314-285 Mushroom picking? (1)

 Yuki laughed at my anxiety and puffed out her chest with a smug look on her face.

"Oh, Nao-san. Do you remember my useful skill, [Mapping]?
"...... Oh! No, is it even useful in a place like this?

 Indeed, I had forgotten.
 I forgot that it can be used in places other than dungeons.

You can't draw a beautiful map, but you can at least not get lost. At least, you won't get lost because you won't take a wrong turn. Especially with our current physical abilities.

 One of the reasons why people get lost is that they are forced to take a detour by obstacles and lose their bearings.

 Considering this, our current physical ability, which allows us to go straight for a little while, can be said to be quite an advantage, but is it the right thing to do when hiking in the mountains?

Isn't it best to take it easy and not get lost?

Of course it is. Besides, if something happens, we can just transfer back, right? We've been filling up the transfer points at regular intervals.

Well, yeah.

 The usefulness of transfer points is that, in addition to being the target of transfer, you can also detect their location from a distance.

 In other words, if you place a transfer point with a certain amount of leeway, you will always be able to detect it somewhere, and if you go back from there, you will be able to get home.

 The standard for "margin" is Yuki's current ability, and if I had a longer transfer distance than her, the margin would be quite large.

 Unless there was an accident, such as being swept away by a river for a long distance, or the transfer point being dug up and taken away, there was no point in worrying about losing my place.

Instead, let's think about something fun. You see, the trees grow a little differently around here, don't they? I'm thinking we can pick mushrooms or something. That's what I'm thinking.

Mushrooms. ...... Toya used to pick them and make an inspirational sauce out of them, but I don't remember ever eating them.

 The other day I was able to recover a small amount of magic mushrooms, but they are not meant to be eaten.

 Maybe it's because I'm not actively looking for edible mushrooms, but I don't remember seeing many of them.

 No, I've seen some small mushrooms growing on rotting trees that I don't know if they are edible or not, but at first glance, mushrooms look unappetizing, don't they?

 If they look like shiitake mushrooms, you might think they look tasty, but if they look like a bunch of small ones, they look like .......

 Oh, and by the way, mushrooms are not listed as "edible" in the "help" section. Unfortunately.

 I guess that such knowledge is not common knowledge.

 I don't know if I can eat mushrooms that grow in the mountains of Japan, so it's reasonable to say.

I sometimes use them in cooking, you know? When I made soba noodles a while ago, I used them as soup stock. I don't use it often because I can't get it very often.

"I see. I'm sorry.

 I'm sorry that I'm eating the food you're making for me.

It's okay if you're enjoying it. If it were more commonly available, I could make a more understandable dish. ......

Mushrooms aren't really a necessity, you know.

 I've never imagined that you could find mushrooms grown on fungus beds in supermarkets, but mushrooms don't keep well.

 Unless you dry them like dried shiitake mushrooms, they are easily damaged.
 Moreover, the amount of mushrooms that can be gathered is limited.

 Since the shiitake mushrooms are not grown in the field, but naturally in the forest, there is no way we can collect many.

 If there were more room, artificial cultivation might be possible, but mushrooms are not particularly prized or expensive.

 However, mushrooms are not particularly prized or expensive, and it would be much more profitable to grow wheat for the same amount of effort.

Thinking about it, how did you find the mushrooms, Toya?
He said he found them by smell.

 For a moment, I imagined a pig looking for truffles.
 Sorry, Toya.

Toya can use her appraisal skills to find edible mushrooms, so she said.
I see. So, what about us? I can't use my help.

 I've got a plant book in my magic bag, but I've never seen a mushroom book that says 'amateurs should not pick' or 'under the guidance of an expert'.

 It's a little risky to try to pick mushrooms with only an illustrated book with somewhat unclear illustrations and text, even if you have a mushroom book with pictures.

"I'm sure you're forgetting the obvious, Nao-san.

 When I asked Yuki, who seemed to be slightly dissatisfied with the answer, she stuck out her chest again.

"Actually, I can use appraisal.

"...... Oh, by the way!

I know, I'm forgotten. Toya is more trustworthy. Toya is more trustworthy. She's only backward compatible. Hmm, hmm!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

 I try to follow Yuki's deliberate sulking, but I'm not sure what to say.

 In fact, when everyone is working together, the knowledge skills are almost useless except for the highest level person.

 It may work as a backup, but it is just that, a backup.

 You don't need it in normal situations because you have more reliable information, and you don't want to be in a situation where you need it.

"Well, it's useful in these situations, right? Yeah, it's not useless. Don't worry, be confident.
It's only a few times a year.

 That's true.
 If it's a practical skill, it's a different story, but it's really only useful in situations like this.

Mmm-hmm! Now, let's find some mushrooms!
"Fooled .......

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I can't think of a good follow-up.

I'm not sure what to do.

 He said this in a tone of voice that didn't sound very nice, but he understood that there was no point in saying it, and Yuki also looked around.

 There are no ...... trees growing in the area.
 It's not on the ground, and I didn't look through the leaves.

Can a layman find them? Natural mushrooms?

"Well, mushroom hunting is just a bonus. If we find any on the way to our destination, we can just collect them, right?

Okay. --As for the story, I'd like to bring back a mushroom with a funny effect.

Like a personality flip or something?

Yeah, something like that. "Yeah, yeah, yeah.

 It's not enough to be a simple warai mushroom.
 It would be interesting to see a mushroom that reverses not only its personality but also its gender.

It wasn't. If we're the ones who are affected, that's not good.

"It's an interesting story, though. But there's no such thing as a ...... mushroom, that's for sure.

You're not sure?

It's a world with magic. But be careful, because hallucinogenic mushrooms are common, like the magic mushrooms Nao and her friends picked up the other day.

Of course, they're mushrooms.

 Of all the bounties of the mountains, mushrooms are probably the first thing that amateurs should not touch.
 Of course, I wouldn't have touched them without Yuki's [appraisal].
 I'm not particularly fond of mushrooms.
 But once I became aware of mushroom hunting, my eyes couldn't help but look for mushrooms.
 Even if you're not that interested in eating them, collecting them can be fun, right?
 Of course, the better the taste, the better.

...... "Hey, there's something that looks like a mushroom. It's not white.

 A brownish mushroom with a round umbrella was growing on the ground at the base of the tree, hidden by the leaves that had accumulated there.

 The size of the mushroom was about two times larger than the first joint of my thumb.
 It is slightly larger than the mushrooms you see in supermarkets.

Mushrooms are not always white. ....... That's a bear mushroom.