138-S013 Tommy fishing (4)

 I said I wanted to take a full day off today after yesterday's half day off, but Master gave me permission, saying, "I have little to teach you technically, so do what you want.

 I quickly got ready and went to Toya's house, where he was training in the garden, just like yesterday.

 He seems to be earning a lot of money and should be more relaxed, but I guess his diligence is what keeps him earning and safe.


 I called out to him from outside the gate, and he looked at me, put his sword away and wiped his sweat with a hand towel from his pocket.

"There you are. Are you ready?
I'm ready. I'm ready.

 When I replied, he nodded and walked out of the premises, carrying a backpack that had been left at his side.

 Considering that yesterday he was carrying only a small bag and a weapon, his luggage had increased considerably.

You're heavily armed today, aren't you?

We're going to be in the forest all day, right? You're going to be in the forest for a day, you're going to need lunch, and you're going to need to bring back some food if you encounter something other than goblins. I'll need a backpack.

Lunch: ...... Oh!

 Oh, no. I forgot.
 I've learned my lesson from yesterday, and brought extra hand towels and water, but no food.

Sorry, can I go buy some now?
"Hmm? Haven't you prepared anything? I'll share it with you. I've got enough for one person.
Really? I'd love to!

 Is that homemade by Haruka and the others?
 I thought about it, but I can't ask that, can I?

Oh, no. You don't have to be so greedy, I'll share it with you.
Oops. I'm sorry. That was a little close.

 I was so close that I couldn't help but lean toward him, so I hurriedly moved away.
 I don't want you to lose your share.

Let's go, then. We'll go to the same place as yesterday, the East Forest, right?

 I gave a strong reply to Toya's question, and we headed for the East Forest.

    The second battle was more intense than the first.

 The second battle was much more calm than yesterday.

 I didn't overexert myself and spew brain plasma, nor did I relax and overlook the enemy.

 Even with Toya's support, I was able to kill three of them in one battle, which is pretty good for the second day, don't you think?

 After two more battles, I had killed a total of twelve goblins.
 I was attacked a few times, but thanks to [Iron Wall Lv.2], I didn't suffer any injuries.

 I guess the weakest goblins in the world aren't much of a threat, even at my level.

I'm sure it's the weakest demon in the world, so it won't pose much of a threat to me. You must be hungry by now.
"Oh, yeah, sure. Yes, by all means!

 We sit down in a little clearing in the forest to have lunch.
 We sit down in a little clearing in the forest to have lunch, though I haven't brought any, so I'll have to ask Toya for some.

"Here. It's simple but patient.

 Toya handed me a hamburger.

 It's like a McNulty's hamburger in that it has very few ingredients, but the volume is far greater. One of these burgers would have been enough to fill me up.

It looks delicious! Did you guys make this?
We took it from the kitchen, so I guess so.
...... Eh, is that okay?

 If you bring it without telling me, it's not good. ......?

It's not a problem at this level. ...... Maybe.

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 I'll ask Toya to take the responsibility, and let's eat it right away.

I'll eat it. ...... It's delicious!

 It's a shame it's cold, but the bun, the hamburger, and the sauce are all pretty good. At least, it's better than McNulty's hamburger.

 And that level is the highest level in this world, in this city. Absolutely.

You're really good at cooking, aren't you, Haruka? Did you get the skill too?

"Hmm, I guess so. It seems they were good at it to begin with, but they also have skills.

Oh, really? Cooking-related skills may be the most useful.

 In the case of blacksmithing, you can't get an apprenticeship that often, but in the case of cooking, you can get hired as a cook in a diner, and running a food stall is much more likely than owning a store with other production skills.

 It's not that difficult to become a popular restaurant, especially when you take into account the culinary situation in this city.

Well, Tommy's right. I've hardly used my [blacksmithing] skill at all.
"Haha, ...... is right. If it weren't for you, it would have been a dead skill.

 You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.

 If it weren't for that, I'd probably still be working a day job to keep my nails lit.

By the way, is this hamburger the reason why Toya said he needed a tool to make mincemeat?
Yeah. They were using knives, but it looked like a lot of work.
I bet they did. I've never done it before, but I know how hard it is.

 The meat itself is not even sliced.
 The meat itself is not even sliced. You have to cut it into thin slices, cut it into small pieces, and pound it. ....... If you make a lot of them, it's quite a painful process.

 And you are eating the hamburger steak that you took such pains to make.

 Well, I don't know if I can make it well, but I'll try my best to make mincemeat.

So, what are you going to do this afternoon? ...... Tommy, how did it go? How did you feel about fighting the goblins?
Yeah, I guess. It's not that strong, is it? It's like the weakest demon in the world.
Ah, so that's how you feel. ......

 Upon hearing my answer, Toya scratched his head in annoyance.

It's not that I'm wrong, but ...... Tommy, don't ever think of coming here alone to kill goblins, okay?
Is it really that dangerous?

 The attacks aren't too strong, and five ...... or even four of them won't be a problem.

Dangerous, I suppose. --"Well, Tommy, I'll follow behind you this afternoon, so why don't you try walking by yourself?

 I'm not sure if I looked unconvinced or not, but Tonya suggested that.
 Alone or ...... alone, I remembered that I had wandered around here, parting with the two men in question.

Um, how far back are we?
"A few dozen meters. I can help you if you're in danger.
...... Okay. I'll try. If something goes wrong, you'll take care of it, right?
Yeah, I got it. Let's go!

 He smiled and slapped me on the chest, and I started walking deeper into the forest with a bit of anxiety.

    It was a long walk from where we had lunch.

 It took me about an hour to walk from the place where I had lunch.

 I didn't have my watch with me, so I couldn't tell for sure, but I walked a good distance, but still no enemy appeared.

 Every now and then I looked back and saw Toya's figure hiding in the distance.

 When he notices that I'm watching him, he waves his hand as if to say, "Shoo!

I'm not sure if it's a good thing that there are so few demons in the world.

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

 I've heard that it's dangerous to go deeper into the woods without thinking, so I have to be careful there as well.

"Where are the goblins?


 A sudden shock hits my head.
 You'll need to have a good idea of what you're doing.

 --What? Attack!

 As you try to regain your grip on the battle hammer, you're hit in the right arm.
 Your arm relaxes, and you drop the battle hammer.

 I look around and see three goblins!

d*mn it, when did that happen?

 As you crouch down to pick up the battle hammer, your head hits the ground again. You quickly cover your head with your hand, and their arms, back, and legs. He was hit with a wooden stick.

 As I swung my arm to shake it off, the club hit my head again.
 I fell to the ground.

 Then the wooden club comes down again and again. It hurts.

"To, Toya! Help me!

 I shouted, fearing for my life more than the shame of being defeated by a goblin, but all that came back was silence.


 He was too far away to notice!

 Oh no, no, no!

 I protected my head with my left hand while I searched the ground with my right hand for the battle hammer.

There it is! There it is!

 I grabbed the battle hammer with my right hand and swung it around, but there was no way I could hit it that easily if I swung it blindly.

 He was hit in the right arm several times again, and lost the battle hammer.

 --It's really bad! At this rate, .......

 Just as I was beginning to think that, the attacks suddenly ceased.

"Yeah, .......

 I looked up fearfully and looked around to see three headless goblins lying there.
 And beside them was Toya, holding a sword.

"Well. Did you feel the fear of goblins and surprise attacks at all?
What do you mean, "scared?" ...... Toya! He said he'd help me.

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I saved you, didn't I? Before you got seriously hurt.

 I have bruises and bumps all over my body, but I'm sure I'm not fatally injured.

 This is probably due to the fact that he has an iron wall, but if he had been left unattended, he might have died.
 Gao against a goblin: .......

I'm not sure what to say.
That's ......

 If I'm honest, I can't say that I didn't feel that way.

 I think it was unlikely that he would ignore Toya's advice and go into the forest alone, but if Toya's schedule had been inconvenient for a long time and he hadn't had a chance to go into the forest, ......?

 I'm not sure if I'd have been able to make the decision to go to the forest by myself.

In fact, the reason we've been able to stay safe so far is because we rely heavily on Nao's [enemy spotting]. Even if your opponent is a little lower ranked, it's pretty bad if you get hit by surprise. Like Tommy just did.
"Yes, .......

 That was a close call.
 The goblin was not strong enough.

 The goblins weren't very strong, so I didn't get hurt badly, but if there had been even one hobgoblin in the mix, there's a good chance I would have been killed easily.

First of all, I don't go into the forest alone either. Even in the shallowest parts of the forest, you may encounter dangerous enemies. I told you before. The encounter with the vipe-bear.

Right. Yes, I'll never go in there.

 Even with Toya, Nao, and Haruka, the vipu bear was said to be quite dangerous.

 I've heard that even rookie adventurers in a party can be killed, and I'm pretty sure I'd be killed if I met one by myself.

 And since I met them in a shallow part of the forest, .......

"Well, that's a relief. At any rate, this level is enough to go fishing in the upper reaches of the Noria River. If you want to get stronger than this, you'll have to join a guild. Well, I guess it's hard to be a blacksmith and work at the same time.

 I hurriedly shook my head when Toya said that.

No, that's enough. To be honest, I don't think I'm cut out for it.

 I was feeling a little good about having killed the goblin with relative ease, but I guess I'm not cut out for fighting.

 If this is enough to get me to go fishing, then that's good enough for me.
 I guess I'll just have to practice with the battle hammer every now and then to keep my skills sharp.

Well, I'm off. I don't know when I'll have time to go fishing again, but I'll call you when I do.

Yes! Yes, by all means, please!

 "Yes, by all means!" I said strongly, and Toya smiled and nodded.

 I'll have to get my hooks and fishing gear ready by then! I'm looking forward to it.