302-274 My Dungeon

 The next day we resumed business as usual and came to check out the dungeon that was ours, whatever it was.

 Confirmation ......?
 Not exactly.
 We've been here many times, so maybe claiming ownership is the right word.
 The purpose is to put up a sign.

 I've never seen anyone in this dungeon, but now that I've got it, I'd better claim it.

Is this a good place?
"Yes. If it's there and you didn't see it, you can't say you didn't see it.

 Mostly Toya worked hard to put a stake and a sign next to the dungeon entrance.

 The sign simply says, "This and a six-kilometer radius are private property and are off-limits. There is no guarantee of life for trespassers.

 I don't want to attack them just because someone enters the surrounding forest, but we are in a position to do so now.

 Well, at least if you don't put up a fence or something to show that it's private property, it's going to be a little tough in terms of public opinion.

All you have to do is put a fence at the entrance and you're done.
Yes. It's not very well known, so I'm sure it'll be fine.

 The fence is just an average board with a "No Entry" sign hanging from it.

 In other words, it is like a barricade at a construction site.

 You can easily step over it if you intend to, but at least you can prevent yourself from entering by mistake, and if you do enter intentionally, we won't hesitate to attack you.

So, let's start our first dungeon attack in a while!
But we'll be in the meat area for a few days, collecting meat for rehabilitation.
I'm going to check Mary and Mitya's skills.
I'll do my best!
I'll do my best!

 In response to Haruka's words, Mary and Mitya clasped their hands and got fired up.

 As Yuki said, the plan is to spend a few days in the meat area - the sixth, seventh and eighth levels of the dungeon, hunting for demons that can be used as meat, and then distribute them to the guild and Aella's. This is a quick way to earn cash and increase the supply of meat to Rafan. In addition to increasing the supply of meat to Rafan and providing a quick cash income, this was also a way to check on the condition of Mary and the others who had been separated from us at the pinning to participate in the training of the territorial army.

 If there were no problems, I would take Mary and the others to collect fruits and nuts from the tenth layer onward, and then challenge the boss of the 20th layer.

 As the weather is getting cooler, we debated whether to go further into the dungeon or to earn money by killing demons in the area, but the conclusion was unanimous: the dungeon.

 The profit from the sale of milk was a big factor, but the deciding factor was the fruit.

 Yuki disagreed, saying that since it had been over a month since the last harvest, it was time for the next one. No one disagreed.

 Of course it's the same for me.
 There's a lot of dingles, but that's it, this is it.
 You can't miss out on the best fruit, can you?

    The training in pinning was not in vain.

 The training in the pinning was not in vain, and both Mary and Mitya were able to defeat the demons in the meat area and one-on-one without difficulty.

 The Big Ostrich was the only one that made me a little nervous, but the two of them were able to work together to kill it.

 The reason why Mary and the others were able to face each other one on one without worrying about other monsters invading was because we were following them around.

 So it's not as if the two of them can be adventurers on their own. .......

"Well, what do you think?
"Me, I tried!

 We looked at each other and nodded as they looked up at us a little anxiously.

We looked at each other and nodded. "Yeah, I think we'll be okay. I think we'll be fine.
Yes. Mary can match Yuki in strength, right?
"Oh, really? --I don't know, maybe a little bit.
No, not just a little bit.

 He's wielding a one-handed sword with ease.

 Now Yuki is taller than me, and the difference in strength between our races is somehow compensated for by the difference in our physiques, but Yuki is the smallest of us all - or even smaller than the average high school student.

 Considering the age difference, if Mary continues to grow at a steady pace, there's a good chance she'll overtake Yuki in the near future.

 In this world, there are levels, so arm strength and physique are not simply proportional, but if you consider the difference in arm strength between us and Toya, you can see that the difference in race is unexpectedly large.

 Well, in other words, it is almost certain that Yuki will lose to Mary, and maybe even Mitya, in terms of arm strength in the near future.

It's okay, it's okay. I'm more skilled than you! I'm not going to lose! Mary!
"No, no! I'm not even close.

"Hey, hey, Yuki, why are you competing with Mary? You're supposed to be leading.

 Think about the difference in skill level.

 Moreover, Yuki has [Skill Copy], so it's almost impossible for Mary to beat Yuki in overall strength.

 At least, as long as she's working with us.

Well, I agree with you that Mary and the others are fine. They can't be the vanguard, but they can be the support.

"We have me and Natsuki as vanguards. We have me and Natsuki as vanguards, so we should be fine as long as we can handle things without them.

So it's decided that we'll take the two of them and move on?


Thank you very much.

Thank you!

 Mary bowed with a smile, and Mitya jumped up and down with joy .

 If this doesn't work out, they'll have to practice on their own at home for a while, so they were probably pretty nervous.

So let's gather some more meat, then go home and get ready before we go any further.

 After confirming the current status of Mary and the others, we actively participated in the battle and hunted all the demons in the meat area - well, almost all of them, in fact, and collected the meat.

 We also dealt with the resurrected boss, and temporarily returned to Rafan.

 We sold some of the meat to Aella and the adventurer's guild, and took some of the less expensive meat to the orphanage.

 The orphanage in Raffan was calm and unchanging today. It was an ordinary scene, but if you recall the sense of chaos that was felt immediately after the conflict at the orphanage in Kergu, and the Barony of Diaz where there was not even an orphanage, this lack of change was rather precious.

"Oh, Nao-san! Good morning.

 When we visited the orphanage, the first person to call out to us was Kane, an apprentice priest.

"Good morning. Is the chief priest there?
"Yes, sir. One moment, please.

 As soon as I returned his greeting, Kane walked into the orphanage.

 Although we had visited the orphanage several times, we hadn't actually had many chances to talk with Kane and the others who were taking care of the orphans.

 Therefore, although we had been introduced to them by Ishka, our relationship with them was at best an acquaintance.

 I couldn't say that I was very close to them, but the other day, when Haruka and I had asked them to pull the weeds, I had some time to talk with Kane and Sidney, who were leading the group, and I felt like I could get to know them a little better.

 In a way, this is the first friend of my generation that I have made in this world. ...... Or is it too early to say friend? He's a potential friend.

 When I think about it, I don't know many people of my generation in this world. Except for a former classmate.

 There's also Seira, an assistant priestess, and Angel, a full priestess, but that's it.
 Aella, who looks like she's the same age as me, or even younger than me, is actually older than me.

 I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that our area of activity is work related, but where do young people our age work ......? Other than adventurers .

What's wrong, Nao? You seem to be thinking about something.

No, I was just thinking that we don't have many friends our age.

Well, yeah, we do. Well, we do have Tommy, but Gantz, Simon and Sazius are older than that.

 Toya nodded as if he understood my words.
 The young people in Simon's workshop are around our age, right?

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

But what does it matter?

 But what's wrong with that?" Yuki asked me again, and I was a little lost in reply.

It's not that there's anything wrong with it, but ...... maybe you should make a few friends or something?

 Yuki nodded her head to my answer, but then nodded her head and said something fundamental.

But you know what? But, Nao, you didn't have that many friends to begin with.

 Well, I wasn't one to brag about having many friends!

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. When you're our age, it's normal to not have many friends your own age outside of school.

That's right. If you're taking lessons or something, you may meet people there, but you spend most of your time at school, and it's normal to hang out with friends related to that on holidays.

 I'm glad you're following me, but I didn't have that many friends at school, so it won't heal my wounds, okay?

 You can find a lot of people that you can talk to, but only a few that you can hang out with outside of school.

 You'll be able to find a lot of people who'll be able to help you out.