403-371 At sea (2)

-- "But I really don't see anything coming out of it.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

It's not really a lure, but it used to attract hammer crabs when I did this. ...... They're delicious, too.

 You've casually put food first, Mr. Marks!
 I want to eat crab too!

I'd like to eat a crab, too, but I'm not sure I want to eat a crab. It's a huge crab, about the size of Toya's arms, and it features a huge pair of scissors on its right arm that are half the size of ...... Mitya's.

That's ridiculously big, dude!

The scissors on the left are about the size of my arm, and the scissors on the right are about the size of my arm.

 As he said this, Mr. Marks spread his index finger and thumb and crunched them together.

 It is said that even such small scissors can break an iron sword if they are pinched, but they usually attack by striking with their huge scissors.

 They're so powerful that they can easily turn you into mincemeat if you take them seriously, but they're surprisingly easy to kill once you get used to them. Marks' level.

"These scissors are delicious. Throw the whole thing in the fire, and when it's cooked, smash the shell with a hammer, take out the meat, and eat it.

 Mr. Marks, perhaps remembering that moment, loosened his mouth a little slackly.

"Well, that's interesting. What about the rest of you, by the way?

"The other legs are good in their own way. But not the torso. There's no place to eat it. No, it's not poisonous, but it's not tasty either, so no one's gonna eat it.

"Too bad there's no miso. By the way, what else do you have?

I don't know much, but there's a big oyster on the rocks.

 Big oysters on the rocks...

That's not a demon, that's just a marine product. ......
No, no, no, it's a demon, okay? No, it's a demon, it's got a demon stone. They're dangerous.

 Basically, it's an oyster, but it's about 50 centimeters in size, and it mimics a rock so cleverly that you have to be very careful not to notice it.

 When I was walking on the rocky beach, the big oyster under my feet suddenly opened its mouth, and I was either rolled onto the rocky beach or dropped into the sea.

 Furthermore, it is said that the oyster's shell is so strong that if a normal person were to get his or her arm caught in it, it would tear off.

 Naturally, the meat of the oyster is as big as its shell. .......

Oysters don't taste good when they're big, do they?

"Right? They are tasty because you can eat them in one bite, but ...... they are simply not edible when they are huge, right?

 I don't want to eat the guts or anything like that, although I wouldn't go so far as to say it's bad.
 I don't like oysters that much to begin with.

I don't really like oysters. You stew them to make a sauce, or you eat the scallops and the edges after removing the internal organs. They're so big that they're often made into dried fish.

"Scallops...... come to think of it, oysters have surprisingly large scallops, don't they? Are they tasty?

 Natsuki nodded to Yuki, who seemed interested, perhaps remembering the scallops.

It might be delicious. The scallops must be pretty thick if they're sandwiched so tightly.

I'm curious about the sauce? Can you get that?

If you go to a big town, they sell it. ...... I mean, have you guys ever eaten oysters? I mean, have you guys ever eaten oysters? They're almost impossible to find even in dried form around here.

There's no me and me. Right?

No. I've never heard of oysters.

 Mr. Marks looked at me quizzically, and we exchanged glances.
 In this country, where there is no ocean, you can't get raw oysters, or even oysters for cooking.
 At best, you can get dried oysters whose original shape is indistinguishable.

 In such a country, it is a little strange that we can talk about oysters. .......

I'm not going to bore you with the details. As long as it benefits my guild, I'm fine with it. I'm sure there's something about you that makes you too good for a rookie.

I'm glad you said that.

As long as you don't commit any crimes, that's what the Adventurer's Guild allows. --Well, I've checked, but there's no sign of the demon. I'd like to explore a bit more if I can, if that's alright?

"Yes, of course. It's a good thing that we can fight with Marks, who has experience fighting sea monsters.

 I'm not sure if it's a sense of duty as a guild employee, a lack of fighting, or frustration that we haven't gotten the seafood we were hoping for.

 You'll be able to find a lot more information on this topic in this article.

    I'm sure you'll agree.

 After leaving the beach, we next came to a rocky beach with lapping waves.

 There was no deep meaning to it, it was simply that if there were no demons on the beach, then there might be demons on the rocks.

I hope they are there this time. ...... Oh! You did it! Big Oyster. It's a dungeon, but I was afraid it was a sea of demons.

 In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to get a lot more than one.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not ......?

You can't make money without demons, right? It's easy to do without them if all you want to do is collect salt, but you never know if you'll actually need to collect it.

 If you're a dungeon owner, you should be happy about diversifying your revenue sources.

 Well, I don't have a problem with it, as long as we get to eat good food, too.
 --As long as the danger isn't too great.

Are you here? I have no idea.

 I'm sure you're not the only one who's wondering.

Mitya, you said it was dangerous to get caught.
What? You're right! It was dangerous!

 If I'm careful, Mitya's eyes will widen, and he'll turn behind me as if in a panic.

I can't tell from looking at her, but it's not hard to tell. Like this: ......

 Mr. Marks pulled out his sword and popped it on the rock, and at the same time, the surface of the rock popped off with great force.

 No, to be precise, the shell of the Big Oyster that was attached to the surface of the rock opened up with great force and repelled Mr. Marks' sword, but the speed with which it did so was like an explosion.

 Immediately after that, the shell closed again with great force, but Mr. Marks quickly inserted his sword into it, and it made a violent "clang! And then it stopped in a halfway position with a violent sound.

And that's about it. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 The speed at which he said it earlier suggests that he was not lying when he said that.
 Even if they are not, they are sure to fall over, and they should never lose their heads.

As you can see, the closing force is also quite strong. As you can see, the closing force is also quite strong, though not strong enough to bend a metal sword.

 As you can see, the closing force is quite strong. You can't even scratch the surface of the oyster, but the shell is being chipped away.

How can I kill it?

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what to do.

It's easy when it's like this. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. But you have to be a little more careful about what you eat.

 While explaining this, he slid the dagger in his hand inside the upper shell and quickly separated it from the scallop. Removing the shell, he plunged his hand into the giant oyster's flesh and pulled out a small magic stone.

That's it. Easy, right? Oh, I'm sure you guys are fine, but just so you know, people need to be careful. Sometimes they spray seawater at you, but it's strong enough to blow a child away, you know?

 If you're an adventurer who can come here, you won't get hurt by it, but if you're not an adventurer, you can usually get close to the beach.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

I see. It's a big scallop, though.

 Looking at the Big Oyster scallop that Mr. Marks had cut into pieces, Toya let out a slightly disgusted voice, but I guess it can't be helped.

 The size of the shell of the big oyster I killed this time was about 30 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters long, and the scallop occupied more than 20 centimeters in diameter.

 Considering the speed at which the shell is opened and the strength of the clamping force, this may be necessary, but the area occupied by the scallop was clearly larger than the oysters I knew.

To be frank, this is the main part of the Big Oyster. You put these scallops on the shell, put them on the coals, pour a little seawater over them, and they're good! The sizzling sound and the aroma is enough to make you drink!

 Wow, I'm salivating just hearing that.
 If you put soy sauce on it, it looks even better.

That's ...... interesting. I'm interested.
I want to try it!
Yeah, yeah! It looks so good! The meat is so juicy.
Right? So, let's get some!

 There was no one who disagreed with Marks, who stuck out his thumb.