62-S009 Tommy Rysshi (5)

 This is the real deal, the kind of shovel you can buy at a home improvement store.
 We didn't have one because we lived in an apartment building, but I've used one.

You can't just make it bigger, can you?
"No, of course not. "No, you can't. The handle is twice as long. The force on the end of the shovel is also doubled due to the principle of leverage.

 If it's the same thickness, is there a chance it could bend?
 No, but there was a lot of room, so we'll have to experiment with that.

How about the thickness of the handle?

It should be as thick as you can comfortably hold. The cross-sectional area of the handle is proportional to the square of the radius. It's quite strong even with the current thickness, so I think it will be strong enough.

If the cross-sectional area is doubled, the strength is doubled?
Oh, no?
I think circular shapes have three times the strength against bending. ......?

 I don't remember exactly, but I seem to remember seeing something like that.

I don't remember much, but I remember seeing something like that. I don't think I can break the handle of a shovel.
But people in this world are very physically strong, aren't they?

...... Oh, there it is! Then there's that. I think it's better to decide on the thickness of the handle, and take advice from Mr. Gantz to decide on the material. In this world, there is wood with high strength.

 It seems that the handle of the spear Nao-kun is using is made of pseudo-ironwood, a very strong wood.
 However, it's an expensive material, so it's not likely to be used for shovels.

I'll make a prototype of the tip first.
"Okay, I'll try to make one too.

 The shape is a larger version of the previous one.
 For the thickness of the steel, I tried to make it as thick as possible, remembering the shovel I remembered.

 Also, this one has a fixed handle, so extend the steel cover upward to support the handle. ...... It's done.

 It didn't take much time because there wasn't much difference, but ...... it was already suspicious to the touch. It doesn't bend when you put a lot of pressure on it, but it looks dangerous.

Hmmm, I made it a little thicker, but it's not strong enough. ......
"Let me see. Yeah, it's definitely a little thicker, but you're forgetting the quality of the steel.

 Toya touched my shovel, nodded and pointed it out.

 If you think about it, the iron used in modern industry is iron whose carbon and other metal contents have been carefully calculated.
 As long as we are using iron that is obviously inferior in strength, there is no way the same thickness will work.

Why don't you make it thicker at first and test it?

 I took Toya's advice and made a prototype with a much thicker thickness.
 I fixed the tip and attached a handle about one and a half times longer than I had planned, and put all my weight on it.

It won't bend. Tonya, can you try it?

 It won't bend even if I press it with my weight and recoil.

 It seems to be strong enough as it is, but on the other hand, it's heavy. If it is to be used for construction, it must be made as light as possible or it will directly cause fatigue.

 Since it is difficult to devise a shape, we tried to see how thin we could make it without changing the shape.

 After several prototypes, I was able to achieve a level of strength that was not a problem even if the thickness was reduced to about half the initial level.

 Once that was achieved, the rest was easy.
 I made the handle thick enough for me, a small dwarf, to hold easily, and attached the end of the handle based on what I remembered.

It's good, isn't it?
"Yes, it is! Let's try it out right away!

 I went out to the backyard, dug a hole, and did the strength test that Toya had done.

 Fortunately, my shovel was able to withstand all the tests.

 I felt that dropping rocks or something like that was a bit excessive, but I changed my mind when I was told that it could happen if it was used at a construction site.

 It's true that there are many tools that break at construction sites even if they are not handled roughly on purpose, so I think strong tools are appreciated.

"Are you sure this is finished?
"Isn't it good? It's a good thing that it's been used so much in the original world. The shape can't be easily improved.
I know. Well, I don't think my product is that perfect.

 I wonder if mass-produced products are made by press work.
 Probably, they have an optimal shape calculated by a computer.

 I just imitated the shape of mine, so I might be able to make it a little stronger if I work harder. ...... It's not easy, though.

I'd like to make it a little lighter if possible.
You'd have to change the material.

What material? Oh, mithril!
Who would use mithril for a shovel? I don't know if mithril exists, but... Some other alloy? Or something.

What's a good alloy?
I don't know!

 I asked him if he could use it, to which he replied confidently.

It's not working.

That's something you should talk to Gantz-san about. I'm not sure if this is an alloy or some other metal, but I don't even know what it is.

What about using them?
No, you can't use ......, can you? I don't think it's just the price of the material, but our weapons are really expensive, you know?

 ...... Oh, by the way, did I mention that we spent over 8 million yen here?

 I'm sure you've bought some armor and Haruka's equipment, but from that I'm guessing it's not going to be the price of a shovel.

I guess that's as far as our knowledge goes. Now that we have a product, let's show it to Mr. Gantz. What were you working on, Toya?
"I was making this.

 What Toya picked up was something a little larger than a shovel, but with a slightly different shape.

Is that a shovel?

