235-211 Fruit picking

Well, let's put Toya's wedding talk on the back burner. The problem is the pears.
"Oh, ......, is that right?

 He was a little unhappy with Yuki's argument, but he didn't feel like poking around too much, so he nodded his head a little.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the pears. Aren't you glad it's so good?

"Of course it's good. Of course it's good. But don't you think we can find other fruits based on the pattern so far? Rather, let's find them, shall we?

If there aren't, we won't find any. ...... Well, that's good, isn't it?

You know what? We'll have more souvenirs for Mary and the others.


 Wisely keep silent Toya.
 Silence is golden, eloquence is silver.
 I'll give you that.

But I can see Yuki's point.

Isn't it important to have a souvenir?

Not that. I'm talking about the area. There are areas where you get more meat, so there might be a pattern to what you get.

Right? We just have to look for it, right?

I like fruit, too. I'm with you.

I like sweets, too.

 It's only natural.
 Haruka and Natsuki also agreed with Yuki while smiling modestly.

I'm sure you'll agree. I'll look for it! I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way when I'm looking for fruit! Toya!

You mean me! I'll do my best, though!

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do my best.

 We started to pick fruits, following the back of Toya, who is always reliable in spite of what he says.

    The first thing we did was to go in.

 As it turned out, there were no other fruits in the first forest we entered.

 Fortunately, our stock of pears had increased considerably, but that was it.
 The only fruit trees were pears, even though there were other trees growing there as well.

 However, Yuki's prediction was not wrong.

 As it turned out, the eleventh level was a square about ten kilometers on a side, and there was a similar wall and stairs leading down about ten kilometers in front of the stairs we had come down.

 The walls seem to go on and on to the left and right, but in reality there are invisible walls about five kilometers on each side that divide the levels into squares.

 This large area was dotted with forests like the one we entered at the beginning, and two of them had apple and grape trees of one kind each.

 The apples were small and a little sour, and the grapes were unevenly sized and few in number, like mountain grapes.

 Still, we were delighted with the taste of fruit that we hadn't tasted in a long time, and we spent our time picking fruit as fast as we could.

 In each forest, there were demons that seemed to protect the fruit, but they were literally unable to stand in the way of the women who sought the fruit, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

 After finishing the fruit picking on the 11th level, we went down the stairs to the 12th level, which was almost the same structure as the 11th level.

 The fruits we got here were figs and loquat.

 Under pressure from the ladies, "Where's the other kind? I surveyed the entire forest twice, but could not find the third fruit.

 I can't say for sure because of the time of year, but I think there are two kinds of fruits available in this level.

 Both of them were smaller than the ones sold in Japan, and the loquat had large seeds and thin flesh, but the number of fruits on a tree was quite large, so we could get enough if we didn't have to spend much time.

 On the 13th layer, we found two kinds of persimmons and a plum.

 However, one of the persimmons was an astringent persimmon.

 They looked very similar, both a little long and narrow, but one was an astringent persimmon, just like a trap.

 The first one we ate, Toya, fainted in agony, so we escaped harm. ...... We were not aiming for that, you know?

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

 But I do not deny that the other four were looking at each other.

 The shape of the persimmon resembled the persimmon that I knew, and I was somewhat suspicious.

 I was wrong, however, because there was a sweet persimmon of almost the same shape.

 The only differences were that the astringent persimmons were slightly larger and the shape of the root was slightly different.
 It's hard to notice unless you compare them.

 Incidentally, I harvested the astringent persimmons as well.
 You can eat them if you make them into dried persimmons.

 The plums are about the size of a large plum, and as the name suggests, they are quite sour.

 It was sour, but I liked the taste of it, so I happily picked it.

 Aside from me, Natsuki and Toya liked it, while Yuki and Haruka felt that one or two would be enough.

 The 14th layer was raspberries and blueberries.

 As usual, Yuki looked around for the other kind, "What's the other kind? but we ended up finding only these two.

 The raspberries were about one centimeter in diameter, not much different from the raspberries I knew, but the blueberries were about five millimeters in diameter, and even had seeds, so they were a little difficult to eat.

 Considering the small size of the blueberries, we can't deny the possibility that Yuki is right and there is another kind of blueberry that we haven't found yet, but what can't be found can't be helped.

 Then we came to the 15th level.

 There was a slight change in this level.

 In the previous levels, the pattern was the same: a square with a grassy plain, some woods scattered about, and a glass coyote roaming the grassy plain.

 The glass coyotes had a habit of gathering in chains over a wide area once a fight broke out.

 It was dangerous to be surrounded by a group of them, but in a sense, it was convenient to be able to deal with a wide range of enemies at once. If you have the ability to deal with them like we do.

 However, as soon as we descended to the 15th level, we noticed that there was no response from the glass coyote in the meadow.

