202-184 Circumstances of the sisters (1)

"Ugh ......, what is this place?

 It was after dinner was over when the girl opened her eyes with such a faint voice.

 It was Toya who immediately stood up.

 We were about to sit up, but we exchanged glances, sat down again, and sat on the empty bed to watch.

 It would have been quite scary to have a bunch of strangers looking down at the bed you were sleeping in.

 If there were lights on the bed, the picture would be that of an abducted and altered person.

Can you talk?
"Yes. ...... Can you?

 The child asks Toya, kneeling on the side of the bed, in a quiet voice.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do. He doesn't suddenly get up just because he's a little fidgety.

"Don't be so alarmed. I'm just picking you up.

 I just picked you up," he said, pointing to the bed next to him.

"Me! Me!

 I wonder if "Me" is the name of the other child.

 The other child's name is probably "Me", and he is looking at Toya with a mixture of strong caution and a bit of doubt, as if relieved that the child is there.

Toya, you're not reassuring me with that tone. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, so don't worry. If I wanted to, I wouldn't have bothered to heal your burns.

 The girl looked at Haruka with a surprised expression on her face for a moment as she interrupted the conversation, but then quickly ran her hands over her body as if in a hurry.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm going to try.

Unfortunately, it left a mark.

"No, thank you. I've been in pain for over a week. ...... Ugh. ......

Yeah. You did great.

 Haruka approached the girl, who was lying on the bed and began to shed tears, and wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

 But it's been a week. .......

 It's been a week or so since I've had a burn on my fingertips, and it still tingles.

 Considering that it was a large area of my body that was burned, the pain must have been tremendous.

 Rather, I am amazed that you survived.

The other child has been healed, so drink this for now and get some sleep.

 Natsuki supported the child's back to wake him up, and Haruka took a drink from the magic bag and brought it to his mouth.

 At first, the girl looked at him strangely, but when she sipped some of it, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Sweet .......

 She let out an involuntary gasp, then quickly put her hand on the cup and downed it in one gulp.

Oh, it was delicious.
"Really? I'm glad.

 Haruka offered them a glass of fruit juice that she and Natsuki had made while they were sleeping.

 It is a mixture of several summer fruits that are available at this time of the year, and also a blend of herbs that will help you recover your strength.

 It was specially made to replenish calories and to give children a bitter medicine to drink.

 Even without the medicinal herbs, the price of this juice is much higher than that of a normal meal, so it is not something that ordinary people can easily drink.

 Fruits are quite expensive, even when they are in season.

"Well, go to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

"Yes, .......

 Natsuki laid the child down on the bed again, pulled the covers over her, and it wasn't long before she started to hear him breathing.

 We both breathed a sigh of relief when we saw her sleeping face, which looked a little more peaceful than before.

"Everything okay?

"Yeah. Sorry, thank you.

Well, I didn't think Toya could calm a child down, so that's okay.

 Haruka smiles a little and replies to Toya's apology.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

 ...... Or should I say, from the girl's reaction, she was surprised by Haruka's good looks?

 I'm not sure what to say.

 By the way, it is quite difficult to say which of us is the most popular with children. ......

 Toya was popular with the boys at the orphanage, but I'm not sure if I'd like him when I woke up and saw him. He is good-looking in his own way, but he does not have a kind face.

 Haruka, as I've already mentioned, has become an elf and has become a little too human-like in her beauty, while Natsuki, while fond of children, has a dignified appearance and is not the type to make you feel at ease.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: .......

 If the other person is fine, I have no problem with that.

 As for me, I have no comment. It is difficult to evaluate myself objectively.

 I don't think the girls at the orphanage would shy away from you, judging by their reactions. .......

But you're a polite girl. In that situation. I was expecting her to be more distraught given her age and appearance. I thought she'd be more upset.

"Yeah. Ten years old or less, maybe. I'd say you're pretty mature if you think about it.

 Normally, if you lose consciousness on the street and then wake up surrounded by adults, you would be confused and distraught, or if you were a child, you would start crying.

 Maybe it was because Haruka said he had healed her burns and she was in fact no longer in pain, but it was amazing that she could thank him so calmly in that state.

I was a little worried, but from the looks of it, even if I have to take care of her, I think I can handle it.

Yeah. But that's up to them. You have the option of leaving.

"Ugh. ...... I know, right? If you're independent, that's better.

 Toya looked relieved, yet a little disappointed, but in reality, I think it's highly unlikely.

 If it wasn't, he wouldn't have collapsed on the street without being able to be treated.

"Well, that's only if we hear from her tomorrow. Maybe she'll be able to move tomorrow.

Yeah. It's not something we should decide on our own.

 It wasn't long after that that the other kid woke up.

 She was almost crying at the incomprehensible situation she had been thrown into when she woke up, but when she saw that her sister - she said "big sister" herself - was sleeping in the bed next to her, she calmed down immediately. She calmed down immediately.

 Perhaps because her burns were a little less severe than my sister's, she was able to sit up on her own, and when I offered her some juice, she gulped it down happily.

 When I offered her a glass of juice, she gulped it down happily. She even asked for another glass with a cute smile, so she might be more brazen than my sister.

 However, he seemed to get sleepy immediately after finishing the drink and fell asleep on the bed.

 When I asked Haruka why she was sleeping so well, she told me that it was mixed with sedative herbs.

