208-190 To Pining (1)

 The next morning, after an early breakfast, we left town.

 It takes a few days to get from Kerg to Pining by carriage.
 It would have taken us a few hours to get there, but we had Mary and the others with us.

 Normally, we would have chosen to take a carriage, but for us, it would have been quite a hassle to spend two days for a distance that could be reached in a few hours.

 If it was a request to kill bandits or a sight-seeing trip like last time, that would be one thing, but for us now, transportation is a means, not an end.

 So we chose to go on foot as usual.

That's why Mary and I are going to run with Nao and me on our backs.
"Well, we can run too, can't we?
You're getting better!

 At Toya's words, Mary nodded her head and Mitya ran around the area, tapping her feet, before coming back to me.

 As she said, she certainly looks healthy, and her speed seems to be that of an adult human male, but our running speed is not that fast, and we need endurance.

You're getting better, but you're a long way from pinning. You're feeling better, but pinning is a long way off.

"Mmm, okay.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

I'm sure you'll understand. Nao, can you also detect the demons?
If you get tired, Nao, we can switch.

 The plan is for Toya to carry Mary for the rest of the trip, and for Natsuki and I to take turns carrying Mitya.

 Yuki is not in charge due to her size, and Haruka is not in charge due to her physical strength.

 We will take turns taking a break every 30 minutes, and will arrive at the pinning site by noon.

Shall we go then?
You're going!
Yes, please!

 Mitya shouted cheerfully at my back, and Mary, though reserved, clung tightly to Toya.

 Then we started running, Haruka, Yuki, Natsuki, Toya and me in that order.
 We were in the back because of the wind.
 When you're running at high speed, air resistance has a very subtle effect on you.

Wow! You're fast! It's so fast!

 Mitya is very excited.

 It's a lot faster than a bicycle, so I can understand why she's excited.

"Mitya, don't move too much.
"Oh, I'm sorry.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Also, it is tiring to run smoothly to reduce the up and down movement as much as possible.

 However, if I were to run normally, the vibration would be so great that Mitya would not be able to keep up.

 I'm trying my best, but Toya, who's running in front of me, is moving much more smoothly than I am, and he's a beast of a man.

"Mitya, if you get tired or sick, don't hesitate to tell me, okay?

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work. I was asleep.

 It's a good thing I'm so handy, because I'm sleeping with a tight cling.

"Me! Wake up!
"Squishy ......? Are we there?

 Mitya let out a sleepy voice as Mary shook her, looking dumbfounded.

"Rest! You'll be bothering Nao-san!
I'm going down to ....... Huh~

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

"Thanks for your help. Are you okay?
"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just tired of trying not to shake it.

 I smiled at him and stretched my back.

 It's a little hard for me to move my body freely when I think about the comfort of the ride.

"d*mn it! Nao-san, you should have shaken him a little. You should have shaken him a little. Everyone else is running, and you're lying there all alone!

 Mary raises her hand and tries to hit Mitya on the head, but Mitya runs behind me to get away from her sister.

I'm not running, and neither is your sister. It's not helping to stay awake.

That's ...... true, but... It's all about feelings!

Well, well, well. Well, I don't mind if you stay awake, because I know you don't have a problem with my running.

 If I had to put an onomatopoeia on it, I'd say "pfft".
 She quieted Mary down.

 Mitya held on tightly even when he was asleep, and he hardly moved, so it was easier to run than expected.

 In fact, it would be worse if the ride was so uncomfortable that she vomited.

You're right. You're not being selfish, so why not?

Yeah, it's usually tiring to be carried on your back for a long time.

Yes. Mitya looks ...... fine, but let's take a break for a while.

 After getting off of me, Mitya immediately woke up and walked around curiously.

 Natsuki and the others laughed at her, sat down in the shade of a tree, and began to prepare tea.

"Is that so? If you all say so. ......

 She sits down next to Haruka and the others and watches with interest as they arrange the items.

 Haruka and her friends had laid out a tea and some kind of snacks that looked a little high in calories.

 Normally, eating such high-calorie foods every 30 minutes would make you fat, but in fact, there is no problem at all.

 Even if you increase your running speed and stamina, you still need energy and water, so nutrition and hydration are essential.

 So we eat a lot more than we did in Japan, but fortunately it doesn't seem to have a negative impact on our weight because we exercise accordingly.

