148-133 Kerg (3)

I think it's better to give up on the activator.

 It was Haruka who said this as she walked out of the store.

 The other members of the group may have thought so as well as me, and they all nodded in agreement with Haruka's words.

 It's not practical to collect enough money to win the auction, and if you have that much money, it would be more meaningful to spend it on something else.

It's a shame.

"Yeah. I had high hopes for it.

I thought it would come in handy if I could use three Fire Arrows at the same time. ......

 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 However, it is quite difficult to hit different targets with them without fail. It is possible to hit a single target, or three targets that are extremely close to each other, but if the targets are in different locations, there will be a considerable discrepancy in the landing position.

 I was hoping that I could do something about it with a projectile, but it seems to be useless, at least for something that can be easily obtained.

Well, I'm going to practice making one, but if I make it myself ......, it won't hurt too much, even if the effect is only a little. I've got the materials I need.

Is that part of the reason you bought so much?

Yes. Yeah, I was doing some research.

It's a shame we had to sell the Orc Leader's magic stone.

"So, out of all the ones we've killed, Oak Leader is the top one. What's next?

"In terms of purchase price, I'd say the Bind Viper. A little more expensive than orcs.

That one, ......, isn't very strong, so I don't think we can expect much from it.

 If you can kill it with a single sword, you have to say it's a little delicate.

 However, there are no demons that are stronger than that one, and for that reason, forcing yourself to go and kill it would be a fallacy. The purpose is to improve our safety.

Even if it's useless now, we can practice it and make it when we get a good magic stone.

"Right. --So we just go to the guild and that's it?

Yes. I'm not sure I've achieved my goal.

It's okay. We've got the materials for the alchemy. We're a little halfway there in terms of time. ...... Well, let's go.

    I'll be there.

 It was earlier than the most crowded time of the guild, but there were many adventurers at the guild in Kerg.

 The guild building was large and had a lot of staff, so it wasn't as crowded as it should have been, but it was very different from Rafan.

 When we entered the guild, there were a few people looking at us, but fortunately there was no one in particular who wanted to get involved, so we went to an empty counter and called out to the lady at the reception desk.

 Yes, in this guild, half of the employees sitting at the counter are women.
 It's not that I have anything against Diora, but I can't help but be a little curious about young girls, can I?

"Hello. Do you have a reference room?

Yes, we do. Only adventurers are allowed to use it, so let me check your guild card.

Yes, sir.

 When we all produced our guild cards, she checked each one and nodded.

Thank you very much. The reference room is over there. Please handle the documents with care. If they are damaged, you will have to pay for it.

"I understand.

 The room she led me to was indeed the reference room.
 Specifically, there were books lined up on the bookshelves - only about ten books.
 Still, it was better than Rafan's, where there were only a few books on the desk.

There are a lot of books, but some of them are the same as ....... There are only eight different kinds.
But that's twice as many books as Rafan, and they're books.

 The ones at Rafan were more like handmade booklets.

But it's nice to have the same book. It'll save me a lot of time.

"That's true. Now, the ones who need to read the book the most are Toya and Yuki, how long do you think it will take them to read it?

I can read ...... today, and tomorrow ...... the day after tomorrow.

What? How fast can you read that? There are eight books.

 Toya sounded surprised at Yuki's words, but Yuki flipped through the book and nodded.

It's okay. There aren't that many pages compared to the thickness of the book. The paper is thick.

That's ...... true, but I'll have to wait until the day after tomorrow, maybe even the day after tomorrow.

Then we can stay here at ......3 and read until the next day, and return to Laffan in four days. Is that okay?

 Haruka nodded in response to Toya's somewhat unsure words, and suggested that they do so.
 Without any particular reason to disagree with that suggestion, we each picked up a book and started reading.

 I picked up a book about demons, and although it had more demons than Rafan, there were still a lot of duplicates in the neighboring towns.

 Still, it was quite interesting and I took my time reading through it.

 In the end, I spent the rest of the day reading until nightfall, and the next day I stayed in the library from morning until late at night.

 The next day, I stayed in the reference room from morning until late at night. Since there were not many people using the reference room, there was no trouble, and by noon two days later, everyone except Toya had finished reading all the books.

How about you, Toya? Are you going to finish it today?

I can't! I've still got more than one book left. You guys are reading too fast!

 Yuki finished the book yesterday, as she declared, and so did Haruka and Natsuki. I also finished it this morning.

 But that doesn't necessarily mean that Toya's reading speed is slow.

Toya takes too many breaks, you know. Even when we're reading, he sometimes leaves the room to 'refresh' himself, right?

 Yes. Toya has a hard time persevering, and gets up and leaves the room every hour or two. He said he was 'gathering information', but when I saw him, he looked like he was making small talk with the lady at the reception.

We'll go with you today, but tomorrow you'll read by yourself. We'll help you prepare for your departure.

