254-229 Milk (energy agent) collection

 In the town of Laffan, if you choose the right time of day, you can avoid the tempreture event of "kids getting tangled up trying to register as adventurers". Because there are almost no adventurers in the town.

 So, Mary and Mitya's adventurer registration went off smoothly without any events, though they were happy about it.

 Since we had been in the dungeon for quite a long time last time, we would normally have taken a week off, but considering the deadline for the milk of Red Strike Ox, we didn't have much time to spare, so we just took a couple of days off and went to the dungeon again.

 Due to the time constraint, this time we used "area teleportation" in the dungeon as well, and traveled directly to the 20th level.

 This time, we used "Area Teleportation" to move directly to the 20th level. Since Mary and her friends joined us, we had a little more work to do, but Yuki was able to use it to some extent, so we managed to reach the 20th level on the same day we left.

    I'm sure you'll agree.

This is the 20th layer?
There's not much change.

 Not much change in appearance is the characteristic of this dungeon from layer 11 to layer 20.

 We had brought Mary and the others with us to layer 11 for the camp, but we hadn't brought them into battle, and we hadn't let them walk around, so they wouldn't know the difference just by looking at them.

 If we had been randomly transferred, we wouldn't have been able to tell the difference without entering the forest and looking at the vegetation.

 But if you were to enter a hierarchy, you would be able to tell by the location of the forest.

It may look the same, but the Red Strike Ox that appears here is quite dangerous, so be careful. Don't make the mistake of moving away from us. If you think you're in danger, run behind any of us.


 Mary and the others nodded earnestly to Haruka, who held up a finger in a serious manner.

 I'm not kidding, if Mary and the others were to be hit by the Red Strike Ox, they would die.

 Normally, it would be better not to bring her, but from our point of view, it is safer to have all of them there to milk her, and fortunately, since the territory is tightly divided, there is little chance of being caught by surprise.

 If we're careful, Mary and the others won't get hurt.

How strong is the Red Strike Ox?

Well, the average Raffan adventurer ...... can kill a single orc with a party of slightly more skilled adventurers, but it's two or three times stronger than that.

"That much?

"My brothers, they're amazing!

 We smiled and shook our heads at the two who looked at us with respect.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

It's not just the area around Laffan, but the Barony of Nenas itself that doesn't seem to have many strong adventurers. ....... I'm sure you'll be able to do it.

It's okay. I'm sure you'll be fine.

 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

But I don't know if it's possible to overtake you all.
"Then we'll have to work hard. Don't let them overtake you.

 Yeah. I agree.
 But I'd rather leave that to Toya and Natsuki.
 We have different fighting styles, and I'm pretty dangerous when it comes to strength.

    I'll take care of it.

I'm not sure what to do. I'll use Flame Taming on Toya.

 I'm not sure what to do.

I'm a little scared. It's a little scary, because Flame Taming is not stable.

"Unstable" is an understatement. At least tell me it's hard to measure.

 For example, if you fire a "Fire Arrow" with 10 magic power into a "Flame Terminator" with 10 magic power, what happens is that the arrow will easily penetrate the resistance.

 This is because the "flame resistance" covers the entire body, while the "fire arrow" concentrates the same magic power on one point.

 As an approximation, 10 'flame resistance' can only protect you from 1 'fire arrow'.

 On the other hand, a "fireball" that spreads to some extent can withstand 3 to 5 magic power.

 And although it is a high level spell, a spell that spreads over a wide area such as the "Fire Jet" is likely to be able to withstand 10 magic power.

 As for the Red Strike Ox's breath, the closest would be this "fire jet".

I'm going to start out with a little too much Flame Taming, so don't worry.

Okay. I'm serious, okay? I don't want to go bald, do I?

No, no, no! I'll put out the fire with Extinguish Fire before it burns out!

I'll get out of here before it burns!

 I'm going to get out of here before it burns down!" Yuki said casually, and Toya protested, but in fact, considering what happened last time, she wasn't too worried.

 There was no point in arguing with her, so she decided to call it a day.

