73-063 Earn with Orcs!

 After that, until we exited the forest, the presence of an enemy was caught in our search range only once.
 However, I assumed it was a task boar from its reaction, so I continued on my way and escaped the forest without fighting.

 If it were a game, the encounter rate would be another complaint, but in real life, if the monsters are so dense that you encounter them several times in an hour, they will gather and kill you while you are fighting.
 If it were an animal, it would probably run away, but demons basically attack humans, so it's impossible to ignore them when they're right next to you in battle.

 After reaching the street, we ran the marathon again. It's pretty hard with a full backpack and a sack full of meat, but I can't complain because this time we're divided into an extra-large group, Toya and Natsuki in the large group, and me and three others in the small group.

 Maybe we're almost there, though... "Extended Space".
 Since the simultaneous activation of "Slow Time" and "Light Weight" is now successful about once in ten times, it should not be long before we have a magic bag with both "Extended Space" and "Light Weight" added.
 I'll do my best for my own sake. Yeah.

 When I got back to the city, I stopped by Aella's place first, sold some meat, and headed to the guild with the rest.

 It was later than usual, so I had to wait a bit, but I managed to sell the orcs, some medicinal herbs, and magic mushrooms.

 I got 72,800 rares for the orcs, including magic stones, meat and fur, and 32,000 rares for the herbs and magic mushrooms. That's about 100 gold coins.

 Hmmm, if the weather doesn't break, I think I can make enough money to pay for the land in two more days, don't you think?

 Incidentally, killing the orcs raised us all to rank 2.
 The evaluation of rank 2 is "a little better than rookie," but Diora says that "it's around here that people tend to get carried away and die," so we were told to be more careful.

 He also told me to be careful about Orcs, saying that they sometimes have nests nearby, and that if you fight near a nest, a large number of reinforcements will come.

 Considering the possibility that they might have been noticed from outside my search range, this was a very important point.
 Even if you can manage up to three or four of them, fighting is about numbers. If there are 10 or double digits, we are almost certain to lose.

 We should put more effort into searching for them, considering the possibility of retreat in case of emergency.

    The next day, and the day after that.

 The next day and the day after that, we had to earn money mainly from orcs.

 I tried to find magic mushrooms, but they didn't grow in most of the places where I had collected them, and most of the kindling I found had been eaten.
 In that sense, it was quite lucky that I was able to collect them from the first three kindling trees.

 It was probably the territory of the vipu bear I had killed at that time. I haven't encountered any other vipu bears since then, so there may be little hope for magic mushrooms in the future.

 Orcs are also very profitable, but the bottleneck is transportation. After killing two orcs, you have to turn back. Thanks to this, I've been able to get more training time.

 As of yesterday, I've been able to activate "Extended Space", so now I just need to be able to activate it stably at the same time as "Light Weight", and I'll be able to make a magic bag.

 This will make things easier in many ways. I hope to have it ready in the next few days.

 In fact, I'm a little concerned that Yuki was able to activate "Extended Space" before me, but she's still ahead of me when it comes to ...... control. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

 The next day, as the weather was becoming suspicious, we got off work before noon after killing only one task boar, and asked Diora about the progress of the land acquisition while selling the materials.

Yes, it's going well. Yes, it's going well. I'm sure you'll be satisfied within the next few days.
"Really? I thought it would take longer than that.
You've been working hard and I've been working hard too. An opponent like that is easy for me to handle. Yeah.

 Diora smiled, reliably.
 I'll pretend I didn't hear the slightly disturbing remark.

Are we working too hard? We're finishing up pretty early.

 The first time we killed an orc, we worked until a little late, but we usually came back around mid-afternoon.

But they still bring back their prey, don't they? A lot of rank 1 and 2 adventurers don't catch anything even if they work from morning till evening, so they just use medicinal herbs. If such people were to kill even one orc, they would spend several days drinking.

A few days? ...... If they do that, they won't be able to save any money.

 I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you have.

 If you're looking for a place to stay in Sarstat, you'll be able to find it in about three days with some good drinks and food.

 Weapons and armor cost a lot of money, and we can't afford to take a leisurely rest.

 The reason why we can save a good amount of money is because the Bear Pavilion is cheap, no one is spending money on luxury items like alcohol, and thanks to our sewing skills, we can provide our own clothes to some extent.

You're right. It's impossible to move up in rank at that rate, but many adventurers don't think too far ahead. ......

 On the other hand, it seems that those who can think about the future will steadily increase their ranks.

You can get by with hard work up to rank three or four, so those who stall out before they get there have almost no chance in the future.
What happens to those people when they get old?
What happens to those people when they get old? "Well, most of them will never get old. They die on the way.
Yeah, ......

 Yuki's expression hardened at Diora's blunt statement.

In the event that you've got some sort of good fortune or you've got some sort of good fortune, you may get a regular job, but ......, they're people who originally have a plan or an unfounded idea that they can succeed. ......

 It's kind of like a second childhood disease.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. It's like you're special. If you continue to be an adventurer, you will end up in the graveyard of life. No, the real graveyard.

 We have to be careful. Home ownership, savings, this is important.

It's not that hard to die an orc and save money if you have a few, from what I've seen. It's not that hard to find them, is it?

It's because you're strong, Natsuki-san. A rookie who has just become an adventurer is just a young man from a farming village. They may have some strength, but they're amateurs with no skills, who've only ever wielded a stick. It's tough to face an orc, let alone a goblin.

 So, you're unskilled.
 That's a different starting point from those of us who have weapon skills from the start. If you're lucky enough to find a teacher, he or she may not be able to teach you for free.

And it's doubtful that you'll be able to save up enough to buy a good weapon like the one you have, Natsuki-san.

 The spear I bought and Natsuki is using now costs 1.4 million Japanese yen.
 It's certainly not a weapon that a junior high school kid can afford.

 The spear I'm holding now, the one that Natsuki bought, is probably affordable, but to be honest, even I would be scared to face an Orc with it. I'm afraid it will snap off easily.

Of course, it's hard to find them. Of course, it's hard to find them, too. It's hard to find the orcs themselves, and you have to pick out the ones that have no more than two orcs, preferably only one, so that you can escape if there are three or more. It's quite difficult for rookies. I've been killed quite a few times when hunting orcs.

 To sum it up, it's all about [spotting enemies] and weapon skills.
 Even if there are no obvious cheats, the evil gods have made it pretty easy for you to earn money.
 It's also the place where I was sent.

So, to be honest, Natsuki and the others who consistently bring us Orc meat are a big help. Orc meat is very popular.
Yes, I like it too. I'll take you up on that.

 Diora smiled at me.
 It seems that, as with Dindol, he is being sold at the guild's purchase price - or rather, at his family's price.

 Meat is a bit expensive in this world, but the guild's purchase price is enough for an average person to eat every day. For Diora, who seems to be the leader of the guild, this should be no problem at all.

I'm glad I could help you. I'm glad I could help you, but you're probably off tomorrow.
It's going to rain. I'll be free too. I'll go back to the landowner's place.
Thank you very much. I've got the money ready.
"Yes, you can count on it.