118-108 Tubs with DIY! Completed edition

 The next day, Yuki and I were facing a mountain of silica sand in the laundry room.

 Toya went out again today, apparently to keep Tommy company.
 Natsuki and Haruka are working on alchemy in the lab.

Now, I'm going to turn this into a bathtub. ...... Let's try to give it a rough shape first.
"Right. The more magic we can save, the better.

 The silica sand that was in a suitable pile is spread out into a square shape and flattened. Then, the edges were raised slightly to form a simple box.

 This is not clay, so you can only get a rough idea of the shape, but it is easier to grasp the image of the bathtub than a pile of sand.

What should we do from here? ...... We can't use magic at the same time, can we?
"No, you can't. I think two people casting spells on the same object will repel each other.

 In the case of Ground Control, you manipulate the target soil by infiltrating it with your magic power. If two people try to do this at the same time, it is only natural that the other will interfere with the other's magic and prevent it from penetrating.

If so, either one of you should make it all at once, or do it 50/50. ....... Yuki, can you do it?
It's not easy, is it? I'm not sure.
I'm not so sure either. Yuki, can you help me with the molding?

 The process I use to make dice is two-step: compacting the soil into the shape of a dice, and then compacting it so it doesn't fall apart.

 The latter consumes more magic power, but the former is not easy either.

"Well, can I fail?
"Well, you'll have to try.

 I nodded to Yuki, who looked a little anxious, and encouraged her.

"Let's go, then! "Ground Control"!

 Yuki held up her hand to the silica sand and chanted this, and the grains of sand began to move and gradually took the shape of a bathtub.
 With that, Yuki's forehead began to sweat. .......

No, no, no!

 When the shape of the tub was complete, Yuki exhaled loudly.

No, no, no, no, I can't do it this size.
No, no, no, no. It's perfectly formed. Are you okay with this?

 Even though Yuki stopped the magic, it didn't seem to collapse, and from the looks of it, the size and thickness of the surrounding area were exactly as expected. There's no glassy sheen to it, so it's probably just been hardened with the Ground Control, but it might be easier to just let it congeal.

 However, Yuki looked at it from different angles and twisted her head a little.

I wonder if I should make the edges a little smoother and the side walls a little more slanted. In public baths it's vertical, but at home it's a bit slanted, right? If you're going to lean against it, it's more relaxing that way.

"I see. Well then, let's modify it a little and try to fix it.

Please! I want to take a bath today!

 With Yuki's expectation, I put my hands on the bathtub and cast a spell.

 The size of the tub is so large that I can feel my magic power diminishing rapidly just by letting it penetrate.

 --I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

I'm not sure what to do.

 This is a great way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your money.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

"Hmm. How's it going? Feeling good?
"Yeah, yeah! It's smooth, it's hard, it's perfect!

 Yuki replied with a big smile on her face after touching and stroking various parts of the tub.
 I touch it too, and it's hard and smooth, and I don't mean to praise myself, but it looks good.

"...... what?

 But then, as if Yuki had noticed something, she raised her voice and tilted her head.

 I have a bad feeling about this.

"What's wrong?
There's no drain, is there?
...... Oh, sh*t!

 I totally forgot! You've got to drain the water after you use it!

 I hurriedly made a hole in the bottom of the tub, and also adjusted the bottom at a slight angle so that the water would drain easily.

"Phew. That's it!

 I smiled and gave a thumbs-up, and Yuki gave me a slightly dumbfounded look, but there was nothing wrong with that.

It's not a problem. If you can do it after it's hardened, does that mean you can repair it if it cracks or chips?
Yes, I think so. The difficulty of the operation is the same as before the hardening.

 I worked on it as quickly as I could, but it seemed to be able to deform without any problem, whether it was still silica sand or after it was hardened into a glassy state.
 If it can also deform metal, it should be easy to make pots and pans, right?

Now all we have to do is make a stopper. Can we fill it tonight?
"If only Haruka had made a water heater.
"I'm looking forward to it!

 Yuki smiled.

    I can't believe it.

 No matter what my concerns were. Haruka had completed the water heater.

 It was a long box, about the size of a pail, and all you had to do was pour magic power into it and then submerge it in the bathtub.

 Fortunately, our bathtub was also well received by everyone.

 Now that it's finished, it's natural to want to use it.
 After finishing dinner a little earlier than usual, we started preparing to take a bath.

 We plugged the drain and Haruka poured water into it with the water magic method.