Yeah. When I was observing Tommy's construction site, he seemed to be having a hard time scooping up the soil he had dug up. A shovel is good, but wouldn't it be useful to have a shovel specifically for scooping? It's not like you're digging in the dirt, so it's thinner and therefore lighter.

A shovel can be substituted for the shovel. ...... Indeed, if done well, it could be sold as a set.

 The shovel can scoop up a larger amount of soil, and if it is light, it can reduce fatigue.
 I think there is a demand for it.

 I took the shovel and twisted it lightly, but it didn't bend like that, so it seems to be strong enough to carry soil.

Shall we put a handle on it, then?
Oh, please. When you're done, let's take a break. You need to hydrate.
Oh, yeah. I've been so busy I forgot.

 I was working in front of a hot furnace, and I found myself sweating a lot.
 When I became aware of it, I realized that I was also very thirsty.
 As I quickly attached the handle, Toya came back with a bottle of water.

Thank you very much.
It's almost noon.
Oh, is it that time already?

 He had been working so hard that the time had gone by faster than he expected.
 As I exhaled and relaxed my body, Toya took out a piece of dried meat and started to chew it.

 By the way, I didn't prepare lunch. So far we've been eating at a nearby food stall. ...... Shall we go buy something?

"Tommy, you want some?
"Oh, you don't mind? I'll have some.

 As if he noticed that I was looking at him with this in mind, he held out a bag of dried meat to me.
 I put out my hand and took a bite.

"Mmm! It's delicious! I didn't know dried meat was so tasty!

 I thought it would just be hard and sour, but it's not that at all.
 The taste is completely different from the beef jerky I had in the original world, but the taste is comparable to it.

 Is this expensive? If it's not that expensive, you might as well just have bread and this instead of buying it at the stall.

It's made by Haruka. The ones you buy at those stores are not good.
"...... Oh, I see.

 I'm disappointed.
 I thought I'd found something I could eat with peace of mind.

"If you want, I can give it to you for about the same price as some dried meat.
Oh, really?
I made a good amount of it. But it's meat, so it's not that cheap, you know?
That's right. You know, it's hard to afford skewered meat. ......

 In the original world, beef jerky was quite expensive.
 With my pocket money, I would have hesitated to buy it casually.
 But it would be a shame to give up the taste!

"Yes, I'll buy it! --I'll buy it when I can afford it.
"Good luck. Okay, this is a parting gift. I'll do it.

 I'll give you a parting gift," said Toya, handing me the bag in his hand.
 There's still a lot of stuff in it, so it'll cost a lot if you buy it, right?

"Are you sure? Thank you very much.
Eat it while you work on your training.

Do you think I can get an apprenticeship at ......?
It's not a problem. If this doesn't work, I guess I'll just have to go the ...... straightforward route and earn Gantz-san's trust.

Ugh. ...... I'm worried.
Maybe it'll be okay. --I think he's here.


 After a while, I heard footsteps and Mr. Ganz came in.

"Hey, how's it going?

 Toya smiled at Gantz's casual question and pointed to the shovels he had lined up.

Gantz-san, it's done!
"What? Already?

I told you I have the shape in my head. You said you had the shape in your head, all you had to do was build it, test it and make a few changes.

Even if you can think it, it's hard to give it shape. Let's see. ......

 Gantz inspects the shovel as he says this.

"Hmm. There's a lot of variation, isn't there?
"Yeah, this one and this one are mine.
You're not as good as I am.
I'm an adventurer, remember? I'm an adventurer, I can't help it if I'm better than him.

 I'm an adventurer by trade.

I'm not sure what to make of this.
"Yes, sir!

 I do as I'm told and make a shovel.
 I was nervous because Mr. Ganz was watching me closely from behind, but since I had already done this work several times, I was able to make it without making any mistakes.

I wondered if he had the skill. I have my doubts, but I promised not to ask Toya. ......

 Oh, you've been negotiating with me about that. Thank you, Toya!
 I was worried that he would pursue me because I wanted to become a blacksmith's apprentice and he only had blacksmithing skills, which is extremely suspicious.

Now, show me what you've got.
"Okay. In the backyard.
 We moved to the backyard and I demonstrated how to use the shovel.
 It's simple enough to use, so why don't you show me how tough it is?

Hmm, that doesn't sound like a problem. What's this one? It's a different shape.
This one's for carrying dirt. Use it like this. This little one is an assembly line. Don't you think it'll sell to adventurers? At least I want one.

 Toya says so, and introduces a shovel and a portable shovel.

It certainly looks like it will sell well. ...... The problem is the price. ......
"Hey, Mr. Gantz. What kind of metal is strong, light and cheap? I've made it strong, but it's a little heavy.
There is no such thing as a good metal! If there was, they'd be using it for weapons and armor!

 That's true.
 If there were, they'd use it instead of steel.

The weight is not a ...... question, is it? It's not like women and children are going to use it. Do the guys in the field complain about this kind of weight?

