85-075 Operation to increase the force (1)

 When I returned to the city, I sold the orcs at the guild as usual. However, I was short on cash, so I sold only six orcs today.
 I then went to Mr. Gantz's weapon shop.


 The person who greeted me was a middle-aged woman I had never seen before.
 Whenever I've been here, Mr. Gantz has always been the store keeper, but he hired a store keeper? I'm sure Tommy's teaching her a thing or two.

Oh, Miss Sybil.

 I thought, but apparently Toya knows her .
 When I looked at her, she told me that she was Mr. Gantz's wife.
 I see, so she was married. Well, at his age, he is usually married. She has a regular job.

"Mr. Ganz, are you okay now? I need to talk to you about something.
Is that your husband? Wait a minute, I'll get him.

 Mr. Sybil bowed to us briefly and stepped back.

Mr. Gantz, you're married.
"Yeah, actually I just found out. They seem to be on good terms.

 According to Toya, it was just a coincidence that we didn't see each other, since Gantz-san was working in the back and his wife was guarding the store.
 After a while, Mr. Gantz came out from the back, wiping his face with a cloth.

"Oh, it's you guys. What's up today?
Sorry to bother you at work. We need to find a spear for Nao and weapons for Haruka and Yuki.

Hmm? Didn't Nao buy them the other day? Oh, that's your girl's weapon now?

I had magic. I've got magic. I think I'll use the same one. Do you have it?
Yellow iron and pseudo-ironwood spears, right? Hold on a second.

 The one he brought out from the back was the same as Natsuki's spear. And it's all black from tip to handle.

This one is the same as the one the girl is holding. This one looks like black iron, but it's a spear made of magic iron. It's a step up in strength and sharpness.

 Apparently, there's a difference in strength and sharpness between this spear and the yellow iron, so that the black iron is unharmed while the yellow iron is chipped.
 I took the opportunity to hold it, but...

"It's too heavy! I can't handle this!
It's a good weapon if you can handle it. ......

 The weight of the magic iron itself is not much different from that of the yellow iron, but because the handle is also made of magic iron, it is said to be much heavier.
 By the way, the price is about five times as much. The price is about five times as much as I can afford.

If only the tip was made of magic iron, I could buy it.
"People who use this level of spear have no problem with this level of weight. A goblin's head can be shattered just by hitting it with this handle!

 With this weight, hardness, and the length of the handle, it would certainly be able to crush the skull of a goblin just by swinging it.

 If I get stronger in the future, I may consider it, but for now, I'll simply choose the Yellow Iron Spear. A 6 million yen spear would be a national treasure in terms of price. It's just a utility item here.

Next, Haruka, what's your weapon? Isn't the bow your only weapon?
The only thing I know how to use is my bow, but I wanted to have a weapon I could use when I'm approached.
Do you have a preference?
I don't have any. ...... Rapier?
"Rapier? You don't usually use it, do you? I think it's a distraction.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 It's over a meter long and quite heavy.

 At least with it on, it would be difficult to climb trees as lightly as now, and it would also get in the way when using a bow.

"This is certainly a tough weapon to have as a backup. It's surprisingly heavy.
You know? I think a short sword of about this length would be more suitable.

 This sword is about 50 centimeters long, including the hilt. It's not too much of a hindrance to have it hanging around your waist.
 Haruka also nodded as he held the sword in his hand, waved it lightly and held it against his waist.

This is about as realistic as it gets.
If you can fight, you can use your fists as weapons, but you can't, can you? It's a good idea to use a knife, but it's not very useful against demons.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm sorry to suggest this, but we don't have anything like the Yellow Iron Spear in stock. You can find expensive ones, but you can't use them as spare weapons, right? The one you have now is probably too cheap.

 What Mr. Gantz brought from the store was a fledgling weapon made of ordinary steel and priced at a few hundred Reais. Even if it was a spare weapon, it would not be a weapon of this level.

So, you're ordering?

Yeah. --Well, you're Tommy's friends, aren't you? You're friends with Tommy, right? It's not quite ready for the store, but you can take it for the cost of the materials. At least you'll be able to make a better weapon than the cost of the materials.

 It seems that the current Tommy can't match Gantz's even if he uses the same materials.

 The suggestion was to make up for the shortfall by using better materials and let him make the weapon only at the actual cost.