 After filling the bathtub with water without much trouble, she set down the water heater that I had poured magic power into.

 All she had to do was wait for half an hour and she would be able to enter.

Who wants to go first? Or should I say, one at a time?
It's a bath, but it's just a soak, so why don't we all take a bath together? --Of course, separate men and women.

 After saying "everyone," Yuki glanced at Toya and added, "Of course. Seeing Yuki, Toya opened his mouth with a slightly annoyed expression.

I understand! So, let's split up into men and women and ...... ladies first, okay, Nao?
I don't mind. I'm going back to my room. Call me when everyone is out.
Okay. Sorry, Nao. It was a lot of work to make this.

Don't worry about it. Yuki worked hard, too.
Nao, I'll eat first.
Oh, go get warm.

 I left the women who were getting ready to take a bath and retreated to my room.

What, all of a sudden?
No, I just thought I'd take a bath and put some SE in it.
What's that?

 After a while, the women got out of the bath, and we were in the bath by the same time.
 I soak in the bath alongside Toya, who says something strange, and stare up at the ceiling.

How long has it been since you've taken a bath?
I haven't taken a bath since I came here. ......3 It's been about a month, right?
That's about right. ....... Now you're almost ready to live.
Yeah, I guess so. It's different from Japan, of course, but you can now live a life without much dissatisfaction.

 Of food, clothing, and shelter, housing is no longer a problem with the completion of this bath, and clothing can be made by Haruka and his team.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at our own website.

 If you need ice, just ask Haruka. ...... Yes, it's a shame that we're so reliant on the ladies, but we've definitely become civilized enough to live our lives.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.
It was originally a laundry room.

 The floor is pebbled and the walls are white.
 The floor is pebbled, the walls are white plaster, and there is a door to the room and a door to the backyard.

 The room faces north, so it's a little dark even in the daytime, but it's bright enough since we're taking a bath at night and there are light bulbs floating near the ceiling from Haruka's "light".

 If you're using it as a normal bath, you'll have a lot to complain about, but since we've already used Purify beforehand and are just going to soak in the hot water, it's not too much of a problem.

The garden is large, and it's not difficult to create an outdoor bath using magic, but ...... management is.

 You can make rocks with earth magic, and digging a hole is easy.
 If you want to make a bath, you can use one. If we wanted to, we could make it in a day or so.

 However, if you think about how often you will use it, its practicality is quite delicate.

 If it were the only place available, we would use it, but we already have a bath indoors. It's a hassle to go outside to take a bath, even if it's only once in a while, and it's hard to clean the dirty outdoor bath.

 Even so, I have some doubts about whether it's worth it.

I guess I'll put it on hold for now. How did it go with Toya? Didn't he go with Tommy to kill the goblins today?

It's not a goblin extermination, it's a training, it's not about extermination. I'm getting better at it, you know? I'm somewhat proficient with the battle hammer. I didn't get hit by any flying debris except at first.

 Tommy, who had no combat skills, apparently learned battle hammer skills from Gantz.

 He also does some running to build up his stamina, and it seems that he is training diligently, though not as diligently as we are.

"So, do you want me to take you fishing next time?
"I'd like to if I could. The problem is how to handle the magic bag. ......

 In the case of Tommy, he can't use the excuse 'I'm borrowing it from someone I know' like Diora, so he keeps the existence of the magic bag a secret.

 If Tommy was the only one in town, it wouldn't be a problem for him to know, but there are some troublesome guys like Iwanaka.

But how can you not use it when you're going fishing?
I know.

 I've got a lot of stuff in my magic bag, so it'll probably be a while before I go fishing again, but if I do, I want to make sure I have as much as I had last time.

As a countermeasure, we could go on a day trip with just me, Toya and Tommy. If we start early in the morning, we can fish for a few hours on a day trip.

"Is that a possibility? There aren't many strong demons around there. Tommy won't be able to take off work for several days.

Oh, that's right.

 Last time, we spent days trapping with baskets, but Tommy's real job is to be a blacksmith's apprentice. It wouldn't be good to keep him company during that time, and it wouldn't be safe to send him home alone.

 There should be no problem, but if he is attacked by a demon and dies, he will not sleep well. I don't care if he's in the middle of a rock or something, but Tommy is a friend of mine.

'Well, then, when Tommy's good enough, I'll make a suggestion in that direction.
Yeah. He'll be happy.

 Toya nodded his head.