401-369 Marks Musou (4)

How much mithril do I need to collect to make a weapon?

Well, it depends on how much mithril you want to have in it, but for a standard one-handed sword, a hundred million rares of mithril would be enough to call it a mithril sword.

"Oh, ......? That's about it?

 I'm not sure if Yuki thought it was unexpectedly cheap, but she looked at me strangely.

It's a good idea. But if you want to feel the effect, you need 500,000 Reais. This is only 10% of the content, but if you combine it with the magic iron, you should be able to produce something of reasonable quality.

 It's not cheap, but at 500,000 rares, even we can afford it now.

 It's too expensive to pay with shared assets, considering the balance with other members' equipment, but if Elder Torrent sells well, we can get by with just personal assets.

 If Toya wants to buy it personally, I'd like to support him.

But it's not easy to raise money. But mithril is hard to come by, you know.

 It's always in short supply, and when it does go on sale, it's bought up quickly.
 The ring I bought the other day contains mithril, but it's only a few grams.
 You can get that much, but it's hard to buy in bulk.

Is it because they use it for weapons?

"Yes, but mithril is also a very popular asset. It's not bulky, and it's not badly convertible.

 On top of the gold coins we usually use, there is a large gold coin, the platinum coin, which is worth 100,000 rares.

 Which has a higher value per volume, the platinum coin or the mithril, is the platinum coin, but in reality, the platinum coin is not very useful.

 Of course, they are not accepted at food stalls, but even at slightly larger stores that have stores.

 You can exchange them in larger towns, but you will be charged a fee as a matter of course.

 Mithril, on the other hand, can be exchanged in almost any town, and unlike platinum coins, it can be sold for a fraction of its value.

 Furthermore, mithril is rare but not completely unobtainable, and does not require as much discernment as jewelry.

 It is truly a superior substitute for gold.

And by the way, even if you have mithril, there are not many blacksmiths who can turn it into weapons. It takes time because of the workload. In total, you should expect to need at least ten million rares.

Even if you have the raw materials, you still need the production costs. It's not going to be easy. ......

 Toya sighs ruefully at the reality of what Mr. Marks is saying.
 All those years of collecting mithril and waiting for a blacksmith appointment.
 If I'm not careful, I'll probably be close to retiring before I can get one.

 Marks said that's about how much he got, so maybe that's how it is, but I'd like to get a weapon that can kill the Iron Golem easily as soon as possible.

Mmm, mithril weapon ...... me, also prepare from a young age!
"Wow, should I be thinking about ......?
It's not too early to start listening to Mr. Marks.

 The youngest and second youngest of us said that, but in fact, if you have the money, there's no harm in buying mithril whenever you find it.

 However, Mr. Marks looked at us with some dismay.

It's a good idea to buy mithril weapons whenever you find them. It's not like it's a 'must have' weapon in the future.

I'm sure that's true, but looking at Marks-san's weapon...

That's right. I really wish I could use a weapon like that.

Me, too, I want to kill a golem.

 I've never felt this way about any of my previous opponents, but when I fought the Iron Golem, I felt that I was genuinely lacking in weaponry.

 Maybe it's wrong to think of knocking it down head-on, but I can understand why you'd want to go for it when it's right in front of you.

 --It's something I can't do.
 No, if you think about it the other way around, you can think of it as having a goal to further improve your magic.

 Convenient magic can make your life richer, but if you want to continue being an adventurer, attack power is still important. As a man.

"By the way, Gantz-san, can you make a mithril weapon?

"I don't think so. He's good at it, but I heard that to handle mithril, you need not only skill but also talent or something like that. I don't know what it is.

"Talent: ......

 Mr. Marks' words made us look at each other.
 What came to mind was Tommy.
 I thought of Tommy. He had a talent for smithing.
 Could that be the difference between being able to handle mithril and not being able to handle mithril?

 If so, rather than looking for another blacksmith, you could help Tommy improve his skills and ask him for help. ......?

 The bottleneck is that no matter how talented you are, you're not going to be able to succeed if you're just going to bang it out, and that makes it difficult to prepare mithril for practice.

