82-072 Fight against strong enemies

 The next day, I would like to start hunting orcs again ......, but recently it has become a little difficult to find suitable orcs even when walking in the forest.

 Perhaps because I have already hunted about 50 orcs, the number of orcs in the group has increased to around 10.

 In the beginning, I would find about two orcs, sometimes one, but the number has gradually increased, and now that number is . I guess the orcs are getting wise.

 But considering the nests we scouted before, there must have been about a hundred of them, right? The orc leader is almost certain, and there may even be an orc captain. In that case, we can't deny the possibility of the orc leader going out of the nest to hunt, so we can't be too careful.

"Hey, we've hunted and dismantled quite a few orcs, haven't we?

 As we were walking through the forest looking for Orcs, Yuki suddenly said something like that, as if she remembered.

Hmm? That's right . Is that it?
No, I left the non-meat parts pretty much in place, but I haven't seen them, I thought. What's processing it?

 Come to think of it, when I walk in the same place the next day, there's almost never a trace left behind.
 Occasionally I'll notice a blood trail, but that's about it.

In this forest, it looks like a night wolf and a bug.
Wolf? Are there any? I've never seen one.
Yes, there are. They seem to be completely nocturnal, so it's unlikely that we'll encounter them in the daytime. They clean up the residue from the dismantling process, so they are very helpful. We don't have to look at their rotting entrails.

 I think I read something about this in a book I read yesterday.
 I think I read in a book I read yesterday that people who are in a group are rarely attacked unless they are very hungry. I don't remember all the details.

The forest sweeper. If we go down in this forest by mistake...
If we fall in this forest by mistake, they'll clean it up, we'll be cleaned up.
I'd hate that.

 It's pretty depressing to imagine your corpse being gobbled up by a wolf.
 It's quite depressing to imagine.

As for me, I'd rather be eaten clean. I don't want others to see my decomposing corpse.
"I see. That's one way of thinking.

 I don't want others to see my decomposing corpse either. If it's a girl, it's even worse. I can also understand the idea that it's better to be eaten because you're dead anyway.

Of course, it's best to have a normal burial--no, it's best not to die.

"Yes. Don't say anything sinister. I'm going to live a long time and die in my bed. I'll take care of you.

When I die of old age? I can't imagine it yet, but Haruka is an elf, right? If I think about it, will she outlive me? I'll be a little relieved if someone I know can take care of her.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. I'm not sure if we'll live as long as you. You know, because of the [Skill Robbery].

"Ah, a bonus character who can share his life span!

 He claps his hands and says so.

 It's true that the reality of the situation is what it is, but the truth is that they're just a bunch of lowlifes who want to take away other people's skills without permission, you know? It's just that thanks to the evil gods who put mines on the ground, the problem is gone.

 I'm sure there are some people who thought they could only use it against the bad guys, but those who used it against Natsuki and the others can be treated as bonus characters.

That's right. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea. Isn't that nice? I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that with a human.

"You're worried about that? Well, there doesn't seem to be a strict family register in this world, so it won't be a problem if you move. It's a few decades away, so I'll think about it then.

 I see. In Japan, if you lived for 200 years or so, you'd be found out immediately, but in this world, age is self-reported, so if you move from one city to another, there's no problem. In a sense, this world may be easy to live in for stragglers in that it can be easily reset.

"Hey, guys, we're in the middle of a hunt. Don't just sit around talking, be a little more careful, okay?

 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.

But Yuki also spoke up with some frustration, "Yeah, but there are no Orcs at all. Right?
Yeah, I have no idea.

 I've been talking to them, but I've always been searching for them.
 Other than Orcs, boars and goblins were sometimes caught, but no Orcs were targeted.

Should we try to get a little closer to the nest?
But then there would be about ten of them, wouldn't there?

 So far, the most orcs I've dealt with is six. In the first attack, me, Haruka, and Yuki killed two of them, and we took on four of them in close combat. Since we had a little room to spare, we could manage up to seven or eight of them, but ten seemed a little dangerous.

