370-338 Gargoyle (2)

 The next morning, we were preparing for the gargoyle battle, but our activities were the same as usual.

 We ate a good breakfast from our magic bags, let our stomachs settle down for a while, and then did some light exercises and mock battles to relax our bodies.

 There was some tension in the air, but there was also a sense of ease, as if it was too dangerous to run away, so there was no sense of sadness at all.

...... Now, are we ready to go?

I'm fine. I'm fine. I think Toya's health is the most important thing. ......

I'm fine, too. I'm fine, I'm fine! And the breakfast was good.

It's always good to have a good meal. I wouldn't be able to go on a month-long adventure without this and my bunk, if I had my druthers.

In addition to that, we mustn't forget the Isolation Field and the Worms. For a comfortable camp. I'm grateful to Nao and Yuki.

"Oh, you can thank them all you want.

 The temperature in the cave is a bit low, though the Sanctuary is enough for a comfortable season.

 It's just the right temperature for combat and activities that involve a lot of climbing and descending, but it's a little chilly when you're sitting still and not moving or when you're trying to sleep.

 Sleeping is not a problem once you are in the mage's tent, but guarding is.

 So, the quarantine area and the heating were used to deal with that.
 That's magic. Convenient.
 However, these are most effective in the summer.

 If it's cold, you can sleep if you put on a lot of clothes, but if it's hot, you can't do anything without magic, and if you can't sleep, you'll be drained of energy, making it difficult to go on a long expedition.

 Well, in our case, we took refuge in a dungeon during the hot season, so we didn't have a chance to camp in the heat.

 But this is a dungeon of summer refuge.

"Are you okay, Mary and Mitya? --Then, please.

 When Mary and the others nodded, Natsuki turned her gaze toward Yuki and me.
 With that look, Yuki and I stood in front of the door, and Toya put her hand on it.
 Haruka and the others stand by the wall next to the door.
 Even if the door were to blow open, there would be no damage.

 The target of the attack was me against the left wall and Yuki against the right wall.
 If the room is the same as it was then, there should be two gargoyles there each.

 The reason why I don't aim at the gargoyles that are supposed to be right next to the door is because the distance between the activation of the spell and its impact is too short, and I don't know if I'll have enough time to close the door.

"I'll count. Five, four, three...

 "Five, four, three..." As Natsuki counted down, she prepared the spell and brought it to the point of activation.

"Two, one, zero!

 At the same time as Natsuki's "zero", Toya opens the door.

 Immediately, Yuki and I checked inside and fired an Explosion at the gargoyle.

 Toya immediately closes the door, and Yuki and I evade the door.
 The door closes, but Toya quickly moves away and holds her ear.

 Doggone it!

 A violent explosion echoes from inside the room, and the door vibrates loudly.

 Just as the vibration was about to stop, Toya put his hand on the door and jumped inside.

 We immediately heard a shocking sound.

 We hurriedly followed, and Toya had just hit a gargoyle by the door with an impact hammer.

Two are down! Two more are damaged!

 It seemed to be more effective than he thought.
 Just as Natsuki had said, the two bodies were completely destroyed, along with their pedestals.
 He had aimed for the torso, and had been able to hit it exactly where he wanted.

 Yuki must have hit the other one without any problem, because the other one was also collapsed on the opposite side of the wall.

 Of the two more damaged bodies, one was almost completely destroyed, with one arm and one wing missing, and was struggling on the ground.

 The other had lost its left arm halfway up, perhaps due to lack of power, but its wings, legs, and torso were undamaged and it was still floating in the air.

"Mary! Kill the left side!
Yes, sir!

 Send Mary to the side with the most damage, and Haruka and the others to the other side.
 Natsuki and I will head for the seemingly unharmed gargoyle flapping in the center.

Natsuki, buy us some time first.
"Yes, sir. Let's hope Toya can do it.

 The ceiling of this boss room was quite high, as if the gargoyles could fly.
 Considering what happened last time, a swooping attack from above would be very powerful.

 It was impossible for us to catch it, and if we swung a spear or a long sword at a block of stone coming at us at that speed, it would break our weapons or our arms.

 It would be better if it was just a sprain, but if not, it would be a broken arm.

 There was a hard cracking sound coming from behind him, but that was something Toya could do.

"Nao, I can basically handle this, so why don't you try shooting some magic?

"Well, that's a good idea.

 As the gargoyle hovers in the air as if watching us, Natsuki takes a step forward and I take a step back.

 If you're going to use it, it should be your best magic.

 I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure I can hit him with the Fire Arrow, considering he's flying.

 I put a lot of magic power into Explosion, but it's still no problem.

 I immediately shoot the Fire Arrow at the gargoyle and give it a scorch mark on its arm.

But it's only a burn mark!

 You're not damaged? No damage?
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

I'm sure he doesn't like the magic though.
I hope you're right.

 The gargoyle rises slightly and then plummets from its feet.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 The gargoyle scrapes the ground with its sharp claws and jumps up again.

 Natsuki's naginata swung at her back, but it only made a hard thud, and didn't seem to do much damage.

 The descent is quite fast, but it seems that it is difficult to change direction in the middle of the descent, so it can be avoided by one opponent.

 Instead, if you avoid them too much, it will be difficult to attack them before they escape into the sky.

 It would be dangerous to avoid ...... by a paper-thin margin.
 The opponent has not only legs, but also arms with sharp claws.

 Natsuki's attacks don't seem to work either. ...... Well, I'm sure Natsuki is taking it easy so as not to break the cleaver.

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

 It's proven to work, but if you hit a gargoyle in the sky with that kind of magic, the flying debris will do a lot of damage to all of us.

 Should we try to stall for time as we had originally planned?
 It's a good idea to take a look at the situation around you to make a decision.

"Oh, it's dying.

 A gargoyle that could not move properly was probably no match for Mary.
 She seemed to have destroyed it in a very short time, and her figure was next to Haruka and the others.
 The gargoyle was missing one arm, and Haruka and the others were three.
 It's a combination that could destroy them if done right.
 Should we take it easy here and buy some time by hitting them with magic?