"Well, there's nothing much to do to prepare for departure, is there?

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 You can read a book in this room all by yourself.

I'm sure you don't need much preparation, but it doesn't make sense for us to be here. You've already finished it.

You're right. Let's take another look at the market tomorrow. Maybe we'll find something interesting.

It's fun just to look.

 Toya bit her lip in frustration as the women talked.

I know I can't help it, but I'm jealous!

"Then do your best to read it. It'll be better if you finish it today, right?

Nao, you know I can't do this, right?


This guy!

Ha-ha-ha, it's your fault for skipping class!

 It's not that I'm jealous of your friendship with the receptionist.

 I'm not jealous of the receptionist, I'm just saying that she's a good friend of mine.

    The next day, he went to the archive alone.

 The next day, after seeing Toya off to the reference room, we went to the market.

 We split into two groups and went for a walk. I was paired with Haruka.

 The market is much bigger than the one in Rafan, and there are a lot of things to see.

 Basically, it's mainly food, but there are some interesting folk art items as well.

 I wonder if we need them in our daily lives, but why do we feel like buying them?

You can buy it if you want. It's my money.
"No, ......, let's not do that.

 I'm not sure what to do with the money, but I'm not sure I want to spend it on something I don't really need.

 Especially since what I was looking at was a carved wooden figurine.

 I wondered if it would sell well in this morning market-like place. It would be like selling wooden bears at the local supermarket.

 Isn't this the kind of thing that would be sold at a souvenir shop in a travel destination, when people are so excited about their trip that they are loosening their purse strings?

 At the very least, I don't think it's something that should be bought together with food and sundries that are necessary for daily life.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you." "......" I just remembered that once, when you were selling backpacks, Haruka was screaming, "Unemployment income! I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. What happened to that?

I don't think I made such a fuss. I don't deny that I was a little happy, but...

 This is a great way to get the most out of your business.

 But I know that Haruka was smiling happily as she made the backpack.

 But back then, we didn't have as much money in our pockets as we do now, and I don't think we had a choice. Unemployment income has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Especially the "unearned" part.

I do get some of it from time to time. I use it for common expenses like food.

"Oh, really? I'm sure Haruka's pocket money will do just fine.

I've had a lot of help from everyone. And it's not that big of a sum nowadays. ...... No, if you look at it on its own, it's plenty of money.

 The amount of money that Haruka told me was enough to make a normal living, but now our main job is to cut down famous trees.

 To be honest, the amount of money we can earn from this is enough to make us feel like we're not worthy of defeating demons.

 Of course, when I find one, I have no reason to overlook it, and I kill it and sell it to Aella's store, but in terms of efficiency, logging is by far the most efficient.

But that will be over in a little while, won't it?
Oh, you mean that?

 According to Mr. Simon, who is a buyer of famous trees, "Trees cut down in the summer are of lower quality, so please avoid them if possible.

 However, he will still buy them if we cut them down, but we are tired of doing the same thing all the time, so we are going to suspend our work in the summer for now.

 --No, the main reason is the heat.

 Even now, when it's still relatively cool, we get sweaty when we're cutting down trees.

 We all agreed that we didn't want to do this work under the blazing sun in the summer. We all agreed that we did not want to do this work under the hot sun in summer.

What should we do in the summer? "What are we going to do in the summer, when it's too hot to hunt in the forest?

"I'm going to try to make a Cools spell one of these days, but it's pointless while we're on the move if we're thinking about Worms.

"Right. If I had to guess, I'd say Resist Heat, but even if it stops you from getting hot, it won't stop you from getting hot.

 After using it during the winter, I realized that the spell "Worms Heating" does not make the person it is cast on feel warm instead of cold.

 It is a spell that warms the air around you, and while it is effective in a room or tent, it is almost useless when you are walking.

 It is effective in a room or a tent, but it is almost useless when you are walking. If you move, you will leave the area immediately, and if the wind blows, the warm air will spread.

 It seems that it is possible to consume a lot of magic power to constantly warm the air around you, but there is no way you can fight in such a situation.

 The same would be true if we created a similar spell called "Cools".

 It was cold in the winter, but it was almost snow-free around here, and the logging work was physical labor, so there was not much of a problem.

"Well, if it comes to it, we can always take a vacation in the summer. We have some savings.

Hmmm, I feel kind of guilty, but we're in the age group that has summers off, aren't we?

 We're adults in this world, but if we were in Japan, we'd still be in high school . It's not a punishment to enjoy summer vacation.
 It's not that we're not punished for enjoying our summer vacation, but it's also that we're the only ones who get to have fun while everyone around us is working hard. .......

We can go to a summer resort and work, but ...... we'll figure that out later.
"Yeah. We'll have to talk about it with all of you.

 Is it only me who expects to meet new people with the words ...... of a summer vacation job at a summer resort?

 Well, the reality is not so dreamy, I guess.