250-225 Troubled Letters

 After that, we continued to train Mary and the others, switching the support role several times.

 Even though we hadn't set a specific number of days, we thought that Mary and the others would soon get tired of the unfamiliarity of staying in the wild, but in fact, that was not the case.

 When I asked them about it, Mitya said, "It's more comfortable than when we were living in Kergu! She said.

 I'm almost certain that this was due to the comfortable folding beds we had prepared for Mary and Mitya, as well as the full meals we were able to eat.

 Especially when it came to meat, they were happy to be able to eat meat that they had obtained themselves, since there were too many demons to consume, and even Mary and her friends could kill a picka.

 Another reason was that we moved to the 15th level where there was a sky when we slept, so it was not dark like in a dungeon.

 So we spent more than a month in the dungeon.

 When we came back to our home after a long break, the season was starting to look a bit like autumn.

    I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure if you've seen Haruka and the others lately.

 The adventurer's guild in Raffan is basically idle except for the busy morning and evening hours.
 It's a good thing that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

 It's a great way to pass the time, but it's also a refreshing change of pace.

 --They don't use the name of their party very often, so I have to check it once in a while or I'll forget it.

 If you're at a party of young, hot girls, they'll give you an exaggerated party name and try to sell their name by calling it out unnecessarily, but these girls have none of that.

 Maybe the two elves are quite old?
 I think the three beastmen and humans are just as they look.

 They don't show up at the guild as often as the other adventurers, but they're still the biggest earners in the guild.

 My salary is partly based on their performance, so I'm very happy.

 Before the arrival of the girls, all the adventurers left Rafan once they started earning a little money, and the branch chief was in a bad mood, but lately he's in a good mood.

 Being a branch chief gives you more authority, but most of your salary is linked to your performance.

 If you become a branch manager in a rural area, you may lose your salary if you are not good.

 If you are a newcomer to the branch, you can accept it, but if you come from the city, ...... you are actually a leftover.

 Our branch manager was a deputy branch manager in Kergu, so he probably got a big pay cut.

 But that's all in the past.
 But that's in the past. Thanks to Haruka and the others, his salary is probably higher than it was in Kergu.
 And Haruka and the others don't seem to be planning to leave this town for the time being.
 I'm proud of myself for getting them to build a house so early.
 Well done.
 Shouldn't I get a bonus or something?

 In return, I sometimes receive troublesome consultations, but I can handle them ...... with no problem, and it's okay because this branch is not busy.

 I mean, I'm dealing with it, but isn't it unfair that the branch manager is getting paid more for doing nothing ......?

 --Next time there's a problem, let's have the branch manager take care of it. Let's do that.
 Or ask for a bonus.
 No, well, there are some perks to dealing with Haruka and the others.
 Sometimes I get to share.
 The pears and apples I got the other day were very good.

 It's almost the season for dindol, will Haruka and others go and pick them this year?

 It's a little difficult to make a profit, but we don't have any new elven adventurers this year, do we?

 No, not this year.

 If anything, many of them only come to this town at this time of year for the dindol.

 After harvesting enough for their own consumption, they leave immediately, so we don't get much of a share of the harvest.

 Haruka, if you could show up, I'd appreciate it. .......

 In addition, a good amount of milk bottles have been made, so you should come and get them soon.

 The results of the appraisal of the pearls and tin wand have also been received.
 Is he still going to the dungeon today?

Vice Chief, a letter for you arrived.
"Oh, thank you.

 I was in a daze when one of my subordinates brought a letter to me.
 Letters are sometimes delivered through the guild's transport network.

 The system is available to the general public, but it is not cheap, so not many people use it.

 The letters I receive are either from the guild, or from my mother.
 This time--

"Mother? No, it's actually from your uncle.

 The letter arrives in my mother's name, but it's more of an add-on, and the real letter is from her sister, my aunt.

 And the main subject of the letter is about my uncle, which is a very complicated letter.

 But since my uncle is the one who is paying the expenses, my mother is lending her name to him in exchange for taking advantage of his services.

 My mother's letters are usually full of unimportant things such as caring for my health or asking me to marry her, so I avoid them and read the letters from my aunt, which are more important.

"Hmmm... ...... Wow, that's quite an absurd request. That's my uncle.

 I'm sure you'll agree that the requests from your uncle are always troublesome - so much so that they make the inquiries from Haruka and the others seem cute - and this time was no different.

I wonder what he expects from the adventurer's guild in the countryside, Uncle.

 This time, the request was for a wedding gift for Baron Diaz.
 I'm sure you've heard of it.
 He is a man you need to take care of.

 The Baron's heir is getting married and I was wondering if I could prepare a suitable gift for him.

 The Adventurer's Guild may have something unusual to offer.

 Normally, I would have replied, "Just give him a piece of Raffan's fine furniture," but fortunately, there are good things available now - well, not now, but there are plans to get them.

 Red Strike Ox's milk.
 What could be more appropriate for a newlywed nobleman?

 I'd like to give you about 100 bottles, so it'll be a bit of a hassle for you guys, but I'm sure you can handle it if I ask.

This is fine, but there's another problem, right?

