75-065 My Home (Land Only)

 Since we got the full version of the magic bag, our behavior has changed a bit.

 When we enter the forest, we look for, kill, and strip our prey. Find it, kill it, kill it.

 Repeat until it's time to return home.
 Since I am no longer affected by the amount of prey I can carry or its deterioration, I can now work for a full hour.

 The target is basically orcs for money. Or task boars if you can find them.

 I ignore goblins, which don't bring much money and take a lot of time to collect magic stones, unless I'm around them. Sometimes, when we kill them, Yuki and I blow their heads off. In this way, instead of being able to collect magic stones easily, they go missing once every few times, but it's better than taking a long time, so we've decided that it's acceptable.

 As for the magic mushrooms, we collected them when we found them, but the number we collected was quite small compared to the area we walked around. No wonder they are as rare as matsutake mushrooms.

 As for medicinal herbs, we almost never collected them anymore. Natsuki only collects them to practice [Pharmacy], and does not sell them because they are not worth much money.

 The reason why I've started to focus so much on combat is, of course, that I have a magic bag and need money, but I've also decided to raise my character level if possible.

 Up until now, we all wanted to increase our character level to ensure safety, but there were doubts about the safety aspect. If we take risks in order to be safe, it is not safe at all.

 Now, however, a relatively safe and lucrative prey has come to light. I would hesitate if I had to leave the meat behind after hunting, but I can take it all home. Is there any reason not to hunt it?

 And so we hunted quite a few orcs. It was a disaster for the orcs, but the frequency of encounters didn't change much, and since they were demons, no one complained.

 Now, we can handle up to four orcs at a time without any trouble, so we have quite a lot of orc meat in our magic bag.

 As you can imagine, bringing a large amount of orc meat to the guild may cause trouble, so I limit the number of orcs I sell to four at a time.

 At first, there was a discussion to limit the amount of meat that can be brought in out of the magic bag, but since it is difficult to hide the magic bag completely - or rather, it would be throwing away the advantage and it would be troublesome, I decided not to hide the fact that I have a magic bag. We decided not to hide the fact that we had a magic bag.

 However, we don't want people to know that we can make magic bags, so we procure an old bag and use it as a magic bag, from which we take out the meat when we sell it.

 I told Diora that I was borrowing it from an elf friend, and that it was bad manners to pry into an adventurer's past and other matters.

 If anyone tries to attack me with the magic bag, I'll have to fight them off with .......

 You might want to raise your guild rank a bit more to keep them in check. I think we'll be fine in this relatively safe city.

    I'm not sure what to say.

"It went well, Haruka-san. You can sell it for 300 gold coins.

 It was a few days after the magic bag was completed that Diora told me this.
 The land brokerage he had asked for had been successfully completed.

"Oh, ......, are you sure about that?

 The market price was less than 400 gold pieces. The market price was just under 400 gold coins, but it had dropped to 300 gold coins.
 It's no wonder Haruka asked back with a slightly worried look.

Yes. When I told him that the guild might not be able to introduce him to anyone in the future, he gave up. You've made your decision. That area is mostly under the Guild's jurisdiction.

 Mr. Diora smiled and told me what he was going to threaten me with.
 The guild leader is not a bad thing.

"Are you sure?
"Yes, no problem, really. It's impossible to begin with. If there are people renting, do you think the building will ever disappear?

 Well, you said something about the house deteriorating and collapsing because there was no one left to live in it.

When the building is gone, even if they want to rent the land, I can't introduce them to anyone.

 That's true. The place had no tenants even with the building.
 It would be very difficult to find a tenant who would accept the offer to build a house on the land.

The reason why I set the rent at two gold coins is because I wanted to get rid of the renters at the right time after they built their houses. ....... There's no way I'd allow something like that to happen after having the Guild as an intermediary.

 I'm not sure what to do.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

That's right. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.

 We're at a disadvantage because we don't have any backing.
 If we can save time and effort by paying a small fee, we should discount it as a necessary cost.

But why didn't people come? "But why didn't people come?

 I nodded in agreement with Toya's question.
 If a normal house had been built there, we probably would have rented it.
 Of course, if it's too expensive, it's no good, but if it's as expensive as the surrounding area, there's no reason to avoid it.

It's a big place. For people who don't need a big yard, it's just 'too' big. If it were lowered to the same level as the surrounding small houses, there would be renters. ......

 The owner thinks, "I can't charge the same rent for a house that is bigger than the surrounding houses," which is not wrong in itself, but in the end, if there is no one to rent, the house will become more and more desolate.

 And by the time the owner gives up and lowers the price, the house is in so much disrepair that even if the price is lower than the surrounding area, no one will enter because of the cost of repairs.
 The result is more disrepair and more houses falling down.

The best thing to do would have been to divide the land into smaller lots and build houses on each lot and rent them out or sell them, but I guess they couldn't make that decision because it would have cost too much money. And I'm not sure if that would have worked either.

 The city of Laffan is not a populated city, so the demand for houses itself is low. It's not zero, so people are buying and selling, but the place in question is in an unpopular area.

 Even if you sell several new houses there, it is unlikely that they will sell. That would be a complete loss.

 Mr. Diora told him about this and persuaded him, "It's better to have money that you can be sure of than to have an uncertain investment. "Thanks, Diora.

"Thanks, Diora. I need to build a house, and the lower price is honestly a big help. I'll bring you money and a thank you later, so look forward to it.
"No, no, no thank you, just a feeling. Just a feeling.

 Diora's cheeks were relaxed even as she said this.
 It's not as if we could have negotiated a better deal, and we need a proper thank you.

Now, as a thank you to Mr. Diora, can I have about 50 dried dindol?

 I went back to the inn, counted the 300 gold coins and put them in a separate bag, Haruka said as she took out a dried dindle.

You lowered the price by 100 gold coins. Why don't you give more? No matter how high the price of the dried dindol is, the market price is still less than one gold coin, right?

"How about that? If you give us 100 gold coins worth of stuff, there's no point in us asking Diora-san for a discount, right? It's not a good idea for Diora to take the discount as is, is it?

 Yuki is of the opinion that it's not much, and Natsuki is of the opinion that it's not a problem.
 Haruka gives Yuki some shocking information.

Yuki, the market price of dried dindol is about one gold coin, actually.
"Oh, really?

 Yuki's eyes widened in surprise.
 It's so expensive, I can't believe it. But the taste is also incredibly good. At least I've never eaten this level of dried fruit in my original world.

Yes. It's high grade fruit dried in a special way. The selling price to the guild was 800 rares, so if you convert it to a simple price, it's worth 40 gold coins. He also said that 400 gold coins would be enough for the market price of the land, so the discount should be less than 100 coins. And it's only a 'thank you' gift to Diora-san.

I think I agree with Haruka. I agree with Haruka. It's a win-win situation for both us and Diora.

 I think a half of the discounted price would be appropriate for that.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. ...... is a little different.

 Well, that's how we got a rather large piece of land with 50 dried dindol and 300 gold coins.