413-Waiting for 381 Months (2)

What, no templates, huh?
"Template? I don't know, but you'll have to forgive me for this.

 In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, we'll be happy to assist.

It's good that no harm was done, but ......

I'm sorry. I'm not sure what to make of it. They're already rank six adventurers.

 Oh, I don't remember telling Silas, but he knew that I had risen to rank six.

 But Ketola knows from our guild cards, and Cyrus is an adventurer who's been assigned to guard the branch chief. It wouldn't be too surprising if they were sharing information.

 But Freddy couldn't believe it, and looked at us in turn with a quizzical expression.

"Are you serious? Mr. Silas. Such a youngster? It's not that I doubt Mr. Cyrus, but that's just the way it is. ......

 It's not that I doubt you, Mr. Cyrus, but it's true.
 And one of them is not even ten years old.

 You can't help but be misled by the absence of Haruka and the others, but you also can't help but have a hard time believing that these people are rank 6 adventurers.

No, these guys are young, but they're pretty good. They've defeated bandits, captured the ringleader of the Sathmie Order, escorted the princess to other territories, and even solved a kidnapping case in Pining. He was trusted by the lord and brought a lot of profit to the guild. Well, it's no wonder my rank has risen.

 If you list them like this, we've done a lot in the past year and a half.

 We've been doing a lot of things in the past year and a half. We didn't mean to be so flashy, but ...... maybe we're pretty famous?

 Considering the population, we're just a bit of a hot topic in some parts of the town.
 I don't think it's an achievement to be proud of.
 The reason why Cyrus knows so much about it is probably because he's involved with the guild.
 But despite my thoughts, Freddy's eyes widened and he shouted.

I don't think they look that bad. I don't think they look that good. ......

Just so you know, there are three more party members besides us, okay?

My sister and I are not rank six.

That means you and your elf are rank six. Mr. Cyrus, do they have any arms?

Of course not. Rank 6 is not so easy for an adventurer who can't fight to become one.

 Adventurer rank and combat power are not directly related.

 If you're not strong enough to be trusted and benefit the guild, your rank will go up,......, just as if you're not strong enough to be ranked.

 This is why Freddie probably asked Silas about it, but as you can see, there are no adventurers who can't fight, even if their strength varies when it comes to ranks four and above.

"Oh, yes. I heard that you guys are spending all your time training. This is a good time to try it out with Freddy.

"...... with this guy?

 I thought it would be a good idea, since I don't often get the chance to train with other people, but it was Freddy who looked at me.

"Hey, Mr. Cyrus! These guys are rank six, right? I can't do it!

"Freddy, you should try being desperate for a change! Don't set limits and stay small.

Are you calling me small?

 You're right, Freddy is small.
 Freddy is small, not much smaller than Mary.
 But I don't think that's what Cyrus is saying.

 He may not be a bad guy, but he doesn't seem to have much ambition when he's drinking in the daytime without training.

 Since he has survived to this age, he is probably doing reasonably well, but I wonder if Silas wants him to work harder or something.

What do you say, Toya, Mary and Mitya?

"That's good, right? We're bored, to be honest. We've got a lot of free time on our hands, and I think Mary and Mitya will benefit from the experience of playing against other people.

I have no problem with that. I have to work harder to catch up with Toya and the others.

I'm trying too!

Well said. Let's get you to the training grounds.

Wait, I haven't agreed to that yet!

 In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the best way to get the most out of your time.

 But with Silas's firm hand on his shoulder, it was impossible to escape.

"Hey, Freddy. You're not going to run away, are you? Are you trying to ruin my face? Oh?
No way. There's no way I'm gonna embarrass Mr. Silas. Heh.
That's all right. You're one of the best in this town. Don't make a fool of yourself.

 Silas and Freddy are both smiling, but their expressions are contrasting.
 Cyrus has a fierce smile, and Freddy has a drawn-out laugh.

 If you look at it from a third party, it looks like Freddie is being threatened because of the height difference.

So, Ketra, I'm going to go play with these guys. Tell William I'll be there later.

"All right. Silas, I don't mind if you get hurt, but please don't hurt Toya and the others, especially Mary and Mitya, okay? If you do, you know what you're doing. ......

"Oh, yeah, of course.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at our own web site.

    I'm not sure what to say.

 We moved to the training ground and warmed up with simulated weapons similar to the ones we normally use.

 After our bodies warmed up, we decided to try out a mock battle.

Let's start with ...... Freddy and Toya, you want to try?
Me? I've never dealt with two knives before.
Heh, I've got some experience with that. I'm not going to be defeated easily!

 With Cyrus' words, Toya and Freddy stepped forward.
 Toya has her usual shield and wooden sword, while Freddy holds a knife-shaped wooden sword in both hands.
 Judging from their stances and physiques, their fighting style would be based on speed.

"Are you ready? --Begin!

 As soon as Cyrus gave the signal, Freddy jumped in.

 It was faster than I thought it would be, but Toya calmly handled it with her sword and kept it at bay.

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace.

 If you're looking for a small, fast monster, there's Stub Burrows, and Toya isn't so weak that she can be destroyed by that alone.

Just as I thought, Toya's pretty good.

Freddy is pretty strong too. I had the impression he was a small guy. ......

He's got a lot to lose with his words and actions. ....... He's one of the best in town, even with that.

 While talking with Silas, the mock battle between Toya and Freddy ended.
 As expected, it was Toya who won.

 After that, we took a break, and I, Mary, and Mitya had a mock battle with Freddy, in that order.

Nao was out of the question. It's a bad match. I'm not sure if I can get close enough to ...... to make it work.

 I'm not sure what to make of that.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

You're too fast! Even if you get a little closer, you'll still get hit!
I can use stick fighting too, you know.

 I can also use stick fighting, though my skill level is not as high as spear fighting. You can use a spear as a stick.

 If you can't fight when you're approached, you'll be injured when dealing with multiple demons.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had it.

It's not a good match either. In a different way. It's great that you're still able to fight.

 Mary wielding a two-handed sword and Freddy with a two-handed knife.

 If there is no difference in skill, Freddy would have the advantage in a one-on-one mock battle.

 The two-handed sword is also advantageous when dealing with large or hard enemies such as demons, but its drawback is that it is difficult to maneuver.

 As a result, Freddy won the mock battle between the two.