219-Jade Feathers (3)

"Oh, my God! He's completely healed! That's five large silver coins, right?


 A macho man bends over in front of me, looking happy.
 I want you to leave me alone, it's too hot.
 But I don't say anything about that, and I take the money with a smile.

Thank you. Now I won't have to miss work!
"Thank you very much. Thanks again. ......

 My clinic was moderately busy again today.

 Yes, a clinic.

 Outside the east gate of the town we'd arrived in, Sahlstat.
 That's where my clinic was.

 A neat building with mud walls and only two rooms.

 I made it myself.

    The building is my own work.

 The reason why this is happening goes back to the first day.

 I paid my taxes, made my guild card, and crossed the river.

 When we reached the gate on the other side, we had only 1,200 rares left in our hands.

 If we stayed at the inn, it would be gone in a day.

 What happened to the mission to save money?

 We failed, of course.

 Because you're all working, right? You can't bargain.

 So, what did we do?

 We camped out.

 Outside the town.

 The earthen wall Sae built with her magic was the original form of the current hut.

 I have fond memories of sleeping under a blanket while biting into a loaf of hard black bread in an enclosure that could barely fit three people.

 By the second day, we had one blanket per person, and with the branches that Utaho had broken from the forest, we had a roof that looked like a thatch roof.

 In this way, we gradually enhanced ...... our lives, and at some point, we didn't need to take the trouble to get accommodation in the city.

 I looked at some of the lodgings in Sarstad, and they were quite expensive.

 You have to prepare your own meals, but it's quite comfortable now.

 Utaho and Sae bought machetes and saws, and have been working hard in their spare time.

 But of course, there are some drawbacks.

 The most important is safety.

 We've been running the clinic here for over a month now, so people know that there are only three women.

 And in such a situation, some people might think of trouble.

 Well, the unfortunate thing for the offender was that we had already earned enough money to buy a greatsword at that time.

 You know what happens when a [Great Sword Lv.8] wields a great sword: ......, right?

 I'm not sure what to do. By Utaho.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 It's okay to let a rapist die.

 Of course, I didn't treat him and left him outside the clinic in that condition.

 The next day, I told the details to the gatekeeper who came to ask about the situation, and he took me away.

 If such a thing happened several times in a row, in addition to the information that 'there are only women', the information that 'it would be bad if you mess with them' would spread as well.

 After about half a month of peace and quiet, I received an invitation to become an adventurer: .......

 So far, I've turned them all down.

 Speaking of physical condition, I have no problems with this life, but Kaho and Sae are sometimes sick, probably due to the unfamiliar environment and food.

 Perhaps this difference is due to the presence or absence of the [Robust] skill.

 They are careful to boil the water, but they are eating unfamiliar black bread, using seasonings they don't understand, and eating river fish they've never eaten before.

 If you don't have an iron stomach, you're bound to have an upset stomach.

 Of course, if you get sick, I'll treat you with my magic as needed, but I'm not always next to you.

 If you suddenly feel a rumble, you may not be able to get out of the rain in time (figurative expression).

 If it weren't for Purify, a lot of things would have gone wrong with me as a girl, yeah.

 It's a good thing there are no boys. For both our dignity.

 I'm healing quickly, so it won't be that bad, but it's not like I'm going to be full of energy right away, and I need to rest for a day or so.

 It's okay because I'm earning a little money and I have a cabin where I can rest, but without this, it would have been pretty hard.

 I think it would have been pretty bad if I didn't have any strength or healing magic.

 The moment you get sick, it's over.

 I wonder if we can go to a temple or something to get help?

 Another problem for us was the food.

 I was never a good cook, but I'm sure Utaho was pretty good at it.

 But ...... honestly, it's not very good.

 I'm not sure if this is because I didn't take the [cooking] skill or because I'm cooking with wood in an earthen hearth. .......

 It's probably the latter, right?

 I'm sure if you had a gas stove or something, you'd be able to eat a little better.

 Oh, the lack of seasonings is also a big factor.

 You can't get much seasoning other than salt, and when you do, it's all unfamiliar herbs and stuff.

 But it's still better than eating in the city.

 The cheap black bread is not to my taste, so Utaho makes a naan-like dish, which is much tastier and easier to make.

 Most of our meals consist of this naan and a large bowl of soup.

 And the occasional grilled meat.

 This meat is...

"Are you done with your work, Kano? Then go hunting!

 That's what Kaho said as she walked into the clinic.

 Yes. In fact, the meat we're eating is not homemade, but hunted by ourselves.

 It's very expensive to buy, so it's a tall order for us who don't even have our own equipment yet.

 It's a treat only for those who are lucky enough to hunt.

 There are also fish for sale along the river, but I bought some ......1 once and learned the hard way.

I hope we can hunt today. Then call Sae.

I heard you.

 The one who came out of the back room saying that was Sae, who was ready to go.

 I'm not sure if it's because I'm a bit of an idiot.

 The equipment of Utaho and I is similar, the only difference is that she has a cheap big sword and I have a mace that is slightly better than a club.

