio came back.

 When Rio saw us from a distance, he came running up to us in a hurry.

I've been waiting for you, brother. How was the enemy in the ...... house?

"Oh. I worked with Maifa to take out all of the vampire minions inside.

Heh, heh. So it was the vampire's men that were in there.

Well, yeah. ...... But what is it, Rio? What's on your mind?

No, no, it's nothing. What are you going to do now, brother?

Oh, ...... that's the first thing. We're going to heal the vampire spawn we killed.

...... You're going to heal a defeated monster?

 Iris interrupted me from the side.
 I put my hand on her hair and stroked it.

"Oh... Iris, you're up.

"Huh. ......? I'm on ......?

 As I stroked her, Iris tilted her head in a cute way while squinting like a cat.