91-081 Practice (2)

"Today's review meeting~!
...... What's wrong, Yuki? Are you okay?

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

I'm sure you'll be fine. You're going to have a review meeting.
I do, but ......
"I thought we needed a title call once in a while. We've always started off so casually.
So you're saying we need to be more coherent? Yes, that's not a bad idea.

 I think it's not a bad idea." Natsuki nodded a little happily, while Yuki smiled with a slightly annoyed expression.

It's not that I'm not trying to be precise, but I'm just saying.
I don't know. ......

 Natsuki looked a little disappointed.
 Natsuki is the most serious among us, you know.

 The other members are the type of people who are fine as long as they do what they have to do, with some differences.

 To use a summer homework analogy, Natsuki is the type who does a little bit of homework every day. Haruka and Yuki are the type to finish it in a few days after receiving it.

 Whenever I feel like it, I finish only the math part at once. I do this several times, and finish the whole thing in about half of the summer vacation.

 Sometimes I do it right after I start, sometimes I do it all at once near the end, and sometimes I drag it out until just before submission. Even so, he is never late, which may be a kind of talent.

A review meeting. ...... Anyway, your training paid off, didn't it?
Yeah. --I think it's more like a skill.
Skills are also the result of training. You trained hard to acquire them. I was in a lot of pain.

 Fortunately, the [Iron Wall] and [Magic Barrier] did not come into play, but the [Muscle Strengthening] and [Wei-Dian] were effective enough.

The magic has become quite useful, hasn't it? It's great that Nao and I can kill four of them at once.

"That's true. I've never had the opportunity to fight multiple opponents, but it might have been good to try .......

As for the close combat between Yuki and Haruka, I guess that's about it. You don't need to kill them in the extreme.

 Yuki is a bit half-hearted, but Haruka is a complete rearguard. The right choice would be to buy time to avoid injury and wait for someone to intervene. It would be too risky for Haruka, the main healer, to drop out.

As for me, I'm concerned about the power of the bow. The current bow is a bit insufficient against orcs.

 When killing orcs with Haruka's bow alone, it takes about three bows on average to kill an orc.
 If it works well, it can kill an orc with one, but if it hits the body, it often feels like it's not working very well.

You mean you need a stronger bow?
I think that might be a good idea, since there is a muscle strength enhancer.

 I've heard that the lighter the bow, the faster it can shoot, but due to its nature, the power remains the same.

I'm sure there's a fire magic called 'enchanted fire', right? What about that?
I can't use it yet, but even if I could, it would be faster to use the Fire Arrow.
"......, I see.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

I think Haruka should learn attack magic as soon as possible. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. You can also create magic that is not in the grimoire, right?

I think it's better to save your magic power for healing magic.
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who'd like to know more about this. You can understand why Haruka doesn't want to use too much of her magic in battle.

 However, it was Natsuki who objected to this.

I think it's okay for me to use some. I've reached level 3 in light magic, and I don't use any magic at all in battle. I'm not using any magic at all in combat. I think it's okay to use magic as long as it's about half of what you need.

...... I know, Natsuki can use it too. If so, let's practice a little. Nao, nice to meet you.
Because fire magic is the easiest way to attack, right?
Yeah, I guess so. Even the grimoires have attack magic from level one.

 In other magic systems, the level at which simple attack magic appears is between three and five. For light magic, there are no attack spells in the books.

 It's not impossible to use them, considering the flexibility of the magic, but basically what is required of a light magic user is healing.

So the next time you go hunting is after Haruka is able to use attack magic?
"Yes, I suppose so. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

 The number of orcs that were there when we scouted. The number of Orcs we've killed since that time is 28.
 If you think about it, Natsuki has a point.

Then, let's each do our best with that as our goal.

 Haruka's closing words brought the day's review meeting to a close.

    I'm not sure what to say.

 The next day we started training again.

 While we're covered in dirt and magically struck, the house is taking shape as fast as we can. Or rather, it's building very fast.

