321-S021 Every time you shake it (2)

Well, now we have another job to do. Mary and Mitya, you know them, right?

"Yes, of course. I attended your welcome party, and I come to your store from time to time.

 You know that I've been struggling to make a rice milling machine, right?
 Is this more work for you?
 I'm grateful for the job itself!

"I'm thinking of making white iron chainmail for those two. Should I discuss this with ...... Gantz-san?

"Oh, I'll let him know then. I don't know if Master will make it or I will.

 I see. This is business as usual.

 Maybe Master will do it. - No, I'll tell him to do it, I'll be fine.

I'll leave that to you. Please.
Okay. Thank you for your order.

 But it's amazing that an adventurer can order armor worth millions of Japanese yen.

 I don't think I want to be an adventurer now, though.
 I'm not sure I want to be an adventurer now, though, because I've learned that Haruka and the others are special and most adventurers are not.

In addition, this is a new development ....... I'd like you to talk to Mr. Gantz about this too, but I need you to make me some tools for rock climbing.

Rock climbing, huh?

We need them in the dungeon. We can provide the harnesses and ropes, but I need picks, carabiners and rope brackets. ...... doesn't sell them, does it?

"At least not in the stores.

 I'm sure that the demand for climbing rocks is not non-existent in this world, so there must be some tools, but at least this store doesn't carry them.

 I wonder if I should ask my master if he knows what it is?
 And maybe this won't be an "incidental" job.
 My hunch is.

I don't know much about modern tools. ...... I've never done any rock climbing.

Don't worry, we'll figure it out together. As long as you provide us with the technology. Well, we only know what we've seen on TV...

 Yuki-san said that and casually laughed, "Haha," but you're going to entrust your life to it, aren't you?

 I'm the one who's going to make it, aren't I?
 If it should break down and someone dies, ...... ugh, I'm going to get sick to my stomach.
 It's the same with weapons, if they break, it's life threatening. .......

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that. I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were you.

 I'm not sure if he noticed my inner thoughts, but he said it gently, but my heart is not strong enough to be easily convinced by that.

 ...... Yeah, I'll be really careful with my cooking.

And then--
I'm not sure what to say. To be honest, I'm overcapacity. ......
Oh, don't worry, this is not a job.
Oh, well, that's good to know. ......

 If you get more work than this, you'll be ...... better off than having no work and no time, but...

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we've been partying for a year now. I thought we should have a party to celebrate our survival and all that.

"Why don't you come, Tommy, if you can spare the time? We'll have some fancy food, but nothing too fancy.

Of course I'll come!

 Good, that was an easy conversation.
 And there was no way I was going to miss the chance to eat Haruka's cooking.
 "Not only that, but rather that's the "what".

 "The food at the Bear of Slumber is delicious, but the food prepared by Haruka and her friends is better.

 Maybe it's the difference in cost, or maybe we have similar tastes as former Japanese.
 Either way, I'm going to participate, no matter what.

But it's already been a year. ......
Yeah. Well, we've survived, haven't we?

I've managed to build a good foundation for my life.
In my case, it was thanks to everyone, including you, Toya.

 When I said that, Natsuki and the others shook their heads.

"It's because you've been so diligent, Tommy.
"Well, we were just helping out.

 That's what they say, but it's actually more than 'lightly'.

 The reason why I was able to start my apprenticeship, the first and highest hurdle, was because there was a certain level of trust between the master and Haruka and the others, and because Toya was willing to put in the hard work.

 The same is true for the rest of my work.

 When a blacksmith is just starting out as an apprentice, the most he can do is help his master.

 And yet, Haruka and the others would ask me directly for good paying jobs, so I never had to worry about money.

 But they would deny it, so I just said "Thank you" and bowed my head.

    I'm sure you'll agree.

 Thanks to the rubber material and motor provided by Haruka and the others, the huller took shape relatively easily.

 The structure of the huller was almost the same as the one Natsuki had taught me, and the only modification was to make the gap between the rollers adjustable.

 I asked Haruka and his team to provide me with some more types of rice, and found that there were differences in the size of each type, so this feature is quite important.

 But basically, it is just two rollers turning.
 The rice milling machine is even simpler.

 For reference, Haruka and her friends brought a food processor that they had made before, and we copied it almost verbatim. All I had to do was make a few changes.

 What was more difficult than expected was the tool for dividing the rice into four.
 When I tried to break the rice, it would shatter.

 I can manage to split the rice into two parts, but when I try to split it into two halves, even with a sharp blade, a large percentage of the rice is broken.

 If you are not careful, you may end up with more powder than grain.

 He said, "I can make a dish using rice flour, so that's fine. I'm not a cook, but I can make a dish with rice flour.

 Even though I don't cook, I can imagine that if I had the same amount of rice flour as I eat every day, I would have a hard time using it.

 For a while, I tried to make the blade sharper and change the direction of splitting, but it only increased the yield a little, and did not solve the problem.

 In the first place, a blade that is too sharp needs to be sharpened frequently, which is not very useful.

 When I was stuck like this for a while, it was Haruka who gave me some advice.

 "Why don't you soak it in water beforehand? And.

 It's done.

 You need to soak the rice in water overnight or so beforehand, but once the rice is well watered, it is no longer crumbly.

 Of course, since the rice had absorbed water, it had to be cooked immediately after breaking, and could not be broken beforehand, but Haruka and the others assured me that there was no problem with this.

 To celebrate the completion of the project, they gave us salted rice balls made from the rice.
 It was delicious.
 It was insanely delicious.
 Of course, I think the quality of rice itself is better in Japan.
 But it was the first time in a long time that I ate rice.

 And the correction of the rice balls that Haruka and the other beautiful girls hand-rolled for me: ......

 I made a mistake.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.
 The combination of these factors made it very tasty.

 I'd like to continue to buy rice if I could, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be sold around here.

 Haruka and her friends, who had bought it in a distant town, gave us some, but even they can't easily go there to buy it, so we'll have to eat it carefully.