380-348 Policy-making meeting (1)

So, let's start meeting to discuss our future plans.

 The dining room at home.
 Everyone was seated at a table with a cup of tea and a platter of sweets in front of them.
 It looks like a tea party, but it's time for a serious discussion.

 It was my suggestion that we gather here to think about our position.

Do you mind if we join you?
Of course. Mary and Mitya are part of our family and our future is at stake.
Yes, feel free to speak your mind, okay?
I understand.

 After confirming that Mary and Mitya nodded their heads, I thought for a moment about where to start, and then opened my mouth.

"First, let's go over our original intentions when we became adventurers.
When in doubt, go back to the beginning. It's not bad.
"The first thing was to have a safe and stable life, right?
Yeah, that's right. That was achieved relatively quickly, wasn't it?

 Haruka agreed and Yuki and the others nodded in agreement.

"Yes. Yes, we have a house now and we are living a comfortable life.

Yes, when I think back to the first month, it was like a dream: ....... I rather wish it had been a dream!

 It sounds like you had a hard time ......, or rather, we tasted(ed) a part of it. In the literal sense.

 It's too hard to work from morning to night while eating those things, and it's hard to have dreams and hopes with those wages.

We're like that, but Mary and her friends became adventurers at .......

We became adventurers so that we could be independent. As adventurers, even orphans like us can get jobs.

I wanted to be like you guys!

 I've always wanted to be like you!

 There is a common sense in this world that it is natural for people to leave their homes and become independent when they grow up.

 If you are not the heir to the family, you are usually kicked out of the house, regardless of whether you have a job or not.

 If you don't leave, you can't complain about being treated like a servant to the heir.
 It's a very serious matter.

 As far as we were concerned, once we took them in, we would take care of them until they came of age, and even after that, we would hire them as janitors of the house, but Mary was not happy with that.

 She was a little unhappy with that, or more accurately, anxious.
 If we fire her, there's nothing left to do.
 He was given a job that anyone could do, and one that he had little need for.

 In fact, we're not in much trouble even if Mary and the others don't stay home, so I can understand her concern, and I can't say that we won't be able to continue our employment - that is, we won't die.

 Well, even in that case, selling what we have left in the house will provide enough money for the two of us to live on for quite some time, but I don't think Mary is optimistic enough to feel comfortable with that.

 There are many concerns, such as the danger of having such a large amount of money for two people who are not capable of fighting, and the legitimacy of inheritance due to the fact that they are not really children.

 On the other hand, becoming an adventurer would solve many of these problems.
 If you are good at what you do, you can protect yourself and earn your own food.
 At the very least, the chances of getting lost will be greatly reduced.

Do Mary and the others have any hope for the future? They sometimes train with the kids from the orphanage, but in the future, they want to form a party together and become independent from us. Oh, don't worry about us, just tell us what you want to do, okay?

 Halka was right, Mary and her friends were often out at the orphanage when they were not working.

 But when they go to the orphanage, orphans who want to become adventurers ask them for help and guidance.

No, I have no intention of doing that. I've been asked to partner up with them. ......

You're very popular, big sister!

 When Mary shakes her head and slurs her words, Mitya throws a Hail Mary and happily tells her about it.

 But Mary can understand that.

Oh, she's strong and pretty.

 The orphans who are about to become adventurers are probably a little older than Mary, but if there is a girl as skilled and pretty as Mary, it would be a lie not to invite her.

 If I were in that position, I would definitely ask her out.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's true that you're asking me out. ......
But you don't want to work together?
Yes, I'm sorry to say it, but there's a difference between us and them.
Well, of course not. We're on different levels.

 The orphaned children may not be mere amateurs now that Toya, Mary and the others are teaching them, but they're still only starting out a little better than the other rookies.

 Even if they worked a little harder to train at the orphanage, the gap in skill would only widen compared to Mary and the others who were already working with us.

 On top of that, there's the equipment aspect.

 Mary's and Mitya's equipment has just been updated and is now made of attribute steel.

 Naturally, there is a huge difference from the weapons and armor they get when they first become adventurers.

 Even if they don't start out with a single wooden sword like we do, there is definitely a difference in quality that makes it foolish to compare.

 The result is probably jealousy and inferiority.
 It would be difficult for ...... to overcome these differences and keep the party going.

 If the relationship is that of a guardian and a protected person, Mary and the orphans do not have that relationship, and the orphans are older than Mary and the others.

 If you think about it that way...

But even if they do, it's likely that they'll fall apart due to discord within the party. Besides the technology and equipment, there are other things like fighting over Mary, right?

"No, no, not me!

No, I don't! - No, you don't! Adventurers don't have many women.

 Mary hurriedly denied Toya's words, but Yuki and the rest of us couldn't deny what Toya said, so we nodded our heads.

 Mary looked around at us and then said in a panicked voice.

I'd like to continue working with you and Haruka! Is that a bad idea?

"Me too! I'm the same way. If we're together, we won't have any trouble finding good food. Natsuki's food is so delicious!

 After Mary, Mitya raised her hand and said such a thing.
 And Mitya's words are very important.
 I don't think I can live without Haruka and the others now, either.
 At least not here in Laffan.
 There is Aella's restaurant ...... but yes, Haruka's food is better.

I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

You're right, you don't have to leave. We have extra rooms, so there's no need to live in an inn.

 It's fine for adventurers to live at home. Natsuki and Yuki say that it's fine for adventurers to live at home, but Mitya shakes his head sadly.

But when you're adventuring, you'll probably be poorly fed.
But I'm sure you'll be poorly fed during your adventures. ......
It seems that people don't usually take the time to cook.

 And of course, it's impossible for a normal adventurer to carry around a freshly cooked delicious meal.

Well, if that's what Mary wants to do, then why not?

"Well, I don't see any reason to oppose it, as far as I'm concerned. Mitya and I have a bit of an age difference, but at least Nao and I will be able to be together until Mitya retires.

"I'm over ten years old, so I guess I'm ....... I can't really imagine what it will be like when I retire.

 I can't imagine what it will be like when I retire.

 If you take into account the different ways of counting ages and assume that our ages are the same as when we died on the other side, then we are actually about 12 years different?

 In other words, when Mitya was 30, we were 42.

 I can't really imagine what it's like to be middle-aged and beyond, but there seems to be a big difference in physical strength between 30 and 42 years old.

 At least for people in our world.
 On the other hand, Haruka and I are elves.
 Even after Toya and the others retire, the four of us will be able to continue our work.
 We are also grateful to have Mary, who can take care of the vanguard.