64-054 Lunch at Aera's house

 In front of Aella's store, there was a sign that Yuki had written yesterday.
 The only part of the menu was written by Aella herself, but the price was also written on it.

Welcome to ......, everyone!

 We were greeted by Aella's voice as we entered the store, with me in the lead.
 I guess one of the customers had just left, and she smiled at us as she cleared the tables.

 Looking around, we saw that the restaurant was almost full. Only one table was empty, the one Aera was clearing away now, the rest were occupied. There were only two seats available at the counter.

Hello, Ms. Aella. I was a little worried, but it looks like my fears were unfounded.
Yes! Thank you very much. Please wait a moment, I'll be right back!

 Aera-san quickly cleared the dishes, wiped the table, and brought out a chair to make room for five people, offering it to us. Her quickness reminded me of my days of training at a restaurant.

"Come on in! What would you like?
"I'll have the daily special. Do you want the same?

 Natsuki responded to Haruka's words, and we nodded.

I'll have the daily special for five.
Yes, thank you. Please wait a moment.

 Please wait a moment." Aera smiles and leaves, and we look around the restaurant again.
 There were 18 customers. Four were men and the rest were women.
 All of them were eating relatively slowly, and not as busy as at the Bear Pavilion.

 Perhaps it was the slightly high price range for lunch, or perhaps it was the atmosphere of the restaurant, but the expected clientele seemed to be coming in.

It's good, isn't it? It seems to have gone well.
Well... I guess the first day was a success, anyway.

 While I was talking with Natsuki, Aella came back with a tray.

Thank you for waiting. Here is today's daily special. Today we are using the meat that was given to us yesterday.

 Actually, the task boar I hunted yesterday, except for the tusks and skin, was given to Aella as a parting gift.
 Even though Toya eats a lot of boar meat, it's still a small amount. There was enough left to serve at the restaurant.

We've limited the quantity, so it comes with bread.
Did you bake it, Aella?
Yes. I can't do it with a small profit, but I can do it with a limited quantity.
I'll take it then.
Okay, take your time.

 Aera-san bowed and went back to the kitchen. I wanted to ask her how she was doing in the morning, but since she was running the restaurant by herself, she must be busy.
 I'll ask her if there's enough time on the way back, and for now, I'll just savor the meal.

 First, the bread. I picked it up and found it to be soft and fluffy, the softest I've ever had in this world.
 And it even has nuts in it, doesn't it?

Hmm! It's delicious!

 The nuts are fragrant and sweet, with a crunchy texture that's hard to resist.
 The texture is like almonds, about a third the size, and the taste is similar to cashews.
 I want these nuts. Depending on the price, they'd be a good snack.

Really. Your father's bread was good, but it's even better. I'm sure the cost is different.
The meat's pretty good too. I'd come here every day, honestly.
How can there be so much difference between the same cooks?

 It seems to be well received by everyone. Natsuki may be comparing it to Sahlstat, but I don't think it's on the same level anymore.

I think there are problems with the ingredients as well as the skill, but I'm glad there are more ...... good restaurants.

 We proceeded to eat while talking about this.

 Yuki is the only one staring at the dried dindle on the table as we eat.
 From an objective point of view, this is a rather strange behavior, but Yuki seems to be quite serious about it.

"Still no?
"Yes, no. Can you do it?

He's not getting any better, is he?
Yeah. He doesn't use it much, and I thought you said he'd have to study it in a book or something to make sense of it.

Oh, really? Then what I'm doing is pointless, isn't it?

 I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure what to do.

It's not like there's a manual. It's not like there's an instruction manual - I mean, what did it say when you made your character? Nao, do you remember?

No, I'm sorry, I don't remember.

 I'm sorry, I don't remember. In a way, it's a classic.

 I think there was something like "Gain information about the target" in the description before I took [Help], but I didn't check it after that. You should have taken [Appraise] at least at level 1 before you took [Detect] at level 2, normally.

I do remember a few things. I remember a little bit. I think it was something like, 'Appraising the same thing doesn't mean anything, you need to study it.

"Oh, that's great, Natsuki. If that's the way it's written, can you gain experience by appraising things?

"I guess so. I guess you could say that if you study while appraising various things, your level will increase.

 Toya nodded his head in agreement.

I see. Well, I guess I'll be using appraisal more often from now on. It doesn't seem to consume much.
"That's right, that's right. It might be easier to use it as you level up.

 The appraisal is still useful for gathering medicinal herbs, telling you which parts you need. When I level up further, ...... my dreams will swell.

 I've got a shovel now, and it's easier to collect herbs that need roots. You can collect those too.

But then, what's the point of me staring at a dried dindle like this?
"Yuki was before that. You haven't got the skill yet.
I see.

And, Toya, you have to teach her better.
Don't be absurd! How do you do that?

Why don't you just watch Yuki work hard for now? I don't understand the skill system.
You're so unreliable. Well, I'll just watch.

 After a while. After taking a break to drink some tea, we left the table.

 The restaurant was full, but now there were two tables and four seats available at the counter. Considering the time of day, a little late for lunch, it was not too bad.

 Mr. Aella seems to have some time to spare, so I'll ask him a few questions before I leave.

"Ms. Aella, how was the morning sales?

"Yes, it was the first day, so we kept the numbers a little low, but thanks to you, we sold out of everything. They weren't familiar with it here, but it was a good idea to write the description and price on the blackboard.

 The mashed potatoes with meat wrapped around it that we were served yesterday - what was it called, I wonder?

Aella, what is that dish called?

"What's that? It's called "poste". The one I served yesterday had meat wrapped around it, so it's called 'meat poste'.

And the one you sold today?

