156-140 Gardening (1)

 We came back home from the guild, the first time in days, to freshen up the house.

 We checked the security system, but there was no problem, and fortunately there was no intruder.

 However, I wonder if it was my imagination that Haruka and Yuki looked a little disappointed that they couldn't do the experiment.

 Afterwards, we had dinner at home for the first time in a while, and had a relaxing tea time after dinner.

Do you have any plans to do anything this afternoon?

It's not really time to work, so I'm going to do some gardening today. It's spring and I want to spruce up my home.

I agree! I agree! It's such a big garden!

 Natsuki immediately agrees with Haruka's suggestion.

 It's true that it's spring, the season when flowers are in full bloom.

 The buds on the trees in the garden are beginning to swell, so we may be able to see some flowers in a little while. This is my first spring, so I don't know what kind of flowers will bloom.

"But if you think about what to plant, it's more like a vegetable garden than gardening, isn't it?
"That's true. Especially corn.

 I have corn, rapeseed and herb seeds on hand.

 It's not a plant that you can enjoy flowering. It's not a plant that you can enjoy flowering.

I'm not really interested in gardening, but I am interested in vegetable gardening.

By the way, I heard that corn needs a lot of fertilizer. ......

Is that so?

But before that, the soil in this garden is not very fertile, is it?

 Yuki told me, and I looked at the ground in the garden.

 The place we usually use for training has been trampled down and the grass is gone, but in other places, plants and trees are growing normally, so I guess they can grow.

 However, whether it is suitable as a field is another matter, and as an amateur, it does not look like a good soil.

 My image is that blackish soil is good soil, but the soil here is more brownish. It's better than the soil of school grounds or other places, though.

Yes, ......, in the long run, if you don't add fertilizer, the land will lose weight. I think there's some kind of composting wizardry on .......

"Does it even have that? It's in the Alchemy Dictionary.

Oh, garbage disposal is a very important issue, isn't it? If you leave garbage in the city, it will cause rats and insects, and it can also be a source of plague. If you think about it, don't you think it's natural that there's a demand for magic tools that can dispose of garbage cleanly?

"......, that's what you say, isn't it? It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

 It's a little surprising, because it's such a lowly magical tool, but even our toilet is a great magical tool.

 It's only composting, but it's still composting.

"But it's a composting bin, not an incinerator like a toilet?

Hold on a minute. Let's see. ......

 Haruka, who had brought an alchemy encyclopedia with her, studied it for a while and then nodded.

There are both, but I think composting is the way to go.


First of all, quantity. First of all, the amount of waste produced in the toilet and the amount of other waste. If you compare the two, the latter is usually larger, right? If you try to incinerate it completely, it will cost a lot of money because it consumes a lot of magic stones.

 In this world, the amount of trash produced is obviously less than in Japan, but it is still more than the amount of trash people produce in their toilets. It would be very difficult to incinerate all of them by consuming the magic power of the magic stones.

Next is effective use. The garbage produced here is basically all compostable, so we can sell it to the farmers and pay for the magic stones, and it consumes less magic stones than incinerating it, so it's a win-win situation. The downside is that it's bigger than an incinerator, but it's not so big that it's a problem, is it?

It's true that food waste is a bit much.

 The amount of trash itself is small because there is no such thing as plastic packaging, but for some foodstuffs, there is clearly more waste than in Japan.

 The reason for this is, of course, that there are many parts that should be disposed of at home.

 This is different from modern supermarkets, where the food is completely prepared and you can cook without a knife if you want to.

It's so convenient. You don't need to buy fertilizer? We produce a lot of waste from dismantling demons, and if we wanted to, we could make compost as much as we wanted.

We can make compost if we want to." "Yeah, tons of it. ...... This will make it easier to deal with sculpts and apes, huh?

 It's a lot of work to fill in the blanks because there are so many of them appearing at once.

No, you can't just throw a bunch of sculpted ape bodies into something that's too big. And if you're going to throw the whole thing in, not just a few small pieces of trash, it's going to be a very bad thing. To put it simply, it's a composting machine with a shredder.

"...... Ugh.

 I'm imagining it.
 That would certainly be evil.

"But if you grind up the bones and compost them, they might be a good component. It contains phosphorus.

Oh, by the way, you sow bone meal, right?

Oh, I see. In a way, it makes sense to compost the whole thing.

 Even I know that the three elements of fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphate, and potash.
 I don't know about the rest.

Phosphorus is fine, but what about the other fertilizers?

Potassium is easily found in ashes from burning trees and plants. For nitrogen, you can plant beans, but oil cake is also high in nitrogen, so you may be able to use rapeseed. But if you add compost, you won't need as much nitrogen.

You know a lot, don't you, Natsuki?

Yeah, well, a little?

 A little?

 If you are a gardener, is it natural to know about gardening?

 Well, I don't know, so I just follow.

Let's split up and work together, shall we? How about Toya plowing, Nao building blocks to expand the area a bit more, Natsuki planting, and Yuki and I making compost?

I don't know, just pick a spot and we'll do it.

Yeah, sure. Thank you for the instructions.

 At Haruka's suggestion, we split up and start working.