 Instead, it's dotted with reactions stronger than a glass coyote's.

A little caution. There are non-grass coyotes. The reaction is about ...... oak.

I think I can kill an orc with no problem, but I can't be too careful.

Yeah. If an attack hits you, you might die .......

 The orc that shattered my arm is now a good memory, but it's also a good lesson.

 Now that I'm a higher level and my equipment has been updated, I might be able to withstand it, but apart from being able to die easily, I should never forget how scary it is when an attack hits.

 Except for Toya, there is a part of us that believes that "it doesn't matter if it doesn't hit" and "fighting is all about firepower! and "Fighting is about firepower!

 Even Toya is not a normal tank, but an "evasive tank".

 If you are a soldier fighting on a limited battlefield, it's impossible for an adventurer who travels long distances with his gear on to be fully armored.

 It is not realistic to protect the rearguard while taking a lot of attacks.

"What kind of enemy is it this time? Do they look strong?

"Well? I wish I could see their defenses so I could compare them. ...... Oh, that's it. Looks like a cow.

 I'm sure you've heard of it.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 I can't identify them, but if you combine [help] and [detect], you can find out a lot more.

 Race: Strike-Ox
 Status: Healthy
 Skill: [Charge] [Kick Up

 You can find the name in [Help].

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to.

 But I'm not that smart. [Appraise] seems to display information even if I can't remember it at once, so this may be an advantage over [Help].

 On the other hand, 【Detect】 shows you the target's status and skills.

 However, be careful not to rely on this too much.

 First of all, the condition "Health".

 I've never seen anything other than "healthy", "lightly injured", and "seriously injured".

 That's how easy it is to see. No, it's because you can tell by looking at it that you can tell it by [detecting]?

 If you have a skill like [Medicine], it might be different, but at least until now, the condition has never been useful.

 Next, skills.

 The caveat here is that the skills that are visible in the [Lookout] are almost certainly possessed, but that doesn't mean there aren't skills that aren't shown.

 Just as Haruka's skills in the past did not match the skills she learned from Yasue, it is possible that there are skills that are not shown.

 In other words, there is a possibility that this Strike Ox can actually use magic.

 This is quite dangerous, because if you start a battle with an assumption and get hit by an unexpected attack, it's better to assume various situations from the beginning and fight carefully, and it's also a good training for when you encounter an enemy you can't [see through].

 Therefore, I basically don't tell Haruka and the others about the skills I've seen in the inspection.

 The only exceptions are when I see magic skills or other skills that require special attention.

 The only exceptions are magic skills or skills that require special attention. Although this is the case, the threat level against the opponent is definitely trustworthy.

 --God said so.

 In fact, when I fought, there was never any discrepancy between the threat level and the threat level I perceived in the "Sightings".

The name is 'Strike Ox'. Do you recognize it?

I can't tell you much without an appraisal. It's just a black dot to my eyes.

The problem is you can't use appraisal until you see the real thing. It would be useful if Toya learned to use the eyes of a hawk. ...... I mean, Yuki, you've learned both. Don't you get it?

Hmm, wait a minute. ...... It's a bit far. ......

 My [Hawk Eyes], Toya's [Appraisal]. Although her level is lower than both of them, Yuki has learned both of them. I'm sure you've heard of it.

 But the problem is that because she has so many skills, her overall level up is slow.

 Even now, I can identify it as a cow, but at Yuki's [Eagle's Eye] level, it seems to be nothing more than a 'four-legged animal'.

Oh, it's getting closer. I wonder if they've noticed me.

"At this distance? Cows have pretty good eyesight, don't they?

They're demons, though. They can see very well, so it's not as strange as an ogre that will attack you even if you're not in sight.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 It is also possible that they will attack you, and I can see the cow rushing at me with full of motivation.

Oh, I see it. Strike Ox, watch out for the rush.

I don't need to be told to be careful, but from the looks of it.

 My [Spotting] also shows the [Charge] skill.

 I'm not sure if it's getting faster or not, but Strike Ox's figure is now visible even without the eagle eye.

 It has two sharp horns, its whole body is black, and it is quite large.

 It has two sharp horns, and its whole body is black.

"This is where I come in.

I'll handle this! Ground Control!

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.

 It's a magic that I've missed a lot -- using it in battle.

 But the result was something completely different from before.

 Boggity, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!

 That time, the magic had been useless to the enemy, only trapping them under my feet, but this time it was spot on.

 A small hole was made in the toe of the Strike Ox.

 As he plunged his foot into the hole, Strike Ox lost his balance and, at the same speed, spun around and plunged headfirst into the ground.

 At about the same time, the dull sound of a broken leg was followed by an indescribable sound from its neck, and its huge body rolled toward us with a rumble of inertia.


 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.