127-115 Eat deer and snake (1)

Well done.

 As soon as the deer fell, I also walked up to Haruka and the others who came out of the bushes on the other side, saying.

It's a big one, but it's still an animal. I think they're more cautious than demons.
They seemed to have noticed us.
I wonder if I could have ...... managed it?

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to try.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

"The goal is to kill it. There's no need to push yourself, right?
"Yes. There's a chance you'll get hurt by a counterattack. I could die just by getting kicked by this foot.

 The foot Yuki was pointing at was really thick when I looked at it again.

 The hooves were so big that I couldn't even reach them with my palms open, and the thought of being kicked up with such thick muscles was terrifying.

 Even a normal horse can easily fracture its ribs, so this would surely mess up its internal organs.

"Hey, let's take it apart as soon as possible. Didn't you read that the longer it takes, the worse it tastes?
"Oh, right. Let's hang it up first.

 Toya called out to me, and I hurriedly climbed a nearby tree.
 Fortunately, there were several large trees in the vicinity, so it was not difficult to find a place.

 I lowered the rope from the top of a solid branch, and Toya tied it around the legs of the deer.

 After making sure of this, she passes the rope through the branch and descends. Then he pulls the rope to suspend the deer, and preparations for dismantling are complete.

But you know what? If I want to hunt deer, I need a pulley. A simple branch is pretty heavy.
"Well, yes. If you can, use a dynamic pulley. If not, use a regular pulley. The less friction, the easier it will be.

 This time, Toya and I pulled it up with Yuki's help, but it was quite heavy.

 If we hadn't been told that it would taste bad if we didn't drain the blood properly, we would have just dismantled it while it was lying on the floor, but since we were told that it would be cheaper if we were bad at dismantling it, we had no choice but to do it.

I'll cut off the head first, then.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 The cervical vertebrae were not a problem. It was a brilliant technique.
 The blood that flowed out of the cut pooled in the hole he had dug below it.

"Next, the entrails. You're going to throw these away, right?

"They say it's not inedible, but it looks like a hassle, so just throw it away. Oh, and be careful not to damage the organs when you split it open.

Okay. I can't reach .......

Is that so?

 Haruka is trying his best to reach it, but the body part alone is about three meters long.
 You can't reach the top of it if it's hanging down.

Let's see, there's some kind of foundation at .......
Nao, carry him.

 You can't say no to a disgruntled Haruka.
 He climbed up on my shoulders and used a dismantling knife to crack open the belly.

 He then removes the entrails and drops them into the hole, washing the contents with water he magically produces.

Next comes the skin. The bigger the skin, the higher the price, so don't tear it.
No, it's better to do it again. When you're done draining the blood, let it cool and we'll deal with it when we get home.

 If we leave it hanging, I'll have to carry it on my shoulders again.
 That's fine in itself, but it's definitely hard to work with, and if I mess up, I'll lose the skin.

"That's true, too. Well then, next.

 Toya nodded at my words, and traced the page of the book with her finger to confirm the procedure.

Let's see. ...... It also says that the best way to cool it down is to throw it in the river, but that's impossible. Once it stops bleeding, we can use Haruka's magic to cool it down.

"Yes, yes.

 After a while, when the blood stops coming out, Haruka cools the entire deer with her magic.
 Haruka's magic can be used to freeze the deer, but she doesn't cool it down that much in case she has to skin it.

 All that was left to do was to unfold the magic bag underneath and lower it from the branch, and the dismantling process was complete.

 Saw off the horns from the severed head and put the horns in the magic bag. Throw the head into the hole and cover it with soil.

The dismantling procedure is not difficult, but it is a bit tedious.
Yeah. The size is a problem. I don't want Nao to have to carry it on her shoulders every time.

 Orcs are big enough, but in the case of deer, they need to be drained well in some way or they will taste bad.

 You need a sturdy tree to hang it from, and if you try methods such as immersing it in a river, you'll have to move quite a bit.

 It's also troublesome that the bag is out of reach of Haruka's height - or anyone else's, for that matter - when it's hanging.

You can also throw it into the magic bag right after it dies. If you take it home and set up a scaffold, you can easily dismantle it, right? Since time is almost at a standstill, the meat won't lose its flavor.

I'm sure you can, but ...... is it worth it? The cost of building a shed?

You know, we could use Nao and Yuki's earth magic to build a demolition shed.

"It's not impossible, but ......

 It's not impossible, but I think Yuki and I can make a bathtub.
 But only if we build a shed.

I'm a little concerned about the smell. We can't leave unnecessary things here like we do in the forest.

That's a problem. If we do it, we'll have to dig a very deep hole and bury it.

Well, let's think about that after we see how profitable it is. We have to take into account how much we can sell it for and how often it appears.

Well, okay. Well then, let's go straight home.

 After Haruka and Natsuki cleaned our bodies with their magic, we headed back to town.

    I'm not sure what to say.

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 Now that I had the bind viper and deer meat, I decided to make a reservation at Aella's restaurant and ask her to teach me how to cook them.


 The person who greeted me with such a voice was a woman of about 20 years old, whom I had never seen before.

 She was around 20 years old and I had never seen her before. She smiled and said, "We are closed at this time.

She smiled at me and said, "We don't have much time left until closing time, is that okay?
"Oh, no. I'm here on business for Aella. ....... My name is Nao.
To the manager? Please wait a moment.

 I watched the woman go towards the kitchen and looked around the store.

 As the woman said, the restaurant was not full, probably because it was not long before closing time, but more than half of the seats were occupied.

 The clientele was mainly women with a calm demeanor, as I had planned.

 As I was observing the restaurant from my position near the counter, Aella came running up to me from the kitchen with a happy smile on her face.

"Nao-san! It's been a while!
"Well, we met a few days ago, right?
But you left as soon as you delivered the meat, didn't you?

 I smiled at Aella, who puffed up her cheeks a little and looked unhappy.

 Thanks to the acquisition of the house, Haruka and her friends are now able to cook, and thanks to the storage room, they are able to store freshly cooked food.

 As a result, there are few opportunities to eat out, not just at Aella's restaurant.

I'm sorry, but we're adventurers ourselves. By the way, who's the lady over there?

"Oh, you've never met her before, have you? She's a friend of mine from my training days. She's a friend of mine from my training days. She's been busy, so I asked her to come.

 The woman who greeted me bowed and introduced herself.

It's nice to meet you, I'm Luce. You must be the 'Nao' that Aella was talking about.

I'm Nao. I'm Nao. I'm indebted to Aella. When you were in training, were you also a chef?

No, I was a waiter at the restaurant where Aella worked. I moved here because Aella promised me a higher salary than the previous restaurant.

Oh, you pulled her out for a pay raise? Not because we're friends or anything.

 Luce-san smiled mischievously at my words.

"Nao, friendship doesn't make your stomach growl, you know.

"Oh my God, Luce. You've only received almost the same amount. And yet you moved all the way out here.

You know, it would be a shame if this store went out of business after we moved in.

 It seems that Luce is a tsundere.
 It seems that Luce is a tsundere. She is saying that back to Aella, who is complaining, but she is probably hiding her embarrassment.

 Luce looks older than Aella, but in reality, Aella is older than Luce, right?

 Either way, I'm sure they're very close.

But Aella, can you leave Nao alone?
"Oh, Nao, I'm sorry. So, what happened today?

 Luce pointed out, and I hurriedly turned to Aella and told her what I wanted to do today.

I was wondering if I could get a reservation. I got some new meat, and I was wondering if you could cook with it and teach me how to cook it.

"New meat?
Yeah. I've been up in the north woods lately. I hunted a bind viper and a deer. ......

I see. I understand! But I'm a little booked up, so I'll be available today or at .......
"The next available appointment is in five days.

 Luce immediately followed up on Aella's thoughtfulness.
 Looking at her, I could sense that she was more than just a simple waiter.

 I hope that with her, there is no danger of being cheated again ....... If it weren't for the incomprehensible skills of her classmates, I'd feel a lot more at ease.

Can you do that today?
Yes. I'll be waiting for you.
Yeah, I'll see you later.

 I left the restaurant with Aella-san, who seemed to be looking forward to cooking with the new meat.