181-165 Dungeons? (1)

"Toya, stop!

 When Toya tried to approach the treasure chest, Haruka hurriedly stopped her.

I'm sure you're not the only one.

 Yeah. A treasure chest in an abandoned mine is suspicious no matter how you look at it.
 It's suicide to try to touch it without thinking about it.

No, no, treasure chests are dungeons, and dungeons are treasure chests. No, no, no, treasure chests are dungeons, dungeons are treasure chests, so it's definitely obvious that we're in a dungeon.

It's too short-sighted. There's always the possibility that someone put it there.

 It's not impossible that someone put it there!

 I've thought about it a bit, but that doesn't mean I think treasure chests equal dungeons.

"Considering the route we took to get here, that's a negligible probability, right?
Unless there is no other way to get in here.
"...... I see. Another way in and another way out.

 Considering the large number of undead and demons on the path, it seems difficult to place a treasure chest in this location, but if there is another way in or out nearby, it's a different story.

 But if there was another entrance nearby, it would be a different story. In fact, considering the distance we walked, there could even be another entrance in a more convenient location than the one we used.

"No, but why would we leave it here? It's not safe.

There are no banks in this world. Besides, if it's a lot of money, it'll be bulky.

We carry almost all our money with us, but ordinary people can't.

 In this world, property is currency, precious metals, and jewelry.

 The currency is all in coins, so it's quite heavy, and even our wealth is difficult to carry around without a magic bag.

 However, it is also dangerous to leave them at home.
 The security situation is not so good that we can say that we are safe if we lock our doors.

 Therefore, people like us, who are away from home a lot, don't leave anything valuable at home.

 But what about those who don't have a magic bag, but still have some money?

 Jewelry and ornaments are used for this purpose.

 Compared to coins, the unit price per weight is higher and they are more convenient to carry around.

 If you have an acquaintance who you can trust, there is no need to worry. Otherwise, it is quite risky to get involved in jewelry, which is difficult for a layman to distinguish.

 Of course, we didn't touch them.

 It seems that Natsuki can be a bit of a connoisseur of gems, but whether his standards match those of this world is another matter. There is no reason to take a risk when there is no need to.

 Another method used is to hide it somewhere.

 Simple methods include digging a hole under the floor of the house and burying it, or hiding it somewhere that only you know about.

 A wardrobe or a safe deposit box is only worthwhile if a certain level of security is ensured, and these days, I'm soberly realizing the value of a bank that can keep my money safely even if there is almost no interest.

 Incidentally, we also have a certain amount of money hidden away in case we have to abandon all our belongings and run away.

 Again, starting out almost penniless is tough,......, isn't it?
 If you're good enough now.

 But if you don't want to have to do the hard work, don't bother buying it. Even if you're young.

So it's either someone's stash or a treasure chest in the dungeon. ...... Okay, let's open it.

Just wait. I know what you're thinking.

 He stops Toya when she tries to touch the treasure chest again.

 By the way, in this world, at least outside the town, there is no crime of misappropriation of found property.

 So even if this is someone's hidden treasure, there's no problem if we find it and take it. .......

A treasure chest is a trap. Shouldn't we consider the risk?

"Well, it's common knowledge that the chests in the first part of the game don't have traps, right?

No, that's a game thing. It's not like it's a dungeon in the first place.

Well... If someone hid it, you can't deny the possibility that there is a trap.

I think it's fine if Toya disarmed the man.

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

 In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to get a lot more.

I don't want to damage anything inside ......, so maybe I shouldn't do that?
If people set it up, I don't think it's ......

 I don't think it's a good idea to protect your treasure by damaging it.

 I'm sure you've heard of it. I'll check it out.

I'll check it out for now.

 Of all of us, Natsuki is the only one with both [Unlock] and [Trap Knowledge] skills.

 I have [Knowledge of Traps Lv.1], but it's not enough to check the treasure chest.

 We stand back a bit and watch the situation.

 It may sound a bit heartless, but if we make a mistake and the trap goes off, we won't be able to save everyone if they all get hurt. In a sense, it is a natural measure.

 They watched like this for a few minutes. Natsuki stood up, twisting his head a little.

"How's it going?

It's not locked. No traps, I think.

That's a bit vague, isn't it?

I didn't find any traps that I know of, so... I didn't disarm it. I'm only level one.

You can't prove it's not there. Okay, Toya, can I open it?

What's the matter with you? I'm more worried now than I was before Natsuki checked.

 I smiled and urged Toya to open it, but he showed a different hesitation.

 At first he seemed optimistic that he would be fine, but Natsuki's subtle attitude seemed to have stirred his anxiety.