But with ten of them, it would be a bit dangerous. "Since we're in the forest, we might be able to handle ten, you know? We don't have to worry about being surrounded.

It's true that the Orcs are at a disadvantage in terms of location.

 Orcs over 3 meters and us under 2 meters. We clearly have the advantage in mobility. The width of the trees is also completely different, so there are situations where orcs can't get through trees that we can.

 Orcs also don't have enough space to swing their branches, so their attack methods are also limited.

 This restriction itself is the same for us, but the severity of the restriction is different between our weapons, which can be used to stab, and mere trees, whose purpose is to be smashed by centrifugal force.

Orc nests, I'd destroy them if I could. ......
There are at least 30 of them, right? If the terrain isn't overwhelmingly favorable to the attacker, it's impossible.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. Haruka often sniped from the tops of trees, but once the orcs got close, even the tops of trees were not safe.

You'll be able to get a group of about 10 orcs and try to fight them while pulling. The way it is now, they're just waiting for you to kill them.

 The current hunting method is to approach a group of Orcs when you see them, wait for them to notice you and approach, and then me, Yuki, and Haruka snipe them from a distance. The pattern is to kill two or three of them, or leave them wounded, and then bring them into close combat.

 Since Toya and Natsuki could take on two of them at a time, and Yuki and I had enough time to take on one, we were able to hunt safely without getting seriously injured.

"By pulling, you mean our sniping will reduce their numbers?
Yeah. If we fight too close to the nest, there's a chance that reinforcements will come, right?
Yeah, that's a concern. If we play our cards right, we might be able to get away with it. ...... What do you think, Toya?

 I'm in favor of it, Natsuki and I. Yuki and Haruka are not so opposed.

So let's do it! Nao, keep an eye on the enemy.
"All right. We're getting close to the nest, so be careful, okay?

 It's not a good idea to be chatting like that when you're going into a dangerous place.
 We kept our mouths shut and moved closer to the nest.

 When we were about 300 meters from the nest, enemies appeared in my search range. Eleven of them. The response was orcs, but ...... there was something that bothered me.

There's one that's reacting like it's stronger than the others.
"Is it a higher species, an orc leader? Is it an orc leader or something more?
I'm pretty sure the data says 16 orc captains, right? I don't think it's that strong.
Oak Leader. ....... Should we retreat?

 It's not as strong as four Orcs, as you can roughly gauge from their reactions. I'm still inexperienced, so I can't say for sure. I think I should do it.

I think you should do it.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 I'm not sure what to make of this. That's how our party is.

 I was a little surprised that Natsuki insisted on fighting the largest and most powerful group of enemies ever.

If we can't kill this one, I don't think we'll be able to kill any orcs for a while. They probably won't be working in groups smaller than this.
That's a good possibility. After all those deaths.

I'll take the orc leader. There's a chance you'll get hurt, but you can fix a broken bone, right?
Yes, as long as you can avoid missing parts.

 Injuries, huh?

 I'm not sure what to make of this. The only cuts I've had are from cutting my hands on grass.
 Is it necessary to have some experience with injuries? --I'm not opposed to it.

...... I'm not against it, but I'd like to be prepared.
Yeah, I'd rather avoid injury if I can.
Then let's set a trap. Fortunately, they're not as big as us, so it's easier for them.

 The only trap we can make is a pit. Yuki's magic is very active.
 Orcs aren't that smart, so if we dig a hole and cover it with some leaves and branches, they won't notice.

 To make sure we don't fall in by mistake, we'll place ourselves in a gap in the trees where orcs can pass through and mark the spot. If we want to escape, we should avoid those places and go through places that are only passable by human size.

 In addition to the holes, we will approach the group of orcs by making a small protrusion in the ground. As you approach them while making random noises, the path of the Orcs that you can check with [Search enemy] changes.

"I noticed.
Then, let's move forward a little so that we can lead them to the trap we've set.

 You move forward to a convenient place for an ambush and wait for the Orcs to arrive.

