152-137 Find Ajito! (1)

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

 I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll be able to make enough money without becoming a bandit if you're the kind of person we're struggling with, don't you think?

That's right. Even if you can't cut down famous trees like us, if you can kill orcs easily, you won't have trouble eating.

It's possible that he wanted to make some money, but I don't think he could make that much by attacking merchants passing between Kergu and Laffan.

 The only luxury goods that pass between Laffan and Kergu are furniture, which is not a very good target for thieves.

 No matter how high quality the goods are, furniture is bulky and difficult to dispose of even if you do acquire it, since the number of buyers is limited. On the other hand, groceries, which are easy to dispose of, are not worth much.

 If you're lucky enough to hit a merchant who's going to Rafan to buy high quality furniture, you'll be able to get a good amount of cash, but if you have a lot of money, you'll probably hire guards, so it won't be that convenient.

By the way, are we looking for the bandits' hideout?
Well, ......, I'll have to talk to them about that.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

 Yuki's complexion was looking much better now that the bandit's body was gone.

Yuki, are you okay?
"Yes, I'm sorry.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I can't help it. I'm okay for now, but I don't know what will happen when things settle down. Are you okay, Natsuki?

"Yes. If I were alone, I would have been depressed, but I'm with everyone.

That's true. If we cross the river together, there's nothing to be afraid of, right?

I know it sounds a little inappropriate, but that's part of it.

 It's a little bit inappropriate, but that's part of it. - Having other people who are going through the same thing makes you feel less anxious.

Yes, we should talk to each other about our concerns. Just talking about it can make you feel better.

 Yuki nodded and I agreed, and the other two nodded as well.

 I don't know if it's because I used magic, but I think I killed ...... people. Maybe even classmates. Hmmm .......

 I glanced at Toya, who was also glancing at the spot where I had burned the bodies.

 In order to change my mood, Haruka changed the subject.

So, now we were talking about whether or not to look for the bandits' hideout. ...... Maybe there are no remnants?

"Oh, yeah, I guess so. It would be easier to find them if there were remnants, because there would be spotters.

 If there are people, we can find them if we get close enough.
 If not, the only way to find them is to follow their footprints. .......

I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you. You'll probably need a wagon to carry what you took or to sell it somewhere in the future.

I see. Horses are good for money, too.

Horses! Horses would be easy to find.

 It's not an enemy, but ordinary animals can be spotted by the [Enemy Search] if you're careful.
 In the beginning, I made a lot of money by searching for task boars with this.

So let's split up and search around here.

 After a few minutes of searching, we scattered around the area.
 Yuki was the one who found the ruts.

 There was no proper road there, but the ruts in the grass were clear and led deep into the forest.

 The distance between the trees in this area was relatively large, so it was possible to drive a horse-drawn carriage into the area if you pushed yourself a little. Therefore, the bandits might have built their hideouts in this area.

We'll have to leave the wagon, right? It's on loan, and we can't leave it behind. ...... Toya, will you stay?

"Me? ...... I don't know. If anyone is going to stay, it's going to be me.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that," he said, pointing to himself and nodding thoughtfully.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

 There is also a way to divide the group into two or three, but in case there are still enemies in the hideout, the more people the safer. In other words, there was no other choice but Toya.

"Well, have a safe trip.

 Toya waved us off as she walked toward the parked carriage, and we started to follow the rut.

 There seemed to be no particular camouflage, and we continued to follow the ruts for about ten minutes without any problems, although they sometimes bent due to the vegetation in the forest. In the range of my search, there was a reaction different from that of the animals in the forest.

"This looks like a horse. There's five of them.
Any sign of people?
Not anywhere near. Is this where they're headed?

 It's a little off from where the ruts are heading, but it's a little crooked, so it's probably right.

"Well, we didn't lose the ruts, so let's keep going. It's not too far off, is it?

"Yeah. I don't think we should ignore the ruts and go straight.

Then we'll keep going.

 We followed the ruts for another five minutes.

 A slightly open area came into view, and the response of the spying horses could certainly be felt from there.

It looks like that place.

 There was a single shack with very amateurish workmanship. It was of a reasonable size, but it looked as if it would blow away in a storm.

 Nearby, in a fenced area, there are five horses and two covered wagons parked nearby. They were probably stolen from a merchant.

 I spotted them with some caution, but still no response. It's possible that they're hiding, but given the strength of the bandits, it's unlikely.

There's no sign of the rest of them, is there?
Yeah. Well then, let's check the hut first.

 Haruka opened the door of the hut, but immediately groaned and said, "Ugh! What's wrong?

"What's wrong?

"...... stinks.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

"...... Oh, I see.

 I was relieved, but at the same time satisfied.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I'm pretty sure that's ......
That's not good! This is bad! It's pretty bad!

 Natsuki and Yuki, who were a little behind, also approached the entrance and immediately retreated, holding their noses.
 And Yuki, your vocabulary is pretty bad.

"Oh well. I'll go in, you guys check the carriage over there.
Thanks, .......
No problem.

 I'll go in and you guys check the carriage over there.

 If you've got Toya, you can play rock-paper-scissors with him. ...... No, it would be a pity to let the beastmen go. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

 I covered my mouth with a cloth, picked my nose and went inside.

...... Wow. It's filthy.

 I guess he didn't have the skills to make more than one room.
 The hut was only one room, and there were dirty cloths and furry things scattered about, as if they had been sleeping together.

 There seemed to be enough space for twelve people to stretch out and sleep, but apart from the stench, it would not have been very comfortable.

 There is a water bottle in one corner, and a hearth-like structure has been built. .......

You should at least clean it. ......

 As with the floor, the surrounding area was also dirty.

 If they hadn't gotten sick from this, then the strength of those bandits must have been top-notch in a way.

There doesn't seem to be much here.

 I looked around the room, kicking things around in the corners, but all I found was garbage.

 If I use the purification process, I might be able to sell them as rags, but I don't even want to go through the trouble.

"Burn it all. ...... Oh?

 You'll be able to use your spear to spear away a pile of bags in the corner of the room - probably containing vegetables or grain - and you'll find a sturdy box with a lock hidden behind it.

 When I lifted it up, it was heavy.

"Bingo. ......?

 I had given up thinking that the carriage outside was the only place I could find anything of value, but it seemed to be there at least.

 I looked around the room one more time, made sure there was nothing else of interest, and exhaled loudly as I walked out of the cabin with the box.