 In addition to the snacks, a sandwich was prepared for Toya, a meat lover, and we were ready to go.

Shall we eat, then?
"Yes. Mee! Come back here!
Yes! All right!

 Mary called me, and Mitya, who had been crouched down on the ground some distance away, observing something, came back and sat down next to me.

 I wiped my hands with a wet towel passed around from Toya next to me, and wiped Mitya's hands as well.

 Is it a kind of stereotype that wiping with a wet towel makes me feel cleaner than the magic "purification"?

"Thank you! Can I eat it?
"Yeah, eat whatever you want.
Oh, me!

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

You can eat it too, Mary.
Thank you for the .......

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

 Unlike us, Mary and her friends aren't running, so it seems a bit wrong for them to eat sweets every time. ...... Well, they're growing up, and there are exercise machines in Japan that mimic horseback riding.

 You may be burning some calories just by riding on the back of the machine.

 As long as I don't eat too much and get reversed on my back, I don't have a problem.

"Hey, Mary. I was just wondering, what kind of beasties are Mary and the others?

"What, us? My father says they're feline beastmen.

"Oh? Is that so?

 When Mary answered Yuki's question, Toya looked at her with a strange expression.

I'm not sure. ...... something?
"Uh, no, yeah. It's nothing.

 I was a little curious, so I asked Toya in a whisper.

(What's wrong with you?)
"No, my appraisal says it's a tiger.
(...... really?)
Yeah. I'm sure.

 I also tried to use my appraisal, but my appraisal only shows that I'm a beastman, it doesn't show what kind of beast I am.

 Toya's is "Beastman (wolf type)," but I guess that's because I already know that from Toya.

 Incidentally, I have heard that it is common that even the person who is a beastman cannot determine what kind of person he is.

 Dogs and wolves, cats and tigers. There is not much difference in the characteristics of beastmen.
 In addition, since miscegenation is progressing, it is common to have a second generation inheritance.

 However, in many cases, it is only when the parents tell us about their ancestral roots that we find out about them.

 In the first place, when we were in Japan, the only reason why we answered "Japanese" was because our parents told us so.

 Even if you had foreign blood, you would not be able to recognize it if it did not show in your features.

(Well, they're similar, so I don't need to point it out.)
"Right. Maybe the father didn't understand it either.

 In fact, I can't tell the difference between the ears and tail of a tiger and a cat if they are the same size.

 If they were the same size, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a tiger's ears and a cat's tail, unless they had distinctive tiger-like stripes.

 When two beastmen marry, they are supposed to be of one of their parents' lineages, but when a tiger and a cat get married, even their parents probably can't tell.

 Well, I guess it doesn't really matter if you don't care about it.

 At first, when I asked Toya if she was a dog, she got upset. At first, when I asked him if he was a dog, he got angry and insisted that he was a wolf. When I asked her if she was a dog, she got angry and insisted that she was a wolf. ...... Considering Mary's father, ordinary beastmen might not care much.

 But considering Mary's father, ordinary beastmen probably don't care much about it. I guess their daily lives are more important than worrying about it.

By the way, we were able to leave the city without any problems, but what happens when we enter? Mary and the others. They don't have guild cards or anything, do they?

 When we go in and out of town, we can get tax exemptions by showing our guild cards.

 Mary and her friends are not adventurers, and they are too old to register.

But Mary and her friends are not adventurers and cannot register because of their age. If they look like adults, they can be taxed, but that's not a problem for Mary and her friends now, usually.

 If you have a proof of age, you can use it to get a tax refund.

 If you don't have anything to prove your age, then you will be judged on the subjective basis of 'how old you look', and if you have a few silver coins in your hand, you can be flexible to some extent.

"Well, even if they give you a hard time, you can just pay them. It's cheap now.

"Yes, it is. It's not much to argue about.

 Rafan was paid one large silver coin, so Pining, ruled by the same lord, would probably be the same.

 We don't have the pale sense of justice to fight with the gatekeepers over something as petty as that.

 If you're going to bribe someone, I'd feel a little uncomfortable, but even if you don't have to take it, it's a tax.

Are you sure you want to do this?
Yes. I've decided to take you into custody, so I'll pay for whatever you need.
Thank you very much.
You'll have to work for it, though.

 Haruka smiled at Mary as she thanked her.