 The moment the Orcs are within range, my magic, Yuki's magic, and Haruka's arrows will fly. Since we had agreed on the order of priority and the location of our targets during the battle, there was no overlap in our targets, and my magic obliterated the Orc's head.

 It's a Fire Arrow, but it can kill an orc with a single blow. Yuki is only halfway there, so I guess she needs to practice. It seemed to work this time, and two Orcs sank, and one Orc took an arrow to the head and crouched down on the spot.

 Normally, I would wait here and confront the orc, but this time I chose to retreat.
 The fallen orc was in the way, and he hurriedly retreated while the following orcs were stalled.

They've spread out and are chasing us!

 I heard Toya's voice from behind me, and when I glanced back, I saw orcs spread out on both sides chasing us.

 The largest orc at the very back is definitely the orc leader. Just looking at it from here, it's pretty powerful. Natsuki, are we going to face that thing?

 I'd like to kill at least a few more of them before we face them. That'll give us magicians more time to back them up.

 After running for a while, I stopped when I passed the place where I made the pit, and attacked both ends of the Orcs spread out on either side. I killed one of them again, but I couldn't kill Yuki, and then Haruka came after me.

Shall we retreat once more?
Let's do it!

 Haruka's voice made us raise our weapons.
 It would have been easier if they had chased us in single file, but that's not going to happen.
 If they spread out horizontally, there was a risk that they would go around us if we were not careful. That would put Haruka at the back of the line in danger.

"One more time! Fire Arrow!

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

d*mn it!
"Nao, calm down.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why. .......

I'll control the orc leader. Please take over.

 Natsuki stomped on the fallen orc and ran forward. He climbed over the pit and slashed at the orc leader's leg with his spear.
 In contrast, Toya slammed his sword into the neck of the orc whose arm I had sent flying, and headed for the two orcs immediately behind him.

I'll cover Natsuki! Yuki, Nao, are the other two okay?
I'll handle it!

 I'll handle it!" I deployed on the left side, Yuki on the right. And the other two are on the right.
 I'm still breathing slightly.
 I slammed my spear into the head of the armless orc that was still breathing and rushed towards Yuki.

"d*mn it, 'Fire Arrow'!

 The Orc Yuki was facing had two arrows in his body and half of his face was burned. Yuki is restraining the orc with an iron bar, but I'm afraid that Yuki, who is less than half the height of the orc, will be easily crushed.

 She fires a Fire Arrow at the Orc approaching behind her, but it is far from a fatal wound as it is blocked by her arm.

"Yuki! Are you okay?
I can withstand it! But I need backup as soon as possible!

 I slipped in between the orc and Yuki and called out to him while holding my spear, to which he replied.

 He's doing a good job of fending off the club with the iron rod, but he doesn't have enough time to use magic or inflict a fatal wound. In the first place, even Toya couldn't damage the vipu bear with the iron rod attack. It was unlikely that Yuki's attack would be able to penetrate the orc.

"Get through it somehow!

 He readied his spear and glared at the almost unharmed orc.

 Don't worry, I should be able to kill it with my skill level. Trust in [Spear Art Lv.2] and [Spear Talent], me.

 The Orc is aware that I've cast a spell, and holds the club in both hands, as if a little wary.
 Stop it, even if you swing it with one hand, you'll lose easily. Yuki is behind you, so you can't avoid him.

"This is the time to make the first move!

 I move quickly around to the left side of the orc and thrust my spear into it.
 Just as I thought the tip of the spear had pierced slightly, the Orc's arm came down with the club in his left hand.


 As soon as the Orc's elbow struck, the handle of the spear snapped easily with a light cracking sound. And then, as if scooping him up, a club came at him.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

What the hell?

 I fought back a scream that threatened to escape, grabbed a branch that came into view, and pulled myself up the tree.
 It was quite an acrobatic move, but I managed to pull it off and avoid falling in front of the orc unprotected.

 --Thank goodness I'm an elf! I probably would have fallen if I didn't have that sense of balance.

 The Orcs were not expecting my move, and stopped moving for a moment with their clubs raised.

Fire Arrow!