 The herb itself does not induce sleep, but if you are tired, it may help you fall asleep.

 It seems that they put it in because the situation might make them excited, but of course it is not only for that, but also to make them sleep well and recover their strength.

 The juice itself may be nourishing and the other herbs may also have an effect. In fact, they look a little better, and their shriveled animal ears look a little healthier,......?

 I'd like to touch it a little, but I'll hold off until I've recovered my strength. I'm sorry.

    I'm sure you'll agree.

 The next morning, the two of them woke up at about the same time we did.

 To be precise, they must have been awakened by the sound of us waking up, but since they were awakened by such a sound, they must have had a good sleep, or maybe they were too nervous to sleep.

 Considering the effect of the medicine, I would like to think the former.

Are you okay to get up?
"Yes. Yes, I'm fine.

 When my sister was about to answer, I heard a cute sound.
 The sound came from ...... my sister's stomach.

Oh, .......

 As if inspired by the sound, my sister's stomach also made a "kuruuru~" sound.

 At the same time, my sister's face turned red.

 My sister doesn't seem to care about the sound of her stomach, and is smiling.

"Hmm, before we talk about anything else, let's eat!


Hey! No, I mean, we don't have any money. ...... Thank you for fixing my injuries. ......

 After scolding the younger sister for raising her voice in happiness, the older sister slurred her words.

 But I don't care what she says, I pat them both on the head and lead them out of the room.

Don't worry about it. It's nothing to feed a child.

 ...... I'm not taking the opportunity to touch your ears or anything, okay?

 No, that's a lie.

 But it's not natural to focus on the ears when patting the head, so I just touched them.

 Yeah, animal ears.

 And their hair is nice and fluffy, too, these kids.

 It was quite dirty when I found it, but the magic of purification has cleaned it up.

 Their fur looks a little damaged, so I'm sure it will look even better with better care and nutrition.

"Toya, go get Haruka and the others. We'll be in the cafeteria.
...... Oh.

 I sent a slightly disgruntled Toya off to the next room and took them downstairs to the cafeteria.

 We woke up at the same time as we usually do our morning practice.

 I was a little worried that the cafeteria would be open, but fortunately, it was already lit.

 According to the woman, mornings are especially early this time of year, and many people leave just before the sun rises, so they prepare their meals earlier than that.

 I heard that it is common to travel as far as possible before it gets too hot, and to take a rest in the shade during the hottest time of the day.

 In our case, it only took us a few hours to get from Laffan to Kergu, so yesterday we left right after breakfast and passed through the gates of Kergu before the noon heat.

 We hadn't been to Pining yet, though, so maybe we should think about that and plan accordingly.

 As I waited for the two children to take their seats, first Toya and then Haruka came down to the dining room a few minutes later.

 Normally, we would have breakfast after morning practice, but since there were two hungry people there this time, we decided to have breakfast first, and ordered the same thing for seven people, including the two hungry people.

 At first, I wondered if the kids would be able to finish it. But my fears were completely unfounded.

 As expected of beasts, or perhaps they hadn't eaten properly for such a long time, the amount of food they both ate was unbelievable for children.

 While the younger sister was stuffing herself with food from the very beginning, the older sister was reserved at first, but after we told her not to hold back and let her eat, she seemed to have gotten over it and took Toya's additional order and ate more than one serving.

 It was not as much as Toya's, but it was certainly more than Natsuki, who was surprisingly a healthy daredevil. I wondered how he managed to fit so much into his tiny body.

 Everyone finished their meals and took a break.

 We all went back to the room, had a cup of tea after the meal, and started to talk again.

Thank you again for your help.

 The older sister bowed politely, and the younger sister hurriedly bowed in the same way.

 I also like the way her ears move slightly, as if she's nervous.

 I want a sister like her.
 Will you give it to me? I don't think so.

 Okay, she's mine. Then so will she.

 While I was thinking such stupid things, they looked up and started to introduce themselves.

"I'm Mary, and this is my sister.
I'm Me!
I'm Mitya.

 Mary is 9 years old and Mitya is 7 years old, but in these countries, the year of birth is one year, and the age is added on the new year, so there is at least a year difference between the two of them than what we think, or almost two years if they were born at the end of the year.

 In other words, both of them look like they are in the early grades of elementary school.

 Mary seems to be more robust than that, but perhaps that's because she has a younger ...... sister.

"I'm Haruka.
"I'm Natsuki.
I'm Yuki.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

 I'm sitting next to Haruka, but Natsuki, who's sitting next to me, opened her mouth first, so I'm the last in line.

I'm Toya. Please call me Toya.

I'm Nao. You can call me Nao.

Nao! And Haruka, Natsuki, Yuki, and Toya! I remember!

 She accepted my words half-jokingly and confirmed the names with a smile, pointing and checking.

 Then, as if she was really honest, she called out Toya.

"Hey, hey! Mee! I'm sorry, Toya-san.

I'm sorry, Toya." "Oh, you can call me that if you really want. --Or you can do what Nao and the others do.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

 I'm not sure what to make of that face.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

"......". So, are you going to tell me why Mary and the others were lying in the middle of nowhere like that?

 I'm not sure if he noticed me looking at him or not, but he gave a deliberate cough and went back to his story.

I'm not sure where I collapsed because I was in a daze. ...... The reason I got hurt like that was because of the commotion that happened the other day. The Order of the Sutomie Saints.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.