Yes, we had some meat that was given to us, so we used it. Yes, I had some meat that was given to me, so I used it. I made it 15 rare with meat, and it was very popular.

 Meat is expensive, so it seems to be popular to have thin meat.
 Today's daily special was also very popular and there were only a few left.

But is it profitable? Assuming we purchase meat as usual.

"That's not a problem, we've done the math. ...... But it would be great if you could come and sell it. We'll buy the meat, too.

Yes, you may bring them with you when you go hunting. Especially since the guild doesn't buy motsu.

 I feel that if I bring it to the butcher, he might be able to buy some, but I owe Aella for teaching me how to get motsu. I have no reason to refuse to bring it in if they will buy it.

By the way, can I use something other than task boars?

"Yes, most of them. If it's poorly processed, I'll evaluate it. Fortunately, I have a large cold storage facility, so I can handle a lot.

 He must have bought it for a small profit. When I saw it yesterday, it was pretty empty, and I'm sure it can handle a boar or two.

Processing. ...... If the processing is bad, can you give me some advice? We don't know much, especially about meat.

As much as I can. I'm sure you can use water magic, right Haruka? You can freeze the meat you bring in, if you want.

Oh, I see, freezing is a possibility. ...... I'll keep that in mind. Well, I'll be back.
Thanks for the food.
It was good.
Okay. Thank you very much.

 After greeting each other, we left the store with Aella's cheerful voice.

    "Hey, Haruka!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. You must have had a lot of trouble learning the magic of making ice, right?

 Up until now, to keep the meat from spoiling, we've been putting together ice cubes that Haruka can put out.
 This alone was quite convenient, but it was a little troublesome to change the ice every now and then and to discard the melted water. Considering this, I think it would be convenient if the meat itself could be frozen.

I haven't tried it, but I think it might be possible. Because ice is made by pouring out water and freezing it, right? Wouldn't it be easier to freeze something in front of you without emitting water?

"Well, that makes sense. But the temperature is different, isn't it?

 Water freezes when it gets below zero, but a freezer is at the level of minus 20 degrees or so.

Ice doesn't freeze at minus 1 degree Celsius, either. I don't have a thermometer, so I can't measure it, but I think it's pretty low. Besides, don't you think the ice is melting slower than at first?

That's what I think.

 I don't have a watch, so I'm just using my senses, but considering the size of the ice that is left when I change it, I think Haruka is right.

But, Haruka, isn't it a bad idea to freeze them? It's good if you can keep it frozen, but if you repeatedly thaw it and freeze it,.......

 It was Natsuki who pointed this out. For those who cook, it is common knowledge that repeated thawing and freezing of meat is not good.

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I'm not sure if you've heard of it. We'll have to experiment to see how long it takes for it to start melting. ....... I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. Can you make a magic bag?

I'm not sure if you can make a magic bag with extended space, but you can make one with slow time delay or light weight. ...... No, you can try.

 It's not that I don't like it, but I do like it.

 However, a closer reading of the grimoire of space-time magic that I had obtained revealed that it was not exactly what I had in mind.

 Since it's the most sought after, the basic magic bag is the one with "Extended Space" added, but the actual difficulty of adding it seems to be the same or slightly easier than "Slow Time" or "Light Weight".

 The reason why it is only added to high-end models is that it is difficult to duplicate it. In other words, a magic bag with only "Slow Time" added without "Extended Space" can be made with not too much difficulty.

"I see. Well, let's give it a try. I've read some books on alchemy and I'm familiar with it.
I'll give it a try. If it works, I'll be able to make more money.
Well, let's pick up the necessary tools on the way back.

 Since alchemy requires various tools, we need to buy them or get them by ourselves.
 It's hard for us to go out and get them now, so they decided to buy only the minimum amount of tools they need this time.

I'm sure I'll need some tools to make use of Natsuki's [pharmacology], so I'd like to get some of those when I get the house.
That's right. We all have [Robustness], but that doesn't mean we won't get sick.
It's a little strange, but Natsuki is the strongest in that area right now.
"Hmm... Yeah, I put some effort into it. If something happens, I'll take care of you guys, okay?

 Natsuki smiled and said that.
 I've never been there myself, but when Natsuki was absent, Haruka went to visit her, so she must have been nursed at times.
 Even now, Natsuki doesn't look so strong on the outside, but she is the one who is the most disease free in terms of specifications.

I see you!

 Yuki suddenly shouted, and everyone turned to look at her.

What, all of a sudden?
I saw it! Here, take this!

 "I saw it!" "Here, look!" The one holding it out was Dried Dindle. I can see it... could it be...?

Yes! It still only shows 'Dried Dindle', but I can definitely see it!

"Oh, you can copy [Appraisal] too? That's great!
"If [Appraisal] can be copied, then maybe the concept of 'teaching' is looser than we thought. If you can copy [Appraisal], then maybe the concept of 'teaching' is a little looser.

 It's true that Toya's explanation was a bit crude. No, it's true that I don't know how to teach more than that.

 However, if you have to be in the same place when you are practicing, it is quite troublesome. Even if there are other people with [Skill Copy], I don't think they'll be willing to teach if they have to be there for an hour or so.

But this will be useful when I start collecting herbs tomorrow!
That's right. Haruka, shall we try our best to make a magic bag?
"Yes, it's worth a try. And Yuki, since you're here, I'll teach you alchemy.
What? You just learned [Appraisal].

 Just when I was relieved to finally learn the skill, Yuki rolls her eyes at me for saying that.

I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm going to teach you some space-time magic.
"You also have the qualities of water and fire, so you can teach them to him as well. I don't think I'm at the level where I can use stick figures yet.
What? What? Spartan? You're a Spartan?

 With Yuki's confusion evident, we pushed her back and headed back to the inn.