 I thrust out my right hand and hit the Orc's head at the right height with the Fire Arrow with all my might, wiping out its head.

 I looked away from the orc that was slowly falling backwards and hurriedly looked at Yuki. ...... Oh? I'm not sure what to make of it.

 I'm not sure what to make of it. Even if Yuki's technique is capable of it, considering the power of the swing down, how can he fend it off so well? And it sounds pretty good too... but it's not!

"Yuki! Fire Arrow.

 When I came to my senses, I called out to Yuki and fired a spell at the orc.
 Fortunately, I was able to move to the top of the tree, so the line of fire would pass through.

 The moment Yuki stepped back, the "Fire Arrow" reached the Orc, and although it missed slightly, it blew off half its head, creating a magnificent fountain of blood.

Thank you! But it's dirty!

 When the orc's head was blown off, blood sprayed out quite loudly, but it didn't bother me so much because the orc fell backward quickly, probably because it was blown from front to back.

 This time, however, it took a long time for the orc to fall, probably because I was halfway through the game, and it was even more flashy. Because of this, Yuki, who was covered in blood, thanked me and complained at the same time.

"Sorry! Forgive me!

 I'm sorry to say, but I'm in a worse situation than Yuki for blowing off an Orc's head right in front of him!

 To be frank, my arm hurts, the blood is unpleasant, and I feel a little sick from wasting so much magic power. I need to stay calm in a pinch and use as much power as I need.

 I looked around the battlefield and saw that Toya had already killed one of the orcs and was able to deal with the second one without any problems, so I left it alone.
 The problem is Natsuki and Haruka who are facing the Orc Leader.

 I thought it would be difficult to fight the huge Orc leader in the forest, but the club is about a size thicker than the Orc's, and a few tree branches are no obstacle, and the wielding arm can break some trees.

 Natsuki also did considerable damage to the Orc leader's leg, but it was far from a fatal wound, and the scattered branches made his movements lackluster.

 Haruka, who went to cover him, is dealing with the Orcs that followed him - the first Orcs Haruka attacked - but although he has a number of arrows stuck in his body, the line of fire is difficult to follow. Although there are a number of arrows in his body, he has not been able to attack the head, which is his vital point, because it is difficult to get a clear line of sight.

 If he retreated a little, he might be able to attack, but if he did, the Orcs might head towards Natsuki, and he could not fight in close combat. He was in such a situation.


 I instructed Yuki to attack the orc with a gesture, and I aimed to attack the orc leader.
 I think they move a little faster than the orcs, but there is no big difference.

 However, looking at the way Natsuki responded to the attack, I got the impression that the orc was just rampaging, while the leader was attacking with a certain degree of skill.

The power is about the same, but the speed is increased. ......

 Magic is an image. I concentrated for a moment, and the moment the orc leader's gaze turned to the other side, I released the Fire Arrow.

 The speed was probably 1.5 times faster than normal. It was aimed at the head and pierced the orc leader's left arm, which he quickly raised.


 The arm was gouged in half, but the head was unharmed.


 The Orc leader screamed in pain and looked at me in anger.
 The orc leader screams in pain and looks at me angrily. Toya, who had disposed of the orc, slashes at him from behind, but he doesn't care and steps toward me.
 Oh no. My left arm is busted, so I have to jump, but there's not much foothold around.
 Do you want to use the corpse of a ...... orc as a springboard?

"Nao! At the same time!

 You'll be able to see Haruka with her bow at the ready as she clears away the wounded orcs, and Yuki with her eyes on you and her hand at the orc leader.


 Exactly three seconds after I answered. The timing of each situation has been discussed.

 My and Yuki's "Fire Arrows" and Haruka's arrows head for the Orc's head, and Natsuki runs in at the same time.

 Natsuki's spear pierced the orc leader's throat through the gap between his right arm and his face.

 Immediately afterwards, Natsuki twisted the spear and pulled it out to the side, causing it to fall back and blood to spurt from the wound.

 The orc leader still raised the club in his hand, but it did not swing down, and his huge body slowly fell forward.