"Toya, let's go. Flame Taming.

 As soon as I cast the spell, a vague curtain of light will appear around Toya.

 When this film fades, it's a sign that the effect is about to wear off, at which point you can use an additional Flame Terminator to continue the effect.

 So, you won't be in trouble when the Flame Resistance suddenly runs out of effect. It won't happen.

"Okay. See, he's right there. Hang in there!
"Whoa! What's the pace?
What are you waiting for?

 He pointed to the Red Strike Ox in the distance and pushed Toya back, who reluctantly stood in front of us and started walking towards it.

 We followed, with Mary and the others behind us, and after a short walk, Red Strike Ox noticed us.

 The rest is business as usual.

 Toya dodges the charging Red Strike Ox, grabs it when it turns around and stops it, while Yuki and I lift it up with the Earth Wall.

"Oh! It's not hot! But it's scary as hell!

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

 I know it's scary because Toya's body is covered in flames, and it looks pretty bad, but...

It's only for a moment. Be patient.

 Once he lifted her up, he didn't need to hold her in front of him.
 Natsuki started milking her, restraining her with the rope as usual.

 At the same time, he painted Red Strike Ox's body.

 The restraint time is shorter than that of Strike Ox. There is no time to relax.

 There is a way to strengthen the earth wall, but it will consume a lot of magic power, and from what I saw last time, it is manageable if handled quickly.

Mary and Mitya, please help me.

 Mary and Mitya assisted with handing the milk bottle to Natsuki and closing the lid.

 Meanwhile, we'll hold Red Strike Ox's body just in case. He's very strong, so the rope alone is not enough.

"Okay. It's done!

 At the sound of Natsuki's voice, we quickly untied the ropes and hurried away from Red Strike Ox.

 And relatively soon after we were out of Red Strike Ox's range, the earthen wall collapsed.

"Huh. Just in time.

Yeah. But it worked, didn't it? The breath freaked me out a little, but it wasn't hot.

That's because I did the magic. Also, if there are four of us holding him, we don't need the rope, do we?

 Four people can hold Red Strike Ox front, back, left and right.

 If we let Mary and the others do the milking and painting, we can focus on holding him down and save time on roping and untying.

Not bad, Mary, Mitya, can you do it?
I'll do my best!
You can do it!
"Then let's do it. As for the milk, ......, the bottles are a little small, aren't they?

 The amount of milk I was able to milk this time was more than half of three whole bottles and a fourth bottle .

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

At this rate, if we squeeze about 30 cows, we'll have close to 110 bottles, right?
Yes, that should be enough.

 Viscount Nenus would only give 100 bottles as a gift, but it would be too careless to prepare only 100 bottles.

 Diora also asked me to prepare about 110 bottles just in case they were damaged in transit.

 From the nobleman's point of view, he could not say, "I have only 99 bottles, because they were broken on the way to my house.

Then, let's continue hunting with that pattern.

 Milking with the new pattern was quite efficient and took much less time.

 No, it's just that the earthen wall won't hold if we don't shorten the time, but it's a lot easier for us because we don't have to hang the rope.

 Now that Mitya is in charge of painting, what is painted on Red Strike Ox's body has become graffiti, but that's not a big problem. It's not a big deal, as long as you can tell the difference.

 Speaking of distinction, I found it troublesome to determine the s*x.

 They seem to have a slightly wider range of alert than the Strike Ox, and there have been a few times when I couldn't tell the difference before they spotted me.

 In that case, Toya would have to make the decision once he was done with it. ...... There was not much of a problem.

 The only thing that will kill it is a magic long range attack, but it will be replaced by Haruka's small sword or Natsuki's cleaver.

 It's an easy demon to kill because it only rushes at you, even though it's powerful. Even if Mary and Mitya can't do it.

 After a few days of hunting like this, we were able to get enough milk to meet our needs.

 And as an added bonus, my ability to "see through" has been upgraded to include the ability to judge the s*x of a woman. ...... It's an ability that can only be used in limited situations.