 Compared to building a bath, building a proper stone block is easy. Rather, it is more troublesome to level the ground and arrange them neatly.

 But that was until I realized that I could directly raise the ground with "Ground Control" and turn it into stone. Since even the part buried in the ground is made of stone, it is firmly fixed and does not move, making it perfect as a curb.

 After I finished making the curb, I helped Toya to plow and Natsuki to plant seeds. Then I helped Toya to plow and Natsuki to plant seeds.

 By the time we finished sprinkling water, it was getting late in the day.

    The sun was setting by the time we finished sprinkling water.

"Good work, all three of you.

 As we were taking a break in the dining room after Natsuki had purified us, Yuki and Haruka came into the dining room with drinks in their hands.

I'm so tired. Farming is different from normal training!
"It's quite a big garden, isn't it?

How about you, Haruka?
We've finished ours. You saw us working on it, right?
Yeah. Yeah, I saw you working on it, but it's finished?
Well, why don't we take a look? I need to explain it to you.

 Haruka and Yuki led the way to the kitchen, just outside the back door.
 The composting area there was much larger than I had expected.

 It was a rectangular shape, about 150 centimeters high, one meter deep, and two meters wide, with a flip-up lid at the top. There was a small door at the bottom, through which the finished compost could be taken out.

It's pretty big, huh?

 Yuki proudly tapped the box and said, "It's a big box.

It's the size of a large restaurant. It also has a shredder so you can process the bones.

It can only process about five hundred pounds at a time, so just throw it in, close the lid, press the button, and start processing. It takes about half a day to a day to finish processing. It's dangerous, so don't go inside, okay?

 Haruka briefly explained how to use the device, opening the lid and showing the buttons.
 The precautions should go without saying. There's no way I'm going to get inside this thing.

I won't! I don't think so!" "I mean, can it really handle scalp-apes?

We might be able to get half of them, but those things come out about ten at a time.

But don't you think we should at least put a lock on the lid? I know it's unlikely that kids will come to this house, but it could happen.

Oh, yes. There's always the possibility that a child might enter the house just for the fun of it. Oh, I forgot about that. I'll add that later.

 I'll add it later." To my point, Haruka nodded her head with a look of realization on her face.

 You never know what a child might do.

 In terms of danger, the security equipment installed in the house is evil enough, but it is said to be non-lethal, so it is safer than this compost, which will surely kill you. --Well, it's really only 'just in case'.

By the way, one goblin's magic stone can handle about a ton.

Is that ...... cheap or expensive? Is it cheap or expensive?

I remember hearing once that the cost of garbage disposal is about 40 yen per kilogram. I don't remember.

40 yen or ......

 In my area, garbage bags were charged, but considering the price of a bag, it was a little more expensive than that. ......? I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

The goblin's magic stone was 250 rare, right?

"Only if you sell it to the guild. I think it's more expensive to buy.

Oh, I see. If you double the price to 500 rares, that's 0.5 rares per kilo: ....... That's cheap.

But the 40 yen you're talking about includes all kinds of garbage, right? If it's just the so-called food waste, the cost would be much lower, right?

...... Indeed, some garbage is troublesome to dispose of, isn't it in Japan?

 It sounds good to say "recycling," but some recycling is almost certainly pointless.

 For example, food trays. The cost of detergent and water to wash the trays, the cost of purifying the water, the cost of setting up collection boxes, collecting the trays, and transporting them to the recycling plant.

 Considering the weight and volume of the trays, the fuel used to transport them alone is probably more than the oil used for the trays.

It's true that sometimes we do things that are pointless. Collecting pull tabs, collecting plastic bottle caps, etc. ......

 In the old days, pull tabs would come off the cans and it would be dangerous to throw them away, but nowadays, there are hardly any such cans.

 But nowadays, such cans are few and far between, and it makes no sense to collect them. If you want to collect pull tabs, you should collect aluminum cans themselves. In fact, the pull tabs you collect have only value as aluminum.

 Incidentally, there is recycling in this world as well, but it is for metals and glass. Since they have normal value, there is no strange collection system, and you can take them to a store and they will buy them as resources.

 The rest is food scraps, wood, and ceramics, which can be disposed of by burying, burning, or composting.

 In a sense, it is very eco-friendly.

But you don't need to worry about the magic stone for this one. With a little modification, it can use its own magic power, so the running cost is zero!

That's great! That's great! It's easy on the wallet too!

 Yuki insisted, banging on the compost again, and Haruka took over.

I'm not sure what to do. The more magic power you put into it, the faster the processing time will be!

That's convenient! But it's expensive, isn't it?

No! It's only the cost of materials!

Oh, my goodness!

What is this little play? ......

 The sudden start of Yuki and Haruka's little play left me and Toya dumbfounded, and Natsuki, with a wry smile on her face, put a damper on it.

It's the material cost that's the problem, isn't it? How much was the initial cost?


 Haruka and Yuki are both silent at Natsuki's words.
 I see, there was that cost, wasn't there?

The running cost is almost zero, but that doesn't mean the total processing cost is cheap?

But the more you use, the more the amortization of the initial cost will be spread out, so the cost won't be that ...... high, right?

"Well, yeah, well, not that much?

There are no labor costs involved, so it's not a problem. Yes.

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