41-036 Handling birds

 When we returned to Haruka's place, the two boars had already been dismembered and separated into meat, skin and tusks.
 The offal had already been buried, and there were traces of a hole dug in the side.
 A fire had already been built, probably for lunch.

Welcome back. Looks like you made it.
Yeah, we made it.

 I put down the coleus and firewood I had picked up along the way, and Toya did the same with six cotus and firewood.

I was going to roast the boar, but it looks like I was right to wait.
Haha, I told you I'd hunt.

 I don't have to tell you it was last minute, do I?

I just put you in charge.
Oi! It's called, uh, sharing the work, isn't it? I'm the one who found it, right?

 I've been trying to recover my position, but Toya has revealed my secret.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm the one who found it.

But the reason why Toya killed him and not Nao is because it was better for you, right?
Yes, there were circumstances that forced me to do that, weren't there?

 Yes, my magic still has a low hit rate.

Well, okay. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
"Ah, yes. Okay.

Where's Yuki?
I'm sorry, but you got it, so please don't do it this time. ......

Oh, it's working now?
Yes, somehow.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so excited.

 However, he said that the dismantling of the second boar proceeded quite smoothly from the middle of the second boar, so the skill was probably activated at that point.

It's pretty convenient that you can get it just by doing that. Even Nao hasn't grown yet.

"It should have grown by now. But if this is the only way to learn it, shouldn't we all take the time to give Yuki a skills class?

"By all means. I don't want to be useless!

Right. Let's all teach each other. I don't know if I can get it as a skill like Yuki, but it would mean something.

 Aside from knowledge skills, knowing some physical skills such as [evasion] might reduce the danger.
 You can earn enough money to have time for training.

But let's deal with the bird later. In a way, they're more troublesome than boars.

That's true. The division of labor is as follows: ...... Yuki and I will teach and disassemble one kotas each, and Nao and Toya will disassemble two each. I'll have ...... Natsuki take care of the crows, okay?

 Everyone nodded in agreement with Haruka's suggestion.

First we need to soak them in hot water. ...... Toya, you brought a pot, right?
Yes, I did.

 I bought this pot to make preserved food.
 I bought the pot to make preserved food. I put some things inside it and put it in the bottom of my backpack so it won't take up too much space.
 When Toya took it out, Haruka magically poured hot water into it.

 The water was not quite boiling, but much hotter than a bath.
 He dips all the birds into the water.

"Hey, Haruka, that's magic, isn't it? What kind of magic?
"Well, it's based on the water jet of water magic. But it's not really related. As Yuki knows, magic is quite flexible.

But it does consume a lot of magic power. What about it?
It's not that bad. The temperature is high, but the consumption is reduced by the fact that you don't have to spray it out.

 The relationship between magic and magical power is sort of like the law of conservation of energy.

 For example, there is "light".
 The magic power to light up for 10 minutes at 10 lux is roughly the same as the magic power to light up for 1 minute at 100 lux.

 For example, the magic power to make a light shine for 10 minutes at 10 lux is roughly the same as the magic power to make a light shine for 1 minute at 100 lux. In the case of "water jet," the faster the jet, the more magic power is needed, and the less magic power is needed if the amount of water is reduced.

 However, this is not always the case.

 In the example of "light," it is impossible to make light shine for 0.1 second with 60,000 lux, and the magic power required will increase.

 On the other hand, the same is true for 1,000 minutes at 0.1 lux, and it is generally believed that the efficiency of magic power worsens outside a certain range.

 The same is true for the 1,000 minutes at 1 lux.

"Now, are we ready?

 After pulling the bird feathers out of the pot, each person picks up a feather.
 This process is done in order to make it easier to pick the feathers, but until now we have not been carrying pots with us, so we have omitted it.
 Even if you don't do it, it will only make it harder to pick them back, so we'll make up for it with our efforts.

The next step is to remove the organs. Be careful not to hurt them.

 It's the same with wild boar, but if you damage the intestines or stomach, you'll be in trouble. Very, very bad.
 Think about what's in there and you'll understand.
 I did it a few times while practicing. .......

 Thanks to Haruka's Purify, we were able to avoid this, but we sold it off without eating it ourselves.

 What, dishonest?
 No, no, no, I'm not dirty because I'm properly 'cleansed', okay?
 It's just a mood thing.
 It's okay if you don't know.

There are many edible parts of wild boar meat, but let's save the heart and liver for now.

 Wild boar's meat does not last long and smells bad if it is not cleaned and prepared, so it is usually thrown away.

 In the case of chicken, it is delicious when skewered, salted and grilled, so I usually collect these two.
 The liver is not the gizzard, but the liver.

Oh, throw the unwanted part in this hole.

 Yuki made a hole with earth magic, and I threw the rest of the organs into it.
 The feathers, which had been left in a random place, were also collected by Yuki and placed in the hole.

After that, I cut off the legs and lightly roast the skin if there are any hairs left. Finally, wash the whole thing and you're done, but don't worry, I'll do this with my Purify.

It's done.

 We've already done this a few times and we're working on the second one, but Natsuki, who's never done this before, finished the first one almost as fast.

"Yeah, good job. Keep up the good work, and you can do the same with the coolas.
"Yes, sir.

 Natsuki nodded and immediately started picking up the crow's feathers.
 You don't feel much rejection, do you?

 We had already experienced dismantling a wild boar before, so there was a part of us that thought it was just a bird.
 Well, if you look at it as a foodstuff, handling a big fish or a bird might be similar.

I'll cook in the meantime. Yuki, help me. Copy my cooking skill. It's level one.

"Oh, I'll be happy to help you cook! But does cooking require a skill? I can cook, right? You can cook too, right?

"I had some cooking skills in my world, but I don't have any skills. I think it's because I haven't taken it. ......

 Incidentally, Natsuki's cooking skills were more than just "a little".
 Although he didn't have many opportunities to eat, he was probably better than Haruka.
 I think it's safe to say that she is a professional.

You can say that he is a professional. Haruka.
To put it bluntly: ......
What do you mean?

No, not at all. I think I'm a normal cook, but for example, the salt I sprinkle on my food makes it taste great. Honestly, it's the most mysterious thing.

 I'm sure magic is a wonder, but I can accept it as such.
 On the other hand, cooking is something that was done normally in the original world, so it seems even more strange.

"That's it? I'm looking forward to it!
I'm also very interested in getting .......
The chefs of this world seem to have it, so I'm sure it will grow back if you try.
I see. If I have time, I'll try my best to cook too!

 I'll try my best to cook when I have time!" Natsuki clenched her fists and declared with a snort.
 That's quite a rare sight.
 You must have loved cooking, because you were so good at it.

Yeah, we'll do that when we get back to town. Yuki, let's make yakitori for now.