 Aside from the part-time workers doing miscellaneous tasks, there are quite a number of carpenters alone participating in the project.
 To be honest, even with this many carpenters, I don't think there are any jobs in this city. .......

Oh, that? I was wondering the same thing, so I asked him about it, and he said that this city has a lot of furniture production.

 According to Haruka, these carpenters are usually furniture makers, but when there is construction work to be done on a house or other structure, they call on each other to work together on the project.

 The carpenters are grateful for the immediate cash flow from the construction work, and the client is also grateful for the short time it takes to build the house.

 That's why this form of work has taken root in this city.

I've never heard of furniture production .......
"Yeah, me too. I didn't have the time to worry about it until now.

 How we make a living is more important than the industry of the city we live in. I guess we can't blame them for that.

"But why furniture? Is there a reason?

"Well, I guess there is. They started making furniture because they wanted to make a special product using the famous wood from the foothills north of this city.

Hmmm... ...... They've been logging in that area?

 I remember being told to stay away from that area because it was dangerous.

 Maybe they are protected because they are important resources and there are penalties if you go near them. Like the Yakusugi cedar, for example, which used to be cut down but is now prohibited?

No, they don't cut them down now. ...... Or rather, they can't.

 In the past, the only demons that appeared in that area were orcs, and very rarely, ogres, which would cause a commotion.

 However, at some point, the threat level of demons gradually increased, and the purchase price of the famous wood became out of proportion to the danger level. As a result, there were no adventurers to escort the lumberjacks to cut down the trees, and as a result, the trees became unavailable.

The price of the few remaining pieces of wood has gone up quite a bit.

And what about the carpenters?

They are now making ordinary furniture with wood from the southern forests. They are making furniture using wood from the southern forest. He said they have a certain amount of inquiries because they have skills they honed during that time.

 I see. So you don't rely on rare materials and you've been honing your skills. That's great.

 Or it could be that the carpenters who did that kind of random work went out of business, and the carpenters who are left now are just that kind of carpenters.

You don't have to worry about the quality of the house, do you?
"Yes. Yes, I'm sure they're on a budget, so you can rest assured.

 Haruka looked at the house.

 The pillars are up and the roof is already in place. Now they are working on the walls and floors.

 Since the structure is basically all solid wood, with some plastered walls and stone pavement, the work is progressing quite quickly.

...... Looking at it like this, I guess they don't use any insulation.

Yes. In Japan, glass wool or urethane foam would be used behind the walls. ...... Will it be cold or hot?

There's no insulation in the ceiling either.

 I'd like to think it's okay because it's a common construction method in this country, but there's no denying the possibility that they're just putting up with it.

Isn't there some kind of alchemy that can be used to create such a material?

"Glass wool is hard to install afterwards, isn't it? I wonder if polyurethane foam can be drilled and injected.

No, it's a simple structure. You can just rip out the boards and reattach them.

 If it's a structure like "wallpaper on plasterboard," you can't fix it once it's removed, but if it's just a board, you can be flexible about that.

If there are any inconveniences after spending a year in ......1, I'll think about it.
"......Yes. It might be easier than you think.

 I don't know how much more of this we can endure with our modern mentality.
 In the past, the Japanese used shoji screens, right? How could they stand the cold in winter?

Oh, by the way, there was a level 2 fire magic called Worms Heating.
That's right.

In addition, level 5 is Resist Cold, and level 6 is Resist Heat. If you're good enough, you can also create 'Cools'?

That's a great idea to learn fire magic.

 The original purpose of this spell is probably for outdoor activities and extreme conditions, but it can be used in everyday life without any problems.

 The only problem is whether my magic power will last if I keep using it.

 If Haruka is able to use it, the majority of people will be able to use fire magic, and the burden will be greatly reduced.

 The situation where two people can use fire magic and three people can't is completely different from the situation where three people can use fire magic and two people can't. In concrete terms, the burden is less than half.

Okay, Haruka, hang in there.
"Yes, for a comfortable life!

 ...... It's a little different from the original purpose, but it's good to have motivation.