392-360 Re-fight, Elder Trent! (4)

"...... Whoa.

 I was speechless.
 The reddish-black arm is not a minor injury by any stretch of the imagination.

"How dare you say, 'I don't think it's broken'? Isn't it on the verge of an open fracture?

"It's just that the chainmail and armor kept it in place, right? How can you move your arm like that?

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 The first time they saw each other, Mary and Mitya were even worse.

"Toya, does it hurt? No, it hurts, doesn't it?

"Yes, it hurts. I mean, it hurts like hell when I see it.

It's not only that, it's the increased blood flow. Just hold on a little longer. Relax.

 Haruka looked at him, and Natsuki pressed Toya's shoulder.
 And me. Mm, got it.
 Just as I'm about to press down on Toya's shoulder, Haruka grabs Toya's arm and jerks him off.


 Toya grits her teeth and holds on.
 I know, I know. I've been there myself!
 Just over a year ago.


 As soon as Haruka cast the spell, the reddish-black color of his arms returned to normal, and the strength left Toya's body.

Okay, that's it.
"Toya, are you okay?

Are you okay? Toya-san.
Yeah, I'm fine. But it's tight. Seriously. I can understand why Nao cried last year.
No, I didn't cry! No, I didn't! It's a terrible rumor!

 Mary and Mitya both stared at me and I shook my head in panic.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

Even Toya is crying, you know.
This is because I was clenching my teeth!

 Natsuki grabs Toya's hand and smiles as he tries to rub his eyes.

Natsuki grabs Toya's hand and smiles. If it hurts, tears will come. It's normal.

That's right. I've heard that if it hurts, it's better to say 'it hurts' to make the pain more bearable.

"Gosh, .......

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 Since the tears are gone along with the dirt, Toya can't complain.
 I understand what Yuki and the others are saying, but I'm more on Toya's side.
 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

...... I'd rather have Natsuki prepare an anesthetic for me. I'd rather have an anesthetic than a potion I'll never use.

That's terrible, Toya. It's just a precaution. ......

 Natsuki's response to Toya's comment was a little more pointed, but she didn't seem too bothered by it.

I'm sure it's hard to endure the pain until the anesthetic you're taking takes effect.

"Well, what about alchemy? I'm not sure if you can make an anesthetic that works right away?

"I don't think it's impossible to make one, but if I use the ...... anesthetic, I'll also have to use Cure Poison after I heal, right? Isn't that a waste of medicine and magic?

"If you think rationally, Yuki is right. ......

 If you can endure the pain, the cost of the anesthetic and the magic power used for the poison treatment, which is not necessary, are unnecessary.

 If you're a normal adventurer, it's definitely a luxury item.

But you've never experienced it! Nao will agree with me, right?
Well, it hurts enough to make your eyes go blank, doesn't it?
It's true, we've never had a fracture that bad, but ......

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 But none of the injuries were so severe that the bones had to be forcibly repositioned, and as Toya said, only Toya and I have experienced such injuries.

 Incidentally, it is surprisingly rare to get injured during an adventure, and most of the serious injuries, such as broken bones, are caused by mock battles during training.

 Toya is the one who does the most, and I am the one who is beaten up the most.
 I'm sure it's not my imagination that I'm the only one who seems to be more lenient than the rest of the women.

 Not that it's because of that, but I've been doing it as hard as I can when I'm with Toya, but unfortunately - or fortunately - there hasn't been an accident where Toya has broken any bones.

"So you want Mitya to go through that too?

 At Toya's words, everyone's eyes focused on Mitya.
 Remembering the pain, she looked at Mitya and couldn't help but ponder.
 Even though she's an adventurer, she's still too small to put up with it. .......

"Mi, mi can do it!

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 I'm not sure what to make of that.

...... Let's discuss it. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
"Oh, right. I almost forgot, my arm hurts so much.

 When he took off his gloves, his middle and ring fingers had also turned blue.
 This time, Natsuki gently touched them and examined them.

He said, "This one's broken too. Phew. ...... "Cure".

 Without any warning.
 I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you have.

 Toya, who didn't have time to clench his teeth, shouted louder than before, but Natsuki didn't seem to care and let go of his hand.

Yes, I'm healed.
"...... tell me beforehand. Are you mad at me about the potion?
No? Not at all. No, I'm not. I'm just trying to give you a warning.

 I can't see any hint of anger in her smiling face, but I'm not sure if it's true or not.

 He shook the hand that had been healed and put his gloves back on.

"Well. Now that the treatment is over, Elder Trent, let's get rid of it. If we don't bring this back, we'll be completely in the red.

I mean, it's insane.

You'd have to build a house with the money you just spent.

I'm not kidding.

 The value of all the things we have prepared this time exceeds the price of the land and building of our house.

 It's not as if the cash we spent was that much, since we prepared the materials ourselves, but if you calculate the selling price of those materials, it's about that much.

 We can't do anything about the consumable explosive arrows, but Toya's axe and our bardiche, if they have a chance to play an active role in the future, we can make some money.

 --No, I'm not asking Elder Trent to come out again, though, am I?

For the time being, I can use it to deal with Elder Trent.
It's a hell of a lot sharper than the axes I've been using.

 Toya and Mary are swinging their axes to remove the branches.

 Yuki and I use the Plane Shift to cut off the base of the tree.

 If you die, you don't have to worry about being resisted, but it's a little hard because you don't have much magic left.

 So we used magic only on the thickest parts, and did the rest by hand.

 After a short rest, we joined in the branching, and eventually we had a huge log, many branches, roots, and stumps.

 And it's all in the magic bag.

"Collect everything you can. Elder Trent can sell the branches.

It's a branch, but it's as thick as a log. I think it can be used for some things. It's an ear for money.

Yes, sir! Money is important!

 Mitya replied cheerfully, and ran towards the branch in the distance.