I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm still skilled, after all. --This is the first time I've checked the traps in the treasure chest.

I'm getting more and more nervous, aren't I?

Here, take the ten-foot pole. Use this.

 I pulled out a three-meter long stick from my magic bag and gave it to Toya to hold.
 It's a tool that's saved the lives of many adventurers since ancient times.

 --In the game world.

 And then we all, except for Toya, got even further away from each other, as if to show that we were on the same page.

"I'll do ......, okay? I'll do it, okay?

Do it now.

 I gesture "Go, Go" to Toya, who wastes no time in checking over and over again.

 Toya compares my face with the treasure chest several times, then, as if giving up, extends his arm and pokes the chest with the end of a stick.

 No response.

 As if relieved by this, he shook the box again to make sure nothing happened, and then slowly pushed the lid open.

 With a clang, the lid of the treasure chest opened.

 A few seconds passed.

 Seeing that nothing happened, Toya let out a deep breath.

 Then he cautiously approached the treasure chest, peered inside, twisted his head slightly, and stuck his hand in and pulled out something.

It's a ...... sword, right?
Yeah. It's just an iron sword, you know?
That's a rather subtle result, isn't it?

 It's not so bad that it's trash, but it's not worth much either.
 If you sell it, you might be able to get a few gold coins, but it won't reach ten.

 If you convert it to demon stones, you will get only a few of them, and even though it is a "treasure chest", you will feel disappointed.

 Shouldn't it be renamed "box" instead of "treasure chest"?

But the possibility of it being a dungeon has increased considerably.

Is that so?

Yes. Because do you think a normal person would hide a cheap sword in a place like this?


 If there was such a person, he would be a trickster.

 And it is highly unlikely that such a person would exist in a world where there is no room to spare.

 On Earth, there might be someone who hides treasures and makes treasure maps for fun.

A dungeon. If that's a possibility, we need to be on the lookout for traps. Natsuki, can you help?

Yes. I'll do my best.

 Okay. If it's a dungeon, there's more danger along with the possibility of getting treasures.

 When Halka asked him to talk, he nodded with a mysterious expression.

    It's been four days.

 Four days after that.

 We widened our search, but we didn't find any other entrances or exits.

 Instead, we found another new treasure chest, and the possibility of a dungeon was getting higher and higher.

 Incidentally, the item from this treasure chest was a subtle wound healing potion.

 The reason why it was so subtle was because it was of the same or slightly inferior level compared to what Haruka and the others had made.

 I was able to determine its effectiveness through [Appraisal], but if it's as good as the one Haruka and her team made, I feel safer, so honestly, I don't need it.

 If I didn't have a magic bag, I would have left it behind because it would have become a burden.

 As for the traps I was worried about, I haven't encountered any so far, and my fears were unfounded.

 According to Toya, "There are no traps in the beginning, right? However, it seems that the dungeons of this world are not "trap-free in the shallow levels," so we can't rest assured at all.

 It would be a burden on Natsuki, but he would have to continue on his way with caution.

 And the next day.
 We had finally encountered what we were looking for.

 A group of skeletons had gathered in a large area.

 Over fifty skeletons, four skeleton knights. And one Skeleton King.

 The skeleton king was holding a sword with a very expensive ornament on it, which seemed to be the heirloom that the Viscount family was looking for.

 I've been encountering less and less undead lately, but as if to make up for it, there are a lot of them.

Apparently, it's the real deal.
Yeah. I'm not sure if it's luck or bad luck that it's almost the last one. ......

 We've been making our way through the side streets and such.

 Looking at the map Yuki had drawn, there were few places left except the hall where the undead we were looking for were.

 There were a couple of other paths, and there was a possibility that there were more paths leading to the back of the hall where the undead were, but we felt as if we had wasted our time.

It's okay, though. If you think there might be a treasure chest, you'll end up going the other way as well, right?

"Oh, you're going? Even if there is a treasure chest, it will probably be a trash item.

"I don't want to miss it, even if the chances are almost zero. Somehow!

 I can understand why you feel that way.

 Even if you think there's no chance, it's better to go through the trouble than to be left with something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

I'm not opposed to going to check, so I'll just focus on the task at hand. Fortunately, it doesn't look like he'll be coming out of that hall.

Yes. I don't know why, but I think it's a ...... tactic.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.

 In addition, since we are illuminated by the light, we should be quite conspicuous.

 Even so, they don't come out of the passage and attack us, perhaps because they think they'll be at a disadvantage.

 It is true that, considering the difference in numbers, it would normally be more advantageous to wait in the hall. .......

 Yes, normally, yes.