 I want to hire a good and reliable adventurer at a reasonable price.
 You're kidding, right?
 There's no way you can hire a good adventurer for cheap.
 And trustworthy is impossible, of course.

 The Adventurer's Guild is not a handyman, you know. That's what I would normally reply.

 There were no skilled adventurers in Raffan to begin with.

 But now, Raffan has a bright mirror. I'm not sure if I should call it fortunate or not.

 Besides, I can understand your uncle's feelings.

 The reason why we need adventurers is to attend Baron Diaz's wedding, but the road between Viscount Nenus's domain and Baron Diaz's domain is not very safe.

 Because of the mountains and forests in between, there are bandits. It's a problem.
 And demons, for that matter.

 It is the fault of Viscount Nenus and Baron Dias for their lack of policing,......, but when it is my cousin who is passing through, I can't just say, "Too bad.

 Ilias is like a little sister to me as well.

 Normally, it would have been better if Viscount Nenus's guards had escorted her, but at the moment, Kerug is overwhelmed with manpower, and soldiers and adventurers have different areas of expertise.

 Forests and mountain trails full of demons and bandits. In such a situation, the adventurer would be the stronger.

 If you have a lot of soldiers escorting you, you may not have a problem even if you're not good at something, but right now you don't have enough people to do that. ...... There really are some annoying things out there, like the Order of the Sutomy Saints.

 --I wish my uncle would go there himself.

 It's not that I don't want my uncle to die, but he can use weapons better than the Iliad.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 I'm sure he'll take care of it if I ask him to, but the problem is the reward.

 As a guild employee and an acquaintance of the girls, I can't use them at an unfairly low price.

 On the other hand, from the perspective of the Viscount family, I can't afford to pay for it. .......
 I'd be willing to pay a little for the Iliad, but I'm not.

"Other than monetary rewards ......, what can the Viscountess provide that doesn't cost money ......?

 Artwork, ......?
 No, there's probably not much left.
 I heard that they released a lot of it after the incident.

 I heard that they just barely managed to cut down to the point where they could keep up appearances as nobles.

 My aunt is also having a hard time.
 That said, I don't want her to rely on me too much.
 The Adventurer's Guild is independent, after all.

"Something that the Viscount can provide, that doesn't cost a fortune, and that will be of value to everyone in Meikyoushui: ......

 This is an absurd requirement.

 When you're earning that much money, you're not going to take on a troublesome nobleman's escort for a little money. .......

 The risk of failure is high when dealing with nobles.
 It's also a lot more complicated to deal with clients when you're dealing with noblemen than when you're dealing with merchants.
 Many people are reckless.

 I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to throw away my position as an employee of the Adventurer's Guild and punch them in the face!

 Ilias is a good kid who is easy to get along with, but Haruka and the others don't know that.

 If you're looking for the best of the best, you're going to have to go with the best.

 In this territory, it would be of some value, but against other nobles, it would be a flimsy shield. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

"...... Oh! There it is. He might be able to take care of that!

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us.

 The food they ate when we invited them over was very tasty, and the fruits they got in the dungeon they seemed to want to keep to themselves if possible.

 It seems that he spends a lot of money on weapons and armor, but it's necessary for his job, so it can't be called wasteful spending.

 In the first place, I don't think Viscount Nenus has any armor that he can offer to Haruka and the others, so he should choose food.

So it's either alcohol or a dungeon. ......

 The other day, I heard that Viscount Nenus had purchased a long-established sake brewery.

 There are two types of breweries in the world: those that have the technology but have fallen on hard times because of poor management, and those that are just starting out but have been bought out for some reason, although the details are unclear.

 Neither of these breweries seems to have spent enough money to be called 'bought out', so if you use the concessions as rewards, you can prepare rewards without using cash.

 The only drawback is that he doesn't seem to like to drink much.

 At the welcome party, there were some drinks prepared, but the girls hardly drank any of them.

 The other is the dungeon.

 The other is the dungeon, the dungeon that the people of Meikyokusei named "The Summer Palace Dungeon".

 The dungeons are managed by the adventurer's guild, but the ownership belongs to the lord of the land.

 If a dungeon is built on land that is registered as someone else's land, the owner of the land may have the right to it, but even in that case, it is not uncommon for the owner to take it away.

 However, even in such a case, the owner of the land will often take it away.

 On the other hand, if you are a lord, you can give away the rights to the dungeon to someone else.

 Conveniently, the dungeon of the Summer Palace is a dungeon with no profit, because if they don't enter it, there will be no adventurers to enter it, even though the people of Meikagami acknowledge its value.

 In other words, giving up the rights to the dungeon would not hurt Viscount Nenus.

 If the people of Meikyokusui are motivated to collect and sell the goods from the dungeon, the guild will be enriched and Viscount Nenus, who receives taxes from the guild, will be enriched.

It's a plus. Of course, in the long run, there is a possibility that adventurers who can go there will grow up in Raffan. ......

 In that case, it is possible to buy it back, but it is unlikely.

 If it were not for that, the felling of the trees would not have been delayed for decades.

...... is still a dungeon. Let's go in this direction.

 I started to write a letter to finalize the details.