355-323 Do I need a side job? (2)

 The next day, after seeing Nao and the others off to the forest, Haruka and the three of them visited a certain place.

 Yes, Diora in times of trouble. The Adventurer's Guild.

 Yesterday, we went to talk to Tommy, Gantz, and the others, saying, "If you want to commercialize sake brewing, we'd like to be a part of it," but they said, "You're the ones who provide the know-how. It's only natural that you have the right to do it! We were told, 'You're the ones who provide the know-how!

 Tommy said, "It will be a long time before we can actually drink alcohol, and we don't know if it will be commercially viable. It's not too late to get the management and other things done ......," he said, but even so, the fact that they moved quickly shows the firmness of Haruka and her team.

"Hello, Diora.

"Yes, hello. What can I do for you today? It's going to take a while to appraise the hammer you gave us the other day. ......

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

 I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.

 The hammer, which looks like it could be useful for gargoyles, was sent to the adventurer's guild for appraisal as soon as they returned from the dungeon.

 However, as usual, there is no way that they can appraise complex items here, and the results were not available for a few days.

I'm curious about that too, but this time it's about something else. We're thinking of starting a brewery on the side. I was hoping you could help me with that.

"Liquor"? It's a lot of work, isn't it? You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I'm sure you'll be fine when it comes to creating. It's just the management that's not.

I'm sure Simon and his deputies are involved and can help with the permits, but I was hoping Diora could help as well.

I'm sure Diora will be able to help. With ...... concessions, it might be easier to find a marriage partner?

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.
 But then she looked away with a pained expression on her face.

It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything that might be of interest to you.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

"Oh, I know. I'm sorry. I was rash.

You're right. And it's not the right person to be attracted by money. Sorry, I'll look elsewhere. --Would it be better to go to Simon?

I'm sorry. If it's alcohol that doesn't compete with ale, he'll be able to help us with the income.

Yes. Well then, Diora, sorry to bother you.

Wait, wait, wait!

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web page.

'Haruka-san? You can stick with it a little longer, you know? I have a wide network of contacts and a lot of knowledge. I'm a bit of a dependable sister.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been able to rely on you for the past year. ...... I'm a little worried about the current situation.

Whoa. I'm sorry.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.

That was a little bit harsh, wasn't it?

 It wasn't a little, was a feeling shared by Haruka and the others, but they had the good sense not to say it.

"Well, but you can't, can you?

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'm sure you're right. I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to help you.

I know, I know! That's enough! If you insist, I'll help you! Yes, I'll do my best!

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

 The three of us just looked at each other, smiled, and moved on with the conversation.

Then, please. Well, what should we do? Would you like Simon to take care of the liquor?

No, leave it to me. It's not that difficult if you've already talked to the deputy. ...... If there is anything else I can do, please let me know!

 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

I'm sure you've heard of ...... egoimo, Diora?
I'm sure you've heard of ego-imo, ......, the first and last of its kind?
"Yeah, what a cool name!

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.

The origin of the name is not that good, though. It's the first thing they plant when they settle down. Even in wastelands, as long as there is water, they grow in an unusually short period of time. That's why it's the first food.

"Oh, that's why?

I see. And the last food?

It's even sadder, isn't it? It's about being poor and not being able to buy food, but still being able to eat ego potatoes.

Oh. ....... That's really sad.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

 But in reality, Mary and Mitya were not at the bottom of the food chain, as it was only occasionally eaten by the common people who did not have much money.

 It's just that Diora, who is middle class or upper middle class by any means, heard that.

It's very easy to grow, so even if you don't have a lot of money, you can get by. Just chop up a potato, bury it in the ground, water it, and it will grow to this size in a month or three at the most.

 As he said this, Diora showed me a circular shape with a diameter of less than 30 centimeters and a thickness of about 15 centimeters.

 Even if it took only three months, it was an extraordinary growth rate, but in fact, that's how much the ego potato grows.

There's talk that the magical element might be affecting growth, but we don't know much about that, do we?

That's interesting. --Wouldn't it be great if we could make sake from such potatoes?

"Oh, you can? I'm sure it would be great, but I think it would be difficult. I'm sure it would be great, but I think it would be difficult.

 At Natsuki's words, Diora's eyes widened, but a skeptical expression appeared on her face.

 In fact, there is no reason why such an efficient plant should not be researched, and there have been many trials and errors to see if there is a way to make it taste better or if it can be processed into other things.

 The result is the "first and last food," so I guess I don't need to mention the results of my research again.

"Besides, even if you do make sake, you can't sell it unless it tastes good, right?

 This is the first time that I've ever heard of an ego-imo tasting bad, so I can't imagine that the alcohol made from it would taste good.

 It's also possible that they might be, and Diora didn't deny what Haruka and the others had said.

You can't say for sure, but it's possible, right? It's not that I'm only focusing on Egoimo, but I want to make it with something unexpected, something that you wouldn't normally eat. There's not much point in making liquor with dingles, is there?

That would be a waste! --But I might want to try it.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 It's not always possible to make a good drink from a fruit that tastes good to eat, however.

Don't worry, we don't make liquor with dingles. We don't drink much, and I think it's better to just eat.

"I see. ......

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who likes to drink.
 You can't deny that you would have liked to have tasted the liquor because you like dildos.

"Well, that's it. I'd like to get some ego-imo to try, can I get some at the market?

I've never bought any, so I can't say for sure, but I'm sure they sell them. Well, wait a minute. ...... It's a potato like this.

 Diora, who had left her seat for a moment, brought out a book and showed Haruka and the others a page from it.

 What was depicted on the page was something that looked like a konnyaku potato.

 The stalk grows straight from a black, round potato that looks like a large pumpkin, and the leaves radiate out from the stalk.

 It is about 1.5 meters tall, and its leaves are long and thin like those of the grass family.

 However, while konnyaku potatoes are similar in shape, they are more difficult to grow and take several years to harvest, ego potatoes grow even when left alone and take several months to harvest.

 This is quite different.

I think I've seen it in the market. I didn't buy it at the time because I didn't know what it was.

"I saw them too. I thought it was a konnyaku potato, so I passed it by. I didn't know how to make konnyaku, and it wasn't something I wanted to make.

"Well, it's not something I want to force myself to eat. I'll buy it if there is. ...... By the way, Diora, is this something that you could increase production of if you wanted to? I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use it as a raw material for alcohol, but if it becomes hard to find, other people will have problems.

 That's exactly what they call "the last food".
 If Haruka and the others were to buy too much of it, the people who live off of it would be in trouble.
 I'm not sure what to make of that, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

As I said before, it's something that can be grown on one's own. If you ask a farmer, he will plant it on the side of a field. If it's only a few hundred kilograms, you can grow it in your garden, don't you think? You don't even have to take care of it.

That's a good idea. We have that fertilizer.

 The flowerbeds that Yuki and the others built when they said, "We'll do gardening! The flowerbeds that Yuki and her friends had built because they wanted to garden were rarely in good condition, but it was inevitable that they would be away from home a lot.

 On the other hand, ego-imo can be chopped up and buried in the ground, so even Haruka and her friends who are going on an adventure don't have to worry.

 Natural rainfall is enough to irrigate them, so as long as there is a vacant lot, they can be grown without any trouble.

But that's only after the alcohol is well made. For now, let's buy some ego potatoes and go home.

"Right. Diora, if it works, I'll come back to you for advice.

Yes, I'll be waiting. I'll make the necessary preparations, so please call me when you've decided. I'll make sure to get your permission!

 Haruka and the others left the adventurer's guild after waving to Diora, who responded strongly.