 All I had to do was to carry a bag on my back and I was ready to go.

 We left a sign in front of the house and went into the nearby forest.

"Hunting is quite difficult, isn't it? It's hard to find animals.
"We're amateurs. We're amateurs. We're not like hunters. ......

 If only they could find them - or rather, if they could find them and fight them, they would probably be no match for most animals.

 But it is difficult.

 We are not very skilled, so we walk through the forest looking for animals from downwind, relying on Utaho's nose, but first of all, it is difficult to find them, and if we approach them normally, they will immediately notice us and run away.

 Task boars are the only animals that will come at you if the situation calls for it, but they are in the minority.

 I've never been able to catch a bird or a rabbit.

I'm not sure what to make of this.

It's a no-brainer. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you. You'll be able to do it very well at .......

"We're sitting ducks for the guild. The guilds are suckers for us, and they will make less money if they can dismantle us.

 We've killed four task boars so far.

 We knew how to bleed them, so we did that before taking them to the adventurer's guild. ...... I feel like we're getting a discount on them.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

 So I'd really like Utaho to be able to dismantle it, but unfortunately the guild staff won't kindly tell me how to do it.

 Even so, I have no choice but to bring it to the guild, so I do.

 As Sae said, I feel like I'm being used as a sucker.

"Demons are easier in a way, aren't they? They don't run away.

"Yeah. If you get close to them, they'll come to you, and all you have to do is hit them with this.

I can also work with demons. ...... But I'm still getting used to collecting magic stones.

 It's not a bad idea to have a demon if you don't want to have a full dining table.

 In the event that you have a lot of money, you can use it to buy a lot of things.

 If you're a poor person, you have no choice but to try your best to collect the magic stones, no matter if you throw up or not.

 --Well, it was better than I expected.

 I'm not sure if it's because of the common sense I've acquired?

There seems to be no guild requests in this town, and there's not much in the way of weapons or armor. Maybe we should get a head start and move to another town.

That's right. My mace is like this.

 I bought it as a mace, but it just looks like a club with three iron rings embedded in the end.

 If you were to ask me if it was a club or a mace, I would classify it more as a club.

It has the bare necessities of life. It's going to be winter, so I think we should make up our minds soon.

"Hmm, I guess so. My clinic doesn't make much money either. ......

 It's a good business because there's no money to be made, but the number of people who come to Sarstat is limited, and the town's population is small, so there aren't many customers.

 The town's population is small, so there aren't many customers.

 Maybe the townspeople don't know us, or maybe they don't trust us.

 We're not paying for lodging, so we're making a living, but it's not good, is it?

What should we do? What should we do? We don't even have armor. Should we just go to another town?

"Well, we've bought the necessary tools for a camp. I think I can handle the combat side of things. ......

"Putting experience aside, I don't think there are many demons out there that our skill level can't handle.

That's right, considering the adventurers that come to Sahlstat.

 After this town, there is a town called Kiura.

 I heard that the road to there is quite dangerous and there is a certain risk of being attacked by demons.

 But the adventurers who come to me for treatment don't seem that strong, and in fact, the rapist who misunderstood me was easily beaten by Utaho.

 On the contrary, there is more room to earn money as an adventurer in Kiura, where there are many demons, than in Sarstat.

 At least, there's no such thing as going to the guild and not getting a request form.

 By the way, the town on the opposite side of the road we came from is called Rafan.

 But that town, like Sarstat, is not a good place for adventurers to make money.

 It's much better than this town, but if you're as good as we are, Kiura is better, we concluded.

 The source of this information was obtained from an adventurer who came to my clinic.

 Also, I'm a little curious about my other classmates. ...... In the past month or so, I've walked around the town of Sarstat in my spare time and haven't come across a single person.

 We were attached so we were able to transition together, but maybe those who weren't were sent to a much larger area.

 There is a possibility that we can meet in Kiura, but ...... it's a long shot, isn't it?

 It's not like there's anyone I really want to meet, though.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. I'm not sure how I'll be able to live in the next town without a large amount of money.

"Well. In Kiura I would like to rent a house in the city at least.

I'm attached to my house, but I prefer a wooden house.

 Considering that winter is coming, our current house will be a bit of a challenge.

 So maybe this was a good opportunity.

 Now I need to hunt task boars as soon as possible to make some money.

    I'm not sure if I should say fortunate or not.

 Fortunately, I'm not sure if I should say fortunately, but our hunt was successful that day.

 In a way, it was a great success.

 In a way it was a success, but in a way it was a disaster.


 Because the task boar we met was a father and son!

 A task boar and his wife rushed at us, trying to protect their child.

 The Task Boar and I beat them to death without mercy.

 And then there were the four Uri-boars that came at us with their tiny bodies.

 We beat them to death without mercy, even if they are children. .......

 If you let them go because they're cute, you'll never be able to hunt them, in reality.

 The only thing I can say is: ...... The meat of the gourd was tender and delicious.

 Thank you for the meal.