306-278 Challenge the boss of 20 layers (1)

 The day after our visit to the orphanage, we were well prepared to visit the dungeon again.

 We had enough meat, so we skipped that level and focused on collecting fruits, nuts, and milk. In just a few days, I had reached the boss room-like door that I had turned back to before.

 Incidentally, we didn't collect the milk from Red Strike Ox.
 We don't need it right now.
 No offense, but I'm fine. And maybe Toya, too.

 We'll collect them when we have a place to sell them, or more specifically, when Diora asks us to.

 Now that this dungeon is private property, we don't have to worry about competition.

Now, the boss of this place, according to Toya's prediction, is ......, right?

"Me? I think it's a big bull, based on past trends.

So far the trend ...... has been Tyrant Pickau first, with the exception of a few skeletons.

Next was the Goblin General. Two captains followed.

The eighth level was a Tyrant Flameboar.

Ten was a lizard zombie. Fifteen was some kind of minotaur.

Murdotaur. But isn't a cow the same as a mardtaur?

 If it's a trend so far, I think we'll see a different kind of enemy.

 The impression of this hierarchy is a strong image of Strike Ox, but the bosses so far have been disparate. ...... I think the bosses will be based on other types of demons that have appeared in this hierarchy.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. I'd rather you didn't go for the ...... insect type, as far as I'm concerned.
I'm not sure if a giant wolf would be ...... hard to kill. I don't know if they're cute or not. ......

 I'm not sure if it's cute or not.

I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.

I'll kill the enemy, of course. You killed Dahl's Bear!

"Oh, that was a giant fluffy thing. "Oh, that was a giant fluffy thing. ...... No, it was lumpy. It wasn't very nice to the touch.

 If the fur was fluffy, I would have loved to have it as a pet.
 --I'd have loved to have it as a pet, but it's a ferocious demon.

"I want a cow! Lots of meat!
"Me, me, me. You eat all the meat you want, don't you?
You can never have enough meat. Especially beef!

 Mitya clasped his hands together and sniffed insistently.

 The meat you can get is rather tough and lean, probably because you're hunting a male strike ox, but Mitya - or maybe Toya, since he seems to like it too - seems to like it a lot. --But Mitya likes it.

 For me, I prefer more tender meat, specifically, piccau.

 The non-marbled part of the piccau is just right for a hearty steak.

 And this tendency is the same for everyone except the beastman.

And that's true of everyone except the beastmen, who just die no matter what comes out of their mouths.
That's true, but ......
It's not wrong, but... Okay, Toya, open the door!

 Yuki said lightly, and Toya responded lightly, and did not open the door ...... casually, but opened it carefully.

 Mitya and Mary took shelter at the back of the line, and we also readied our weapons and watched Toya's movements.

I'll take the hit! I'll take the hit! Cow!

 The cow in the room was bigger than an elephant.

 Compared to the Strike Ox that inhabits this area, it's not just one size, it's huge.

 If I had to name a demon of similar size, I'd say Dahl's Bear, which we had a hard time with.

 Which one looks more vicious is up to the individual, but the huge horns on its head seem to be aggressive enough.

"Red Tyrant Strike Ox. "Red Tyrant Strike Ox, with a nasty 'red' on it.

"What a long name!

 Yuki let out an involuntary gasp at the name Haruka had mentioned.
 I totally agree with you, but I think that complaint should be directed to God.

 But if the name is added every time there is an increase in the number of attributes, then in a sense it is convenient because you can predict what kind of demon it is just by hearing its name.

Yuki, that's not important right now! Toya, watch out for the breath.

 Red Strike-Ox spit out a breath.
 It's hard to believe that he doesn't use his breath.
 Haruka warned him to be careful, and Toya gripped his shield tightly and jumped into the room.

 Considering the fact that the strength of Strike Ox differed greatly depending on whether or not it had Red or not, could the Tyrant and Red actually be quite dangerous?

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

I'm coming with you!

 Following Toya's lead, Natsuki also took up her naginata and went into the room.

 The room where the boss is located is large enough for his huge body to move around, and there is no problem at all in wielding the cleaver, but on the other hand, there is also enough space for the boss to rush in.

Oh no! Oh no! He's gone!

 It was a mistake that the door was a little far from the boss's location.

 While Toya was running towards the boss, the boss got into position and started to rush towards him.

 Toya immediately jumped to the side to avoid the rush, but the boss was coming at us from where we were.

 I can't ask Toya to take on such a huge body, but...

"Yuki! Get Mary!

 Mary and Mitya stopped moving at the sight of the most powerful enemy to date.
 I grabbed Mitya's arm and backed away from the door.

 Yuki also pulled Mary to retreat in the same way, and then the boss came rushing in with his head down and crashed into the wall without stopping.


 The sound and vibration echoed through the large room.

"...... Oh, it's really stuck in there.

 I'm not sure what to do.
 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

 This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time and money.

...... A hit from that will kill you.
Even if you have the ability to strengthen your body by leveling up?
It's not the same as a knife that your cheating spouse stabs you with. --Do you want to try it?

 I'm sure the knife is pretty sharp, but...

I'll leave that to Toya.
Don't leave it to me! --Hey! Over here!

 While protesting my words, Toya holds up his sword and moves slightly exaggeratedly, provoking the boss who is looking around at us. She's trying to attract his attention.

 In response, we move slowly and gradually get some distance away.

I'm sorry. I couldn't move fast enough.
I'm sorry.

 Mary and the others, who were protected by us, apologized, but Yuki and I shook our heads lightly.

"Don't worry about it. You'll get used to it.

"Yeah. Don't think about attacking this time, just think about running away. If it's too dangerous, you can go out the door.

 Fortunately, there are no restrictions on leaving the boss's room, so it's safer.

 Fortunately, there is no restriction on leaving the boss's room, so it's safer. Of course, that includes the boss, but he's not going to ignore us in front of him and chase Mary and the others out the door.

"No, no! I'll do my best!
Okay. What do you think, Natsuki?

You're faster than I thought. Timing is difficult.

 Natsuki, who was a little behind Toya, had tried to attack his leg in time with his earlier lunge, but he had failed in his attempt.

 But it was no use.
 Those hooves were being stomped at high speed.
 If he stepped on them, he would probably die instantly.
 She'd be seriously injured even if she was tripped.

 At present, the boss seems to be more concerned about Toya and is focusing on her, but when Natsuki tries to approach from behind, he jumps up on his hind legs as if to check her.

 The cow's field of vision is surprisingly wide.
 It's not easy to attack from a blind spot, either.

It's not good!

 Haruka noticed something and shouted, and her words may or may not be finished.

 The boss lifted his head a little to expose his throat, then shook his head from side to side and exhaled at once.