 Gantz lifted the shovel and said so, but Toya shook his head.

We're going to be working for a long time, so the lighter the better, right? What about the blue iron and yellow iron used in our weapons?

What about the blue iron and yellow iron we use in our weapons? "You idiot, blue iron is much heavier! First of all, the price is different from this iron. You can buy red iron for about four times the price, but it's not as easy to work.

Blue iron, yellow iron, and red iron. ...... They also sell black iron weapons, right? What other kinds of iron do you have?

Hmm? Well, the only one we have is white iron. It's about ten times more expensive, but it's much stronger. It's harder to work than red iron, though. It's the same material you use for your chainmail.

"Oh, really? That's pretty good. I haven't had any luck with it yet.

If the armor helps, it means you were in danger. I'd rather not have the chance to find out. I don't want to be in business when you don't show up to fix it! Ha-ha-ha.

 I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
 Blue iron and yellow iron are more expensive than that, right? I guess being an adventurer is expensive. .......

I'm sure it's not going to be the kind of thing you can use in a normal construction project, given the price of the materials.

Hmmm ......, how about a portable model for adventurers? The more light and strong it is, the more it will sell.

It's true that adventurers have a lot of money, but it's also a good idea to have ......2 one on hand. If you don't have a lot of money, you'll probably want to buy a regular one, even if it's heavier. ....... Toya, would you buy one?

No, I'm not buying it.


 Toya, you just ruined our whole conversation.

I'd rather have it made now! Mr. Gantz, I'll pay you to share the white iron. And Tommy, make me a portable one!
And Tommy, make me a portable one!" "Is ...... okay?

 When I looked at Mr. Ganz, he sighed and brought an ingot from the shelf and held it out to me.

I don't need the money, just make one. I don't need the money, just make it. You can see how good he is and what it's really worth.
Gantz, you're the man!
No need to flatter me. Tommy, do it.
Yes, sir!

 When I received the white iron ingot from Mr. Gantz, it was ...... quite light.
 It's not as light as aluminum, but it's very different from steel.

It's two or three times as strong as steel for the same thickness.

 But it's not good to simply make it half as thick. You can make the tip thinner, though. .......
 While thinking about this, put the ingot in the furnace and heat it up.
 When it's hot enough, take it out and tap it.


 --It's hard!

 The response is completely different from what I've seen so far. The shape of the ingot doesn't change even after a little tapping, and it's no wonder that the workability is poor.

 But it's not completely unreachable.
 I just keep on heating and beating as my senses dictate.

 It took more than twice as long as before, I think.

 When the shape I had imagined was achieved, I stopped and sharpened the tip. This was also a bit tricky because of the hardness of the metal, but it was much easier than working with a hammer.

"Yes, it's done!

 The shape of the finished product was almost the same, but it was much lighter and shinier. Its luster is more like stainless steel than iron.

"Here, let me see.

 Mr. Gantz took the shovel from me, tried to put some force into it, hit it with a hammer, and then nodded in agreement.

It's good work. How do you like it, Toya?

It's good! It's much lighter and easier to carry. The tip is sharp enough that I need a cover. ...... I'll have Haruka make one.

This might sell. Hey, Toya, are you sure you don't want me to sell these to you? Including the one that scoops up your dirt?

Yeah, sure. But I need you to take care of Tommy for me.

I know. Hey, Tommy, you're not bad. But since you want to be my apprentice, you got to learn something, right? I'll take care of you. Come back tomorrow.

Yeah, okay!
I'll make you my apprentice.
Thank you very much! I'll do my best!

Oh, good luck. You'll be on your own faster than most apprentices. Then you can open a store in another city. I don't want to lose customers to my apprentice. Ga-ha-ha-ha.

 Mr. Gantz smiled broadly as he clapped me on the back forcing my head down.
 I'm a blacksmith, and my back hurts like hell. I can't talk about it, but...

Good for you, Tommy. Keep up the good work. When you're better than Mr. Gantz, I'll order you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't worry, as long as we're based in this city, we'll be asking Gantz-san for help. Or will you be overtaken easily?

No, of course not! I'm not so lazy that I can be easily overtaken by a young man! --I'm not so lazy that I can be easily passed over by a youngster! - Well, when you're good enough, I can entrust you with your weapons!

That's a relief. Tommy, steal some skills from him.
Hahaha ....... But, yeah. Thank you, Tonya. For everything. You saved my life.

 You saved me from a near-death fall a few days ago, loaned me money, and even helped me find a job.

 I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't met you guys.

 I honestly don't want to think about it.

 At that time, Nao told me that the other world (reality) is Hell mode, and I might have felt like that if I didn't have help. I don't know if I would have even been able to stay at a cheap inn now.

"Well, that's good!

 Toya smiled good-naturedly and patted me on the shoulder a few times.

 And so I took my first steps as a blacksmith.
 It was still painful, though, to be slapped by Toya, who specializes in physical combat.