"Well, you guys are only in your second year, right? --Well, you're only in your second year, aren't you? Don't be too hasty. Let's just check the waters for now. Let's move on.

Yes, sir. We're almost there, though. We'll be able to see it once we get through that cut.

    This is .

"This is ...... definitely the ocean. ......

 Mr. Marks was a bit stunned when he saw the scene spread out in front of him through the passage.

 You can't help but be surprised when you actually see it, even if you've heard about it.
 This is such a sight.

"Well, there's no point in fawning over it. Let's go.
"Have you ever seen the ocean, Mr. Marks?

 Mr. Marks nodded his head, "Yes.

He nodded, "Yes, I've been active outside of this country. It's been a good experience, but you guys better be careful, okay? We were a human-only party, but some countries are intolerant of elves and beastmen. ...... Well, to put it bluntly, some places can turn you into a slave. It's pretty shitty, in some places.

 When he saw us, more than half of whom were non-humans, Marks looked into the air as if remembering something, and sighed with a pained expression.

Yes, I've heard of them. But even in this country, there are areas that discriminate against elves and beastmen, aren't there?

 Mr. Marks chuckles at Haruka's words.

There is no comparison. In this country, it is forbidden by national law to resist unreasonably. But there are even countries where such resistance is illegal. However, it would be a good experience to go to another country when you are young. However, if you are going to go to another country, it should be the Principality of Austianum. It's a bit stuffy, but it's not a bad country.

You're allied with this country, right?

"Sort of. In fact, I don't think we've ever publicly sent reinforcements to each other. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard that it's against the Kingdom of Fegley.

 The only country that the Kingdom of Lanium and the Duchy of Austianum share a common border with is the Kingdom of Fegley.

 If you want to send reinforcements to fight against other countries, the distance is a big constraint.
 If you look at the map, it looks like you're right. .......

I heard that the country has a lot of infighting and is not very powerful.

Yes, that's true. It's just that ...... it's such a troublesome country, the Fegley Kingdom. They think they are strong,.......

 In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to find out how to do it.

 However, since they are not really strong, they are easily defeated every time, but since the two countries never invade back, they accelerate their misunderstanding that 'they are afraid of us! But since the two countries never invade back, they accelerate the misunderstanding that they are afraid of us.

 But the truth is that the two countries really don't want to be cut off from the Fegley Kingdom. That's what the two countries really feel.

 While the two countries are made up of many races, the Kingdom of Fegley is a country that discriminates against people just because they are from other countries, not just races.

 Taking in the people of such a country would only cause trouble.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to annex them if you get rid of all the inhabitants, but it's not worth the cost.

 You don't really want to give us a place that doesn't have any special technology and is in a state of internal strife.

There's still an empty space to the west, isn't there?

That's right.

...... Huh? But, Mr. Marks. I've heard that the Kingdom of Fegley is a friendly country, at least. Are they going to invade?

 I'm not sure what to make of that.

I've heard that it's a friendly country. That's another reason why it's so troublesome. I've heard that they're going to make excuses for it, saying that the provinces are out of control. I'm sure the higher-ups in the country are saying, 'Stay out of it! That's what they're really saying.

"Wow, what a pain in the ass! It's even worse than the enemy!

In fact, it seems that there are more people who hate the Fegley Kingdom than the Iupicrisian Empire during the war.

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

 In addition to racism, that seems to be another reason why they are hated.

I suggest you don't go there, because you'll definitely end up feeling uncomfortable.
By the way, have you ever been there, Mr. Marx?
....... On business. I'll never go there again.

 I'm not going to go to the beach.
 I'm not going to go, but I'm going to watch.

I don't want to go, but is there anything I should see?

"No. To put it bluntly, the whole place is filthy, that country. The culture is retarded. It's probably because of the infighting and the lack of room. ...... Some of the worst mouth-breathers call us barbarians.

 I'm not so sure.

 I'm interested in other cultures, but I don't think I need to go to a place where people say it's not worth it and where I'm sure to get in trouble.