 For us, we can get a reasonable weapon at a moderate price, and for Mr. Gantz, we can save the cost of materials for Tommy's training. It was a win-win proposition for both.

So, shall we ask him?
Oh, I'll call you when I'm done, just give me a minute. So, where's your girl?

 Mr. Gantz looked at Yuki, but she looked a little puzzled.

I thought it was a knife, but is it useless against demons?

It's hard to say. With a knife, you can either slash and bleed to death or aim for the vital point. ....... I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea.

 The image would be like killing an elephant with a knife.
 I don't know where an elephant's heart is, but it certainly seems unlikely that you could reach it with a knife, and it would be difficult to aim for the carotid artery in the neck.

So, what do you recommend for a guy like me?

"You're a little girl. Flail or ......, if you have the strength and weight, you can use a war hammer, mallet, or poleaxe.

 Basically, it's a weapon that uses centrifugal force to strike.

 I've heard that weapons like the flail and the morningstar can do damage through thick armor if used properly, even if you're not very strong. If you think about it that way, you might be suited for it.

 In games, there are sometimes situations where a small character wields a big weapon like a war hammer, but in reality, even if you have [Strengthening], you won't be able to do anything without counterweights.

 In fact, even if you had [muscle strength], you wouldn't be able to do it without counterweights. As Mr. Gantz says, it's impossible without weight.

I'm not a fan of this kind of thing.

You can't expect to look cute in a fight! If you don't want to get into close combat, you can use a dagger like Haruka. ......

I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to make of it.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm going to try.

What do you mean, "maybe"? I'm not sure if you're a magician or not with that iron bar. You should be holding a mage staff!

 A mage staff is a staff that helps you cast spells, and you can use it to increase the power of your spells and even hit your enemies with it.

 However, if you hit them too hard, it seems that their function as a mage staff will be impaired, so you won't be able to use them to ward off orc attacks like you can today. In the first place, it seems to be mostly made of wood, so we can't expect it to be as strong as an iron bar.

Do you have a mage staff here?

No, we don't. If you need one, I'll introduce you to a store I know. But if you can fight with that iron rod, it might be better to buy a ring activator and use a different weapon. It's pretty expensive, though.

 There are a variety of ring and necklace activators that have the same effect as the mage staff, but they all cost a good deal more.

 It's a good idea to use a mage staff that's been designed for beginners to advanced users, while other activators are used by intermediate users and above, so they are priced accordingly.

I think I'll ask Tommy to do it for me. Mr. Gantz, is that okay?
"Yeah. Yeah. It'll be good for him to get some training. Just wait until he's done with his work.

 Gantz-san walked into the back of the store and we sat down on a stool in the corner.

We sat down in a corner.
Yes. I'll need some training with the dagger, but ...... Toya and Natsuki, please?
Yeah. I can handle the swordplay.
I hope my knowledge will be useful.
Hmm, let's have Tommy make something that looks like that.

 After half an hour of waiting and talking, Tommy came out with Mr. Ganz.
 Mr. Ganz sat down at the counter, and only Tommy came over and bowed.

Hello. I haven't seen you since yesterday. Are you going to let me make a weapon?
"Yes. It's a conflict of interest. I want you to make daggers for me and Yuki.
It better be sturdy, considering its purpose. A dagger ...... with a single blade would be fine.

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the best way to use it.

It's like a sidearm that prioritizes sturdiness. ...... What are your priorities, sharpness, sturdiness, or weight?

I'm not saying it has to be maintenance free, because you'll be using it on your adventures, but I don't want it to be something that you have to clean every time you want to use it.

I want it to be sharp, but sturdy. I want it to be sharp, but I also want it to be sturdy, because if it breaks, I'm dead. I can tolerate the weight to a certain extent. I can live with a certain amount of weight.

I see. ...... Am I free to do as I please?

If you meet the requirements. If you meet the requirements.

 When Haruka said that, Tommy smiled happily and nodded.

I understand. So what's your budget?
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before.
Haruka looked at Mr. Gantz and he nodded as if to say, "Okay." "How long do you need for delivery?" "The sooner the better, but we don't want to cut corners.

 I looked at Mr. Ganz again and he was nodding. Tommy also nodded, so he seemed to be okay with it.

 We also decided that payment should be made at the time of delivery, and that Tommy, who was staying at the same inn, would let us know when it was ready.

 We bought some large knives for demolition as well as my spear, and left the store.