364-332 Into the rocky mountains (3)

"Huh. ....... What's up, Haruka?

I need to get some rest, but I'm also worried about the continued slope. This could be dangerous if a golem comes from above.

 So far, we've been able to kill all the rock golems we've encountered on the straight path, but if there are side roads, there's a risk that they'll attack us from above.

 If you're in a dungeon, you should consider the possibility of demons suddenly appearing.

...... Regardless of whether it was an attack or not, if a lump of rock of that size came rolling down, you'd get hurt badly.

 If I were to use the slope of the current hill as a metaphor, I'd say it's definitely steeper than a wheelchair ramp.

 When Toya killed the rock golem, it sloped downward for a few meters, just enough to roll over.

It's just a little heavy. They're kind of heavy. ......

 Mitya, who is taking the initiative in cleaning up after the death, says so, but in reality, it's more than a little heavy.

 The rock golems that I have killed have always been placed off to the side of the road, in case they get in the way of my future travels, but some of the rocks are too big for one person to carry.

 The biggest one so far was a rock golem about two and a half meters tall, and naturally the rock it was made of was large and heavy.

 Or rather, it was so big that it was in the way and needed to be treated with earth magic.

Another problem is that there is no level ground. Sleeping on a hill is ......

It's not good for you. You don't get tired.

We'll probably be camping for a long time. Even if you use the adjustment function of the bunk, you can't ...... sleep? With this slope?

No. ...... No, if you line it up horizontally against the slope, it will work? If you turn over and fall off the bunk, you might just roll over.

No, you wouldn't, normally.

 Our folding bed is made of a frame with a cloth stretched over it, so it sinks a little when you sleep on it.

 It is impossible to fall over the frame in this condition unless you have a very bad sleeping position.

But Mitya has fallen before, hasn't he?
Oh, that was inevitable! The food escaped!
I'm sure she's been eating a lot lately. ......

 When Toya pointed out that Mitya's face was red, Mitya objected, and Mary smiled in annoyance.

 I didn't know it, but she's had a fall before. In a dream.

 In the case of Mitya, his light weight may have contributed to the fact that he didn't sink as much, but I was a bad sleeper when I was a kid, so it's not very funny.

But it's not so funny because I had a bad sleeping position when I was a kid. If it's on an angle, we'll have to think about it.


 I took out one of the bunks and put it down. As Toya had said, if I put it at a right angle to the slope of the hill, I could make it horizontal by adjusting my feet.

 I felt no discomfort when I lay down on it.
 I also tried to lie on the ground, but the slope was much harder than I expected.
 I'm glad I have a bunk, because I don't want to sleep like this for days. ......

You look okay.
"Yes. If it comes to it, we can use magic, but it's a pain in the ass.
It's a dungeon.

 If this was outside, we could use earth magic to level the ground, but this was a dungeon, and even if we scraped the ground, it would be repaired after a while.

 The worst that can happen is that you will fall off your bed while you are sleeping.

 However, you can't scrape the dungeon, but you can put blocks on top of it, so you can put blocks made by magic to make it level.

 Well, you don't have to go through all that trouble, you can just put something in your magic bag under the foot of the bed.

So, let's camp here. It's a good time, and we're getting hungry.

Yes. "Yes. Since we're here, why don't we try the rock shells that Mitya worked so hard to collect?

 When Natsuki proposed, Mitya's face lit up with all hands.

I agree! I'm looking forward to it! I'm looking forward to it! I want you to cook it well, Natsuki!
"Yes, leave it to me. "Yes, I'll leave it to you. Let's cook it the same way as the abalone this time.

 I want you to cook it well!" "Yes, I'll leave it to you," said Natsuki, and Haruka and Yuki quirked their mouths.

Abalone ...... is a dish I can't do.

I'm with you. I've never had the chance to cook with such expensive ingredients.
"Well, it's not that difficult. First of all...

 Natsuki's buttered rock shell (homemade from the milk of Strike Ox) was very delicious.

 It had the strong flavor of shellfish and the texture of abalone, but not too hard.
 The fact that it was sliced at a moderate thickness probably contributed to the fact that it was very easy to eat.

This is even better than I expected.
"Yes. This is an abalone, isn't it? I've never eaten an abalone before.
Oh, no. Well, neither have I.
I'm so excited for tomorrow.
That's a shellfish? A luxury item. ......

 It seemed that everyone else felt the same way, and the pile of buttered rock shells on my plate was quickly being digested.

It's a shame we can't eat it as sashimi when it's this good!
The freshness is unbeatable, but the appraisal results are ......

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

I'm sure you'll agree that abalone sashimi is not that great.

Is that so?

Yes. It has a good texture, but ....... Of course, everyone has their own preference, but for me, I think it tastes much better when it's cooked.

I see. ...... I was going to experiment with Toya. I was going to experiment with Toya, but I guess not.

Me? I don't want to do that. I don't want to be sick to my stomach from food that Natsuki says is not that good.

It can't be helped. Aside from Natsuki, who's in charge of recovery, Toya is the strongest.

"It's sturdy, so stop trying to get it!

 Yeah, I agree.
 In this world, Toya has zero weapons left.

But Toya. But if Natsuki says something tastes really good, you'll be my test subject?

I'm willing to do that for the sake of good food. Assuming you can be cured!

 You're too ambitious.
 No matter how sturdy Toya is.

 ...... Well, considering that there are people who have made efforts to make puffer fish safe to eat, such a way of life may be possible.

By the way, Natsuki, how does this compare to an abalone?

Natsuki, how would you compare this to an abalone?" "I would say it tastes as good as a good abalone. I think the butter is good, but the rock shell itself is also good.

 So it's good.

 As a commoner, I can't judge it, but if Natsuki says so, I'm sure it can be classified as a luxury food.

 If I were to be extravagant, it would taste even better if I drizzled a little soy sauce on it. ...... But I'll leave that for when I get home.

 Natsuki said the soy sauce would be ready by the time I came back next time.

 In fact, I'm supposed to take care of it, but I guess that's what I have to do as an adventurer.

 If it suits the taste of the people in this area, there might be room to start making soy sauce and miso in addition to sake.

 In order to stabilize the sake brewery's business, diversification of business is a must. For what it's worth, we're not in town a lot.

But it'll keep our spirits up even if all we see tomorrow are rock golems. Thanks to this rock shell.

 We all nodded deeply at Haruka's words.