125-114 What can be more money is good

"Well, let's not discuss the science of magic again, shall we? It doesn't make much sense when you have the uncertainty of magic in your theory, does it?

"...... Well, yes. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 I didn't stop my work as I spoke, and soon all the bodies of the Scarp Ape were thrown into the hole, which turned into a giant earthen bun.

 There are bloodstains all around, so there is a possibility that they will be dug up by wolves or something, but that's when it happens. If you eat it clean, I won't complain.

Well... I'm kind of tired, but it's only noon, isn't it?

 Haruka claps her hands to change her mood and uses Purification in a fluid manner.

 He then checked the time on a watch he had taken out of his pocket and said with a slightly annoyed expression.

 When I looked at the watch, I saw that it was only a little after noon. It was a little early to be leaving.

The problem is that we're not getting much for our fatigue.

It's important to take it easy, but ...... for now, the smell of blood is a little thick in here, so let's just go ahead and have lunch.

 Yuki took out a hamburger as she said this.
 The buns and patties were all made by Yuki and his friends.

Yes, we can eat them while walking.

 Yuki hands them out to everyone, and we walk off with them.
 Then, out of nowhere, we all took a bite of the hamburger.

"Yeah, it's good!

 Haruka and the others smiled happily as I gave my honest opinion.

Thank you. It's worth the trouble of making mincemeat if you say so.
"Yeah. Isn't there a mincer in this world?
If you use a knife, the minced meat will be uneven. It's delicious, though.

 Yes, I know you've been struggling.
 I knew he was struggling because I heard a ding ding ding ding ding from the kitchen and went to check what was going on.

"Why don't you ask Tommy to make it? He'll take care of it, won't he?
Toya, that's a crazy idea. ......

 Tommy had helped me with the shovel and the knife, but the mincer was a whole different ball of wax.

 I only have a vague idea of its structure, but it's not something that can be made easily by blacksmithing, like gears or spirals or something.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use earth magic to transform metal rather than blacksmithing. ...... I can't do that.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try.

I've never used one before. I've never used one before. ...... Haruka, can you make a food processor or something? I've never heard of it.

"What, me? I know, ...... it's not impossible, but you'd need a knife, so maybe I can get Tommy to help me figure it out?

 Haruka thought about it for a bit and came to the conclusion that it could be done, nodded and said that.
 Toya raised her hand and interrupted him.

If you can build a simple furnace in the garden, I can help you. I'd like to do a little blacksmithing.

I'd like to do a little blacksmithing." "Wild blacksmithing, ...... is a good idea. With Yuki and Nao around, we could build a simple soundproof hut.

Yes, we can at least build an earthen wall.

 The "Earth Wall" magic itself is a level 4 earth magic, but it is nothing compared to making a bathtub.
 It's not a problem if you take your time, unlike in battle.

Now all we need is a simple roof on top of it and we'll have a hut.
That's fine! Nao, Yuki, can you help?
Nao, Yuki, can you do that for me? ─ Sure, I'll do it soon.

 When Toya looked happy, Yuki readily agreed, and I nodded.
 Being able to make my own pots and pans would be useful and worthwhile.
 If you have a lot of pots, you can keep them in the storage room in the kitchen.

But this hamburger is really tasteless if the only ingredient other than the patties is pickles.
Yes, that's... Maybe it's the time of year, but they don't sell tomatoes.

It's summer, right? Tomatoes? Do you think they'll have raphane in the summer?
I don't know. Tomatoes started out as a garden variety, right?

And by the way, I don't think they'd taste so good if they weren't bred.

 Hmmm, there is a possibility that even if they existed, they would be too foul to be eaten.
 If we had tomato ketchup, we could have a wider variety of meals.

Well, that's a story for next year. Other raw vegetables, like ...... lettuce.

Raw vegetables, yeah. We've talked about it a little bit, but we'll talk about it some other time. We don't have that much room right now, do we?

"Oops, you're right.

 There was no response to the search, so they ate while talking leisurely, but still, this was deep in the forest.
 But this is the depths of the forest, so you can't be too careless.

I'm not sure what to do now that my stomach is full. Do you want to go a little further?

 After making sure that everyone had finished their burgers, Yuki collected the cloths that had been wrapping the burgers and put them away.
 Each of us took a sip of barley tea from our water bottles and took a breath.

I guess we should earn some more money. Nao, any good reactions?
"Sounds good? That's a difficult thing to say.

 It's not like I'm going to die a scarp-ape. I don't think so.
 In the first place, there's no reaction from the Scarp Ape, perhaps due to the fact that it killed so many of them.

 There are ......1 binding vipers. And there's another one to the north at ........

"Nearby is a Bind Viper and something else I can't quite place. It looks like an animal, maybe a deer.

I don't see any Bind Vipers for sale yet, but they're not that expensive, are they?

I think they're cheaper than orcs. I think they're cheaper than orcs. Each one shouldn't cost more than 30,000 rares.

 The magic stone itself is more expensive than orcs, the meat is the same, and the skin is more expensive.
 However, the amount of meat that can be obtained is less than that of Orcs, and as a result, it is a little cheaper.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 If you compare them on their own, the Bind Viper is clearly stronger, but it is a good sucker because it poses little danger as long as you can prevent surprise attacks. And even more of a sucker is the Orc.

 However, if you are an adventurer who does not have a magic bag, you may have a different opinion.

 On a per-weight basis, Bind Viper skins are pretty good.
 Scalp Ape is also excellent in that you can get a lot of magic stones at once without taking up much space. If you are willing to go through the trouble of fighting and cleaning up after yourself.

You can sell it for a good price. It'll sell for a good price, right?

Wait a minute. Let's see... 9,000 for the horns and skin, and between 10,000 and 20,000 for the meat, depending on how it's processed.

 We looked at each other as Toya answered, looking at the book.

"About the same as a Bind Viper, right?
It's not so bad if you think of it as an animal. They're easier to hunt than demons.
Deer, you know.

 The problem is that Toya and Natsuki have no way to attack.

 They are not going to come at you unawares like the deer you see at tourist attractions, and their main attacks will be with bows and magic.

 The only thing left is how to get close to them without them noticing.

Let's give it a try then. Nao, can you take the lead?
"Yes, sir.

 I also have [Stealth Foot], so I think it's a reasonable decision.
 After a while, I was amazed at the sight of a deer.

"Oh, really? ......
Is that the right scale?

 When I heard the word "deer," the first thing that came to my mind was the kind of deer that strolls around Nara Park.
 I'm not sure what to make of it. A few of them at the same time would not be a problem.

 --But what I saw in my mind's eye was no such thing.

 It was about three meters long, with legs thicker than Haruka's torso, and a head taller than Toya's. On top of its head, a huge horn sits.

 In size, it is a giant moose, but in appearance, it is more like a Japanese deer.

 Blowing its head off without question from a distance might not be a problem, but it doesn't seem to be an optimistic opponent.

 At the very least, if you were to be hit with its horns or kicked with its feet, you would be seriously injured.

Who said, "You can't get more meat than a boar?
Who said you can't get more meat than a boar?" "I didn't know they were that big! It's bigger than a vipe-bear!

 Yuki whispered in protest to Toya's blurting, but I was just as guilty as Yuki, because I had imagined the same thing. I mean, who would have imagined that size?

"Toya, didn't the book say what size it was?

"No, it's not an illustrated book, it just tells you how to dismantle it. By the way, as long as you avoid the corners, you can blow its head off like you did with the orcs. It's useless.

Is that good information? Well, if you can kill it without getting too close, that's all the better.

 We consulted for a while at a distance from the deer.

 In conclusion, it was decided that I would take the lead and go behind the deer, while Haruka and the others would go around the front and follow up in case my attack failed.

I'm off then.
"Be careful, please. Even a Japanese deer can be killed by an antler shot.
Oh. If it comes at you, just run.

 I might be able to kill Toya if I fought him head-on, but I'm not in charge of hand-to-hand combat. I had no intention of pushing myself.

 I parted company with Haruka and the others, and slowly approached the deer to get behind it.

 The deer was munching on leaves, but its ears were twitching, so I wondered if it was alarmed.

 After a while of trying to make as little noise as possible, the deer suddenly stopped eating, looked up, and looked around.

 I hurriedly stop moving and hold my breath.
 The deer is looking at ...... the front. I'm not sure what to do.

 I'm not sure if they're more likely than me, given their numbers and skills.
 But it's no fun being outrun.

 I hurriedly resumed my movement and moved to the back of the deer. I approached it little by little, and when the distance was less than 10 meters, I fired the Fire Arrow.

 It was a surprise attack, so of course I didn't shout any spell, but the deer felt the heat and tried to look back at me, but it was too late.

 The "Fire Arrow" pierced the back of the deer's head, gouging it halfway.

 Because of its huge size, it did not completely blow off its head, but it was still a fatal wound.

 The deer did not even move and collapsed on the spot.