146-131 Satmy Communith

"Holy water distribution?

 While we were twisting our heads around at the strange words, people were gathering, and where we heard the voices, a crowd was quickly forming.

What the hell is that?
That's the Order of the Sutomie Saints. Frankly, it's annoying. ......

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

"It's definitely a distraction when that many people gather. Can't you crack down on them?

No, no, no. I've heard that some people upstairs have become believers as well. It's not exactly illegal, so the guards don't want to get involved.

 It's true that what they are doing is the same as a food stall.
 It's just that people are gathering in large numbers.

We change the location every time, so it's a little better. ......

 While we were listening to the uncle, the "holy water distribution event" seemed to be very successful, and we could hear the voices of the vendors.

"A bottle of holy water comes with a voting ticket, and a set of ten bottles comes with a handshake ticket!

"......, the sales style is reminiscent of some idols.
Compared to that, holy water is still consumable, but ......1 you don't need 100 bottles for one person.

 I'm not sure if it even works in the first place. There is no use for it.

So, the holy water is sold and then thrown away somewhere?

"Oh, girl, you get it, don't you? I'm troubled by the fact that so many people buy it and then just throw it away. It's a nuisance. People gather around, but they don't shop around, and the only ones making money are them and the workshop that makes the bottles.

 The only ones who are making money are them and the workshop that makes bottles.
 That's right, if you put all your money into that, you won't be able to afford to buy anything else.
 Moreover, it would be the neighbors who would have to clean up the discarded items.

 It's annoying as hell. Yeah.

By the way, what are handshake tickets and voting tickets?
Oh, you know...

 According to the old man's explanation, the Satomie Order is a religious organization with a saint named Satomie at the top, surrounded by beautiful girls called 'saints'.

 And as the name suggests, handshake tickets and voting tickets allow you to shake hands with the saints and vote to decide the order of the saints.

 --It's a system I've heard of before.

"Well, does that mean that the saint named Satomi will be decided by the vote?
No, that would be 'Hall of Fame' indeed. If that's changed, it won't be the Order of Satomi, will it?

Well, it seems like they don't even have to vote for Saint Satomi.
Is she that popular?
Yeah. It's crazy. The ones I've talked to are definitely believers.

 We all frowned at that statement.

 That's definitely a weird skill to use.

 Moreover, from what I've heard so far, it's almost certainly the work of a classmate. Takamatsu is almost certain to be involved. Other classmates may also be involved.

By the way, if I have a handshake ticket, can I shake hands with Saint Satomi?

"She's treated differently. You can shake hands with the saints around you with a regular handshake ticket. I'm sure you've heard that you have to collect 100 tickets for Saint Satomi?

 If you are really popular, you may have no choice due to time constraints, but the quality is quite poor.

But you know a lot, don't you, Uncle?
But you know a lot, don't you?" "Well, if you have a lot of 'hanpukai' going on around you, you're bound to get some information. I'm not happy about it.

 The man sighs tiredly.

"If you want to draw lots, this is the place! Ten handshake tickets will give you eleven chances to win!
"Is this a gacha?

 Toya raised his voice at the sound of the salesman's voice.
 But I understand the feeling. You're getting into that side of things.
 I wonder if they're going to start advertising, '10 free raffles if you join! I wonder if they'll start advertising, "10 free raffles if you join!

"...... What's that lottery for?
"Well? We've never done that before. ......
I'll go check it out.

 Seeing that the uncle had no idea and twisted his neck, Toya walked up to the group of believers and came back a moment later.

Welcome back.
I'm back. That was quite a tough mess.

 With a wry smile on his face, Toya told me that the lottery contained.

  One ticket gets you a handshake with Saint Satomi.
  A ticket to have the saint of your choice call you by name.
  A ticket to spend an hour with the saint of your choice.
  Voting ticket
  A ticket to spend an hour with the saint of your choice.

 Apparently there are five types of tickets.

 The second and third tickets can be collected to make you a Saint Satomi.

 However, as far as Toya could see, only one ballot ticket came out, and the rest were all holy water vouchers.

That's over a hundred times, so it's pretty low.

I wonder if he'll be okay? I'm afraid I'm going to go bankrupt ...... because I've spent too much money and I might fall into slavery or something.

 I'm not sure I'd go into debt to buy one, but if the reason people are attracted to it is because of the skill, I can't say it's not a possibility.

 In the event that you have a gambling addiction, it is a kind of disease, and if you have gotten into gambling, you are in danger.

I also got him some holy water. You said you didn't want it.

 Toya held out five bottles of holy water. The five bottles were small enough to fit in one hand, and he could have easily shared them with the people around him.

All you need is the ticket that comes with it.
Do you think it'll work?
It looks like ...... it's just water.

 Toya opens a bottle, puts it in his palm and smells it, but it doesn't smell like anything and he twists his head.

 I tried to touch it, but it was just water to the touch and smell.

 I can't bring myself to lick it, but if you're asking me if it's effective against the undead, .......

I'm not sure. Ladies, do you need holy water? You seem like adventurers, or are you undead? Honestly, I wouldn't recommend using that, okay? Even if the temples of this city put all their strength together, they can't make holy water that can be dispersed in such large quantities.

Of course.

In the first place, the Order of the Holy Satmy has never claimed that the holy water is effective against the undead.

 We were stunned for a moment, unable to catch up with the words that were said with a wry smile.

What? No, no, no, you're right. If so, then this holy water is ......?

 We thought that because it was holy water, it would be effective against the undead, and indeed, the holy water sold there - well, the holy water distributed there is not labeled as being effective against the undead.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the future.

"Wow, ...... is so gray.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

 After meeting Advaistris, I found out that there are temples of five gods in this world, and Advaistris is one of them.

 The holy water that can be shared in those temples is indeed effective against the undead.

 That's why you would expect the same holy water to have the same effect, but the Order of the Sutomy Saints itself has not stated anything in particular.

But aren't Japanese supplements even more gray? For example, they say 'for those with high blood pressure' or 'to support Honyara', but they sell them without stating that they are effective.

"Oh! That's right! And then there's the little message that says, "This is my personal opinion. If it's a personal opinion, what does it matter what I say?

They sell things that have no scientific basis.

Yes, there is! Yes! The holy water here doesn't claim to be effective, but they advertise it as effective without any evidence.

There are other logical leaps that don't make any sense, like, "It's a substance that works when injected, so it must also work when eaten.

Shady professors and papers are also a staple. That's the only thing that seems to give them credibility.

"Yes, yes. If you just want to write a paper, anyone can write it, and there are journals that will publish it if you pay for it, so whether it's correct or not is another matter.

 I'm not sure if I'm right or not.
 I didn't know what he was talking about, but he was out of the picture.

I didn't understand it, but I guess there are scam-like stories like this all over the place. By the way, do you have a plan to deal with it?

 We looked at each other as the uncle asked.

We looked at each other and said, "That's something the government needs to do. There's no point in trying to explain to people who are being deceived.

"They won't listen to what other people have to say. It might be a little different if the family could convince them. ......

Is there a problem, the Order of the Sutomie Saints?

Some. But it's difficult because there are so many followers.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

 Moreover, the number of followers seems to be increasing, and it is slowly affecting the sales of various places.

"It doesn't mean you'll make more money.
If you buy holy water, it's natural that your consumption of other things will decrease.
The most affected are probably the bars. It's probably the bars that are affected the most, but not so much because of the regular food.

 I can live without drinking, but I can't live without eating.

 But in the long run, it will definitely affect the economy of the whole town.

 It depends on how the money collected by the Order of the Saints of Satomi will be used. ...... In a sense, it is inevitable that the economic structure will change.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

I'm not sure if you're based in Rafan or not. The Order of the Saints is growing steadily. ...... But if it's going to spread, it's more likely to be in Pining, not Rafan. It has a large population.

 Pining is a territorial city, so it is more urban and has more people than Kergu.
 Of course, it's not as big as Raffan, so if you're thinking about the size of the market (?), you should choose Pining. It's not as big as Rafan, of course, so if you're thinking about market size (?), you should choose Pining.

Should we say that we are ...... fortunate?
We'd like to see something happen before that happens, though.

 "We'd like to see something happen before that happens," said the man, sighing wearily again.

 We agree with you. We hope that the situation will be resolved soon, or at the very least, it will be completed within Kerg.

 --Not much to look forward to, though.

 We bought a few items from his stall